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Chapter 30 : Roja vs Drake

Chapter 30 : Roja vs Drake

“Isn’t this guy’s strength close to Drake ?”Another one from the top ten recruits looked at the arena calmly, took a deep breath and decided to fight.

As the fight began the two of them exchanged about ten blows then the new recruit was defeated.

That was the seventh ranked in the whole camp.

At their level, most recruits are arrogant , Even if Roja is stronger than them and they can’t win against him, they will still challenge him to a fight. As not being able to win is one thing and being afraid of fight is another thing.

The results is naturally all of them were defeated by Roja.

Some of them revealed the power of devil fruit but still got defeated under Roja’s sword.

Many recruits were shocked, Roja from beginning to here didn’t have any rest but he seemed tireless as he continuously took all challenges and still won all of them.


He was too strong!

Is this still Roja ?

“Who else ?”

Roja after defeating another recruit Held his sword while standing on the field and said.

Obviousely very arrogant word but saying those words now didn’t seem a bit arrogant but all of them felt that this is normal.

The audiance stayed silent.

At this moment Roja while standing on the arena seamed to have invisible power. All the recruits when their eyes meet with Roja’s they all would bow their head down.

Now no one questioned Roja’s strength And while looking at Roja’s eyes it brings in them a sense of fear. In this world the strong are respected So Roja exposing his power all people will respect him.

Some people were looking at another position as if waiting for something. Those people were looking at Drake.

Roja last challenger was the fourth ranked recruit. So only two people left, Drake and Hina. Most people didn’t consider Hina’s power and didn’t think that she’s stronger than Drake. So the only fight left is Roja vs Drake.

Gradually almost all recruits eyes were looking at Drake.

Even the Marine instructors were looking at him too.

At this moment.

Drake and Roja become the center of attention of everyone present there.

All the recruits saw that Drake didn’t have any idea to avoid the fight as he took his weapon and started to walk to the arena. When the recruits saw this they made way for him.

Looking at this scene Most took a deep breath.

“Didn’t expect that the person qualified to challenge Drake would be Roja.”

Roja and Drake were from the fifth group. Watching the scene where Roja and Drake faced each other they couldn’t believe That Roja would be able to reach this step.

There is no doubt that Roja defeated almost everyone from the ordinary camp and was the only one qualified to challenge Drake.(Ed: It’s the other way around though?)

At this time an idea emerged in someone’s mind.

Will Drake also be defeated ?

This idea appeared in the minds of many people and they couldn’t help but pinch themself. Although Roja was strong enough to defeat most of the ordinary camp but compared to Drake there is still a gap between their strength.

But although those recruits conforeted themself with saying that Roja will not win against Drake but this idea kept flashing on their minds. Roja sweeping the entire camp made a strong impression in thier mind without them knowing.

“You’re strong.”

Drake come into the arena.

Standing infront of Roja and calmly said ” Your growth speed is fastest growth i have ever seen and if this keep up in a few months you will be able to exceed me.”

“Oh ?” When Roja heard Drake’s word , he looked at him with a smile and said “So your meaning is ?”

Drake shook his head and said “Let’s say that it’s useless to fight against me.”

Roja swept through the entire camp today so Drake didn’t think that his words would make Roja throw in the towel.

The actual assessment isn’t about winning but all of it was so that the instructor could abserve the power of the recruits especially who are soon to be in the elite camp.

Now with Roja’s new power Drake thought that Roja would be a suitable opponent for him.

Hearing those words Roja was calm. Suddenly waved his hand and an energy in the shape of a crescent moon shot out toward Drake.


Drake who was infront of Roja used two weapons and they were a one handed sword and strange looking four edged axe.


In the face of Roja’s sword energy Drake put his sword and axe calmly infront of himself and that energy collided with Drake’s weapon as he staggered wich made a metal friction sound and finaly the enrgy callapsed away.

“This is really shocking no wonder they couldn’t stop it.”

After catching Roja’s strike Drake said calmly as he could only roughly determine Roja’s strength But he didn’t think it was this strong.

But although it was strong he thought that it’s only to this degree not much.

Drake secretly shook his head. Suddenly his head lowered down a little and while holding his weapog tightly he rushed toward Roja directly. His weapon directly waved at Roja.

“Try defending this …”

Seeing Drake easily defend against his full power strike and also launched a counterattack toward him. Roja was calm as if he expected this already.

Ding ! Ding !

Drake used his weapong to attack Roja without a rest. He attacked continuously without leaving Roja ny time to breath.

Roja’s hand holding his sword while defending against Drake suddenly stepped back and a silver crescent moon shaped energy shot out again.

Whiz !!

This time Drake didn’t direcly defend against but he stepped sideway and continued his attack.

Ding Ding !!

The sound of metal hitiing metal sounded endlessly from time to time a sharp silver energy would be released and meet the ground drawing a deep crack into it.

After fighting a little the battle as if reached it’s most intense moment All the recruits were dazzled.

“I didn’t expect Roja to be evenly matched with Drake.”

“No Roja should be weaker … he can’t  attack as much as Drake he can only defend.”

Roja again brought surprise to all recruit in the camp But they also showed a slight regret.

For Roja’s strength is still lower then Drake although he is very admirable but unfortunaly the one to lose probably would be Roja.

They could only curse his fate.


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