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Chapter 15: a Monstrous sea of flame

Chapter 15: a Monstrous sea of flame

At this moment Hina was standing inside the circle while disbelief showing on her face.


Roja could make flames with his sword?

Hina stared at Roja who was holding his sword in awe.

Roja can control flames.

Hina suddenly thought about the level 1 ape that was burned. Before she suspected that Roja came here after it died But … It seems that Roja really was the one to kill it.

Finally, Hina woke up while staring at Roja’s eyes. Still finding this hard to believe. Just in one month, Roja had this much change.

While her eyes were still fixed on Roja. The latter already rushed out of the ring of fire and continued to behead all the monsters. Many monsters were on the ground roaring painfully But soon they will be cut one by one.

Flames wrapped around Honoo no Tsuki and even after all that killing there wasn’t a drop of blood on it .all the blood was evaporated and even the surrounding area didn’t have any blood.

Golden flames flying up and down while Roja was like a fire wizard and like a beautiful golden flower swept away everything.

Roja rushed to the last ten monsters and killed them. After that, the flame on the sword gradually began to disappear.

At this time Hina who was watching slowly woke up. She didn’t believe what happened  So she slowly asked ” Are you … Are you really Roja ?”

“Who might I be then ?”

Roja directed his eyes at Hina and thought this sister finally come to understand.

At this time the fire was still burning.

Because it was in the forest i would be hard to stop it from spreading and if not contained I will very likely burn the entire island.

“If the flames spread further they will stop it themselves. But if it’s only a little it shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Then … Let’s resume the hunting.”

Roja’s eyes flashed with excitement, They will just have to let the flame continue temporarily and hunt the monster that wanted to escape.

At this time The monster in the surrounding was suppressed by the fire and their natural fear of it begin to appear.

While Roja was like a Fire general, all the monster didn’t dare to approach him and started to escape.

“Fly !! ”

Seeing this scene Roja head sand and his mouth revealed an evil smile as he grabbed his sword and swept out .


Honoo No Tsuki body suddenly wrapped in flames and was swept by Roja and, the fire suddenly flew out of the sword and separated into five-part toward the five monsters that escaped like fireballs.

Those monster were unfortunate cause even if they avoid a direct hit they were lit up the next moment.

When they tit up all of them began to roll on the ground but that still didn’t put the fire out.

The few monsters that were rolling caused all the bushes in the surrounding area to get caught flames.

The stronger monsters directly begin to retreat with their tail between their leg and tried to go into the depths of the forest.

But how could Roja let his preys escape?

“Now Now want to run … Too late now.”

Roja smiled and if anyone looked at this smile they will think that who smiled like this will harm neither human nor animals But that’s unfortunate he still swing his sword.

whiz ! (fire projection sfx )

The next moment fire projected again from his sword and directly swept in all direction.

This time the field was completely in chaos . all the monster started to flee from the fire. Some were hit by the fire and some even crushed into trees out of panic.

The flames burned the forest.

Roja was behind the flames. Almost no monster dared to fight him.

Even a level 5 monster would also be scared and try to escape.

Roja was now holding his sword slaying every monster who escaped and already killed a large number of them.

And Hina who was with Roja all this time was looking at Roja with an confusion in her eyes and her heart was beating like a drum.

Is he really Roja?

If it wasn’t for the temperature of the flame that could be felt she would think that this is just a dream.

The flames were everywhere as this area seemed to turn into a monstrous sea of flame. Everywhere Roja go,that place will catch fire.

Inside the forest, the flame almost dominated over everything.

Roja was invincible Even if a stronger monster appeared it wouldn’t have any idea to face him all it will think about is how will it flee.

with the fire sweeping all direction.


Five …

Ten …

All monster on his way was killed by Roja and the number kept increasing. Many level 4 Monster died even if the sword can’t cut them the fire will do even a level 5 monster couldn’t resist it so how could a level 4 one resist. Under his sword monsters were beheaded as nothing.

This was the island prepared by the Marine for the assessment. But Roja is about to turn it into ashes.

Wherever he went everything will burn.

With Roja raged killing the fire become bigger and bigger until it caught the attention of other recruits.

In another place in the forest.

X Drake was fighting with a level 5 monster his clothes were slightly torn in some places while the monster was full of scars.

“Take this!!”

The next moment Drake’s eyes flashed fiercely as he waved his weapons.


Drake flew out after the exchange but his weapons made another scar in the body of that monster.

It was slightly difficult for Drake to behead a level 5 monster. After a breath, he went beside the dead corpse and said.

“I killed this Level 5 monster without using that. it seems that this assessment isn’t difficult for me.”

Drake nodded his head and was ready to continue his hunting.

Suddenly the look on his face changed and turned to look at the other direction.

You can see that the forest in that direction seems to turn red gradually.

“Is This … Fire?”

Drake’s eyes showed a trace of surprise.

When he saw such a large piece of the forest was burning and there wasn’t any sign of it being suppressed Drake’s face gradually became ugly. It seemed that all the forest will be swallowed by the fire.

“Such a big fire. I think this isn’t just simple to resist and probably even effected the assessment … How did this huge forest suddenly caught fire?”