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Chapter 206: Luffy and Ace

Foosha village.
A peaceful town, where residents are basically ordinary people. But of course, this was Garp’s hometown, Luffy’s and also Dragon’s, Shanks also stayed here which make this town extraordinary.
When Roja came to the town, he saw a tavern, the only one in Foosha village.
And entering it, he saw a familiar beauty, Makina.
After the previous fight, Roja didn’t have his coat or anything like a uniform, he only had a black loose robe, so his image was ordinary.
There weren’t many people inside the tavern, two or three people and they were laughing.
Makino saw Roja, Although he was angry, he looked at her with a smile.
“Hello, What do you want to drink?”
“A glass of wine please, I want to ask something.”
Roja smiled gently and said: “Do you know where is uncle Garp now?”
Makino was about to pour a glass of Wine to Roja, but when she heard the second half of his sentence, she looked at him with astonishment.
“Mr. Garp… I don’t know, but he was going to the east toward the mountains recently.”
“Understood thanks.”
Roja took the glass of wine and thanked Makino with a smile and nodded.
This tavern was quite interesting.
One of the dignified Yonko, Shanks, came here for a meal, and also this place didn’t care whether the customer is a pirate or now, everyone is welcome…
Roja chuckled, he drank the wine then paid, he was ready to leave.
Makino saw Roja size, he was thin compared to Garp, He also didn’t have a weapon on him; she couldn’t help but remind Roja.
“Are you going to find Mr. Garp, The mountain is really dangerous, there are a lot of beasts there.”
“Thanks for reminding me, I will be careful.”
Roja smiled casually, then turned directly to leave.
Foosha village’s mountain.
Here in the depth of the mountain, there were four figures.
One of them is Garp, wearing a simple Shirt, he didn’t give the feeling of being the Marine’s hero as he sat on a Rock.
In front of him, there were three other figures wrestling, one of them had the same size as Garp, while the other two were Luffy and Ace.
Luffy was beaten by the Monkey, although he was embarrassed, he was thinking of a way to beat that thing.
After two years, he’s still small, so he couldn’t really use the Rubber fruit, even with ace together, he couldn’t beat this monkey.
“Wow, ah!”
First, the sound of a collision then came Luffy’s sound who was sent flying, he fell on the tree and was hanging with a funny posture.
Garp saw this and couldn’t help but laugh, It’s as if the one flying isn’t his grandchild at all.
And at this time, from Garp’s back, a figure appeared with a smile: “You are living leisurely, Uncle.”
Roja walked slowly from the back, smiled at him.
Roja’s sudden appearance made Luffy and Ace’s action come to a halt, the ape was scratching his head.
Garp turned around and his eyes flashed with surprise, he grinned.
“Brat, Why didn’t you tell me you were in the east blue.”
When he heard Garp, Roja rolled his eyes and said: “I didn’t tell you obviously because you throw you Den Den Mushi.”
“… It seems true.”
Garp’s face was frozen as he blinked. After touching his head, he showed an embarrassed expression the grinned and said: “That Sengoku guy is always bothering me, he’s annoying.”
Garp stood up then smiled at Luffy and Ace: “Luffy, Ace, You two come here, this is your uncle, Now he is a very good Marine, Both of you can learn from him, did you hear me.”
Garp spoke while he slapped Luffy’s shoulder, Sending the atter flying, Roja’s mouth twitched as he saw this.
If Luffy is willing to become a Marine, then definitively that wasn’t Luffy.
Roja heard Luffy was trying to scream that he will become the Pirate King while Garp was shutting him up.
“Ah ah ah!!”
Garp felt a little crazy and hit Luffy’s head with his fist, Luffy’s head had already more than one bump.
“It hurt!!”
Luffy held his head and cried, tears were coming out of his eyes but he still confronted Garp, Despite Garp beating him, he was still set on becoming the Pirate King.
Looking at Luffy and Garp, Roja could only chuckle, while Garp was feeling tired at heart.
“The Marine’s hero with a son that was the Revolutionary army leader and Grandson that is the Pirate King. This is really funny.”
Roja stood there and had a good laugh at this.
Garp heard him and turned to Roja and yelled: “Brat, do you really think that this is funny?”
Roja looked at Garp helplessly and said: “This isn’t my problem, you are the one who taught him.”
Garp gritted his teeth: “It is that Akagami who did this.”
Roja chuckled: “Then you have to go hit that Akagami.”
Garp was speechless, He gave up the topic: “Brat, help me look after them, I will go get some wine.”
After that, he didn’t wait for Roja to accept and went directly.
Roja was helpless, He came here to see them and go back, Then Garp threw Luffy and Ace for him to look after them, what is this?
Roja didn’t know how to deal with Garp, he turned toward Luffy and Ace and said: “You two, come here and call me Uncle!”
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