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Chapter 32 : Zoan Fruit

Chapter 32 : Zoan Fruit

After getting out of the fire Drake took a deep breath. Then he checked if there was anything on him that is still on fire. He couldn’t help but reveal a lingering fear when thinking about the fire.Fortunatly he isn’t an ordinary person or else this fire would’ve just burned him alive.

But even he still had burns in several places.

Looking at his clothes that burned. Drake just took them off and threw them on the ground.

And now looking at Roja there wasn’t that calm and easygoing attitude from Drake anymore. As only shock was shown on his face.

His able to produce fire while wielding the sword.

Drake didn’t expect Roja to have such a power.

Roja was still standing on the arena with his sword in his hand. That sword was enveloped with flames and then the sword again moved with hot flame projecting out again.


The terrible flame like a red fire dragon once agan Crached into Drake.

A fiersome heat waves swept in all direction and the recruit couldn’t help but retreat again.


Drake’s mind was clear. He knew that he won’t be able to counter this attack. Even if he could cut the flame There was no meaning to it. Because even if he cut it i will split then rconnect again and swallow him.

So in the face of those flames he chose to avoid.

However once he avoided that another one appeared before him, and as he avoided the second a third one come  at him.

“Can you release this fire without restriction ?”

Watching every sword strike produce fire Drake eyes couldn’t help but change.


The next moment that third flame once again swallowed Drake completely.

Fire started to stack togerther and even The Marine veteran become scared.

“He achieved this level ?”

“This degree of flame is simply like a devil fruit’s ability already.”

At this time even Z was shocked If not for Garp telling him That Roja didn’t have any fruit ability He wouldn’t have beleived that.

On the other side.

The recruits looked as the flames swallowed Drake had long become shocked.

Heat waves swept the audiance. The air became hot and intolerable But still the recruits back were ice cold as if someone just poured a bucket of ice on top of them.

“Dra … Drake was swallowed by flames.”

“What a terrifying power.”

recruits couldn’t help but murmer.

Is it finished ?

Looking at the burning fire They couldn see Drake’s figure as if he had evaporated due to the flames.

However the next moment.

Roar !!

A loud earth shattering Raor bursted from within the flames and frightening momentum suddenly emerged.

All the flame around were blown away.

I n the flames there was ahuge monster.

Drake who transformed into a huge monster Directly came out of the flames.All the people saw what this monster looked like. It was a dinosaur!

Anciant Zoan Fruit … Dinosaur species.

“I didn’t intend to use this, Really I didn’t expect you to force me to use this power.”

From the flames Drake suddenly changed back to semi human shape.

The half animalized Drake was still holding his weapon whle his whole body was filled with a very forecious atmosphere. Looked at Roja “Since you forced me to use my devil Fruit this battle … Is over!”

Whizz !

Drake figure suddenly come out rushing out of the flame with a speed twice as fast as before.

“Sure enough before joining the Marine you already ate a devil fruit.”

Looking at the rushing Drake Roja’s face didn’t panic But exposed a thoughtful expression instead.


A Huge red flame swept over while it seemed like it will reach the sky.


Seeing the flames infront of him Drake Didn’t even avoid it this time he fiercely waved his weapo and produced a wind gale that torned the flame.

While Drake passed through the flames some of it touched him and even with his protection of the Ancient dinosaur skin there was traces of burns.

Drake suddenly rushed to the front of Roja and waved  his axe with ahuge force that was falling on Roja.

Roja uses the tobu zangeki and His Honoo no tsuki to defend against Drake.

Drake in the semi animale form had tremendous increase in strength so when the sword and the axe collided he had the advantage as he could withstand Roja’s energy strike  and flame.

“Useless when i am in this form I am much more strong then before even your flame has no effect on me!”

Drake once again was enveloped with flame but even after that a slight burn trace could be seen and that’s all.

Drake who was in the semi animal shape uses his increase in attack and defense power to resist against Roja’s flame and energy strike.

Roja was sent flying and only when was he in the air did he show an amazed look and culdn’t help but exclaim out loud.

“This is … The power of devil fruit ability !”


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