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Chapter 31 : Sword flow , Cremate

Chapter 31 : Sword flow , Cremate

In the arena.Roja was holding his sword. In the face of Drake strom like attacks Roja simply parried those attacks and attacked with his own Tobu zangeki.

Releaseing compressed air sharp as a sword that is Tobu zangeki.

Ding !!

Drake didn’t care In the face of Roja’s trick Placed his sword and his axe together infront of him Then Roja’s sword collided with Drake’s weapons.

Spark scattered and in Drake’s sword and four edged axe cracks began to appear but they weren’t large. His sword and four edged axe still could hang on.

Looking at the cracks apearing Drake’s eye flashed but shook his head.

“It’s a good swordplay , but it’s a pity.”

“Although These two month you did grow stronger … But the gap between me and you is still too big. Two months are short, although you closed this gap a little but still not enough to defeat me.”

While talking Drake waved his weapons forward.


Roja used his sword to parry and retreated a few steps.

While looking at Drake Roja suddenly said with a tone made all the recruits puzzled “Is two months time … Really short ?”

Drake Brow slightly furrowed as he didn’t know what Roja meant. in his view if Roja was given another two months and he could maintain his growth speed then Roja may reach his level or maybe he would be stonger than Drake himself.

Looking at Drake Roja suddenly chuckled a bit and in his mouth rised a light smile the said.

“Do you know … why was I ranked first in the previous assessment ?”

In the previous assessment if Roja had this kind of power then he may be able to get better score than Drake But Roja didn’t have this power a month ago so he simply couldn’t.

Even if back then he had this strength and was really able to do it. Then how can Hina’s be ranked  second on the assessment.?

This made Drake puzzled.

“Why ?”

Watching the frown on Drake’s face Roja made an evil smile and didn’t speak. he placed Honoo no tsuki infromt of him then said.

“Because of this !”

After Roja said this. In his eyes golden flames suddenly ignited which seemed to be drived from his soul. The flame seemed so strong that it could destroy the world.

Sword flow , Cremate!.


Golden flames suddenly came out of Roja’s sword and surrounded it.Then Roja waved his sword at Drake.

Those golden flames condensed into a few meters and made a huge flame sword. At this moment the surrounding air truned hot and all people could feel the temparature rising.

“What ?!”

Drake took sometime before he was surprised. The next moment while watching the flame his eyes flashed.

Flames ?

He could produce flames ?

Do you mean that … In the previous assessment that huge fire in the forest was …

When thinking to here Drake reacted  as the flame come in front of him. Even if he subconsciously wanted to back away it was too late.

The flame swept in front of him and spread out tens of meters around, almost all the arena was filled with flames. Drake could only struggle and try to scatter the flame with his weapon.

When the flames apeared , all the recruits couldn’t believe their eyes and they were suddenly horrified.

Sword … Of flames?

Even standing by the side the could feel the heat blowing and those recruit who wre standing near the arena suddenly backed away.

Looking at the flame horrified. Suddenly some recruits thought about something and their eyes stared at the field of flame.

“No! It can’t be ! … The fire in the forest …”

After the first recruit said this almost all the recruit remembered the fire in the previous assessment a month ago that affected almost all the fifth group assessment.

At this moment almost like the fire in the forest was in front of them.

And now it seems that the fire was caused by Roja ?

No wonder !

No wonder that Roja could get first place in te assessment. it wasn’t tempering with the results or any luck of hunting monsters … he just lit up almost half the forest killing so much monsters.

some recruit wanted to understand what’s happenning but they seemed as if struck by lightning their mind was blank.

Other recruits seeing the fifth team reaction couldn’t help but remember the accident in the fifth group assessment. The fire tha emerged in the forest.

All the recruits were stunned.

All this time that seemed so long was only a few breaths time and on the field the flames gradually extinguished. only a certain place was still burning.

That place was naturally Drake’s place.


Suddenly a ragin Roar sounded from under the fire and a surge of air made the flames scatter around.

At the same time a figure jumped and feel far away on the arena.

This figure was Drake.

At this time Drake clothes were burned in several places and there was still a little bit of clothes that continued to burn while still on him.

“Now then , Do you still think that two months time is short ?”

Roja said while standing and holding his sword. that sword had flames around it’s edge while Roja seemed Like a God of fire.


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