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Chapter 181: [Title at the end]

“Byrnndi World… This is impressive.”
Roja blocked World attack and stepped back one step in the process, but the look on his face didn’t change, there was no sadness nor joy as he waved his sword.
A sharp sword energy was moving directly toward World.
World saw that his full strength punch was blocked by Roja, He was surprised in his heart, he intended to end this with one attack.
World escaped from the sword energy and once again rushed toward Roja, even if Roja blocked one attack can he block several of them?
Ding! Dong! Dong!
Roja constantly moved his sword to parry, with his Kenbunshoku, he could capture every action took by World and respond in advance, the two were fighting and only shadows could be seen.
World took a chance and made Roja move away.
“This is all you’ve got?”
After World made Roja retreat, he sneered and was ready to pass to the fifth level and leave the Eternal Hell.
But at this time, his face changed, He didn’t know when, but he was surrounded by a ball of petals.
“Senbonzakura Kageyoshi: Gōkei”
Roja said with a very cold voice, as the millions of cherry petals coldly surrounded World.
With Roja’s voice falling, the sphere was formed around World and suddenly started to spin.
There was no way of escape from this attack.
Wouch! Wouch!
World crazy roar soon was heard, as he crashed into the sphere and wanted to go out, but think of how many sharp petals were forming the sphere and they were also spinning at such a high speed.
After getting out, he was full of blood, World fell to the ground, after struggling for a few times, he difficulty tried to climb up, he roared loudly and wanted to continue attacking Roja.
However, Roja just took one step forward and waved his sword.
Blood splashed from World’s body as he crashed into the ground.
Byrnndi World… was defeated.
The clash between the two was too quick, from the beginning to the end, it only took a few breaths.
From World’s first attack on Roja’s finally defeating him… Some prisoners couldn’t even react.
This moment, Almost all the prisoners were aghast.
World was so quickly defeated by Roja, even if World’s just woke up, and his strength may be weaker then his peak, him being defeated by Roja was still amazing.
Even Domino and the guards couldn’t believe that Roja defeated World in just a moment, there was was wide open as they stared blankly at this scene.
After killing World, Roja stood in front of the passage.
Roja wasn’t tall, but at this moment his momentum seemed like an insurmountable towering peak.
The entire place was caught in a strange silence.
Roja beheading World made most prisoners lose their confidence.
Although some of them are powerful and could compete with admiral when they were at their peak, they were held in the Eternal Hell for many years and their physical strength dropped by a large margin and it would take them a long time to reach their peaks again.
But even so, there were only two choices in front of them, once being re-imprisoned in the Eternal Hell, never going out again, the other one was killing Roja and then leave.
No other choices!
After the strange silence, Countless prisoners were showing their killing intent in their eyes, the atmosphere turned gloomy and even the air seemed to stagnate.
“I don’t want to be here forever!”
“Damn Marine, Damn Jailers, Go to hell!”
(Tl: you are there already :p )
“Die! Die! Die!!!”
Finally, prisoners with blood red eyes roared and rushed toward Roja.
Despite Roja’s strength, they would prefer a bloody battle then get imprisoned again.
At this moment, All the released prisoners in the Eternal Hell except a few who didn’t want to fight rushed toward Roja madly.
This time it wasn’t just seven or eight people or a dozen of them, this was all of them together, like a small army they moved toward Roja.
Behind Roja, Domino and the guard looking at this were horrified.
The most fearsome thing is that all the prisoners would share the same goal.
If these prisoners fought among themselves, it would be easy to defeat them, but once they join forces, they would become a terrible elite army.
And now that is what happens.
The only advantage is that they couldn’t surround Roja as they were in the passage they could one rush forward.
But in face of so many enemies, even if the attacks come from the front it’s still difficult.
At last, under Dimino and the guards’ eyes, the fight broke out.
“Kill! Kill!”
Roja was facing so many prisoners, but he didn’t fear them at all.
Roja now was madly fighting while his soul sword was even more excited for the fight, his momentum was slightly similar to Kaido’s.
Even against so many, why not fight.
Don’t consider whether you can win or not, there was only war in his head.
Wouch! Wouch! Wouch!
Roja was holding his sword and waving, the sword energy swept in all direction splashing blood everywhere they went.
The blood continued to splash, beside Roja’s foot another body fell.
Every one of them was madly rushing forward. the prisoners in the rear were still moving forward, although the place was small and they couldn’t move all at once, their number was extremely terrifying.
Countless abilities were being used, Roja’s body was covered by Busoshoku, he was like a dark iron man, without any intention of retreating he faced those prisoners and used his sword to cut them.
He didn’t know how many time he waved the sword, Roja has been using his full strength for a long time, Getsuga Tensho was used many times along with Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, And even the flames were used and blocked the passage.
At first, Domino who was behind Roja paled, then she gradually became shocked.
Despite that amazing number of prisoners, and the countless attacks moving toward him, Roja still stood firm, using his pedals and the monstrous flames.
From start to finish, not a single prisoner was able to get out from the passage.
Hundreds of millions of petals were blocking the passage with the flames, even though some people tried to slip away from the side, the petals and flames welcomed them.
Bodies continued to pile up, and after the continues attacks, they were burnt.
Even if Roja used Busoshoku, he couldn’t really block all the attacks, a bloody wound already appeared.
Even after the wound appeared and the blood was gushing out, Roja’s momentum didn’t have any reduction, it got more and more powerful.
I don’t know how long the battle lasted, but In front of Roja, no one remained.
Even the last prisoner who fell down was some powerful guy who could use Haoshopku, at the moment Roja pierced his heart. his mind was blank
No hatred, No unwillingness, Just unbelievable.
So many people failed to get out of here, all of them fell to Roja’s sword, Was Roja really so powerful?!
It seems like there is something else, a strange power…
The moment the guy was dying, he saw an illusion before him, as if he saw Roja’s body have a terrifying atmosphere around it, it seems like some strange white bones with black lines armor around him.
(Tl: Not really sure about the last part, but I think he’s talking about the power of a hollow.”
Not just him.
Even Domino and the others could also see the bizarre armor, But it seemed like an illusion, it just flashed in front of him for a moment then disappeared. Only Roja stood while blood dripped from his wound.
Chapter 181: All Dead!
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