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Chapter 33 : Getsuga tensho

Chapter 33 : Getsuga tensho

“So Drake was a devil fruit user and this form isn’t that of an ordinary Zoan fruit.””Of course not , It should be one of the rare anciant species Zoan fruit. In the Half animal state it brings so much power already.”

Countless recruits were shoked By Drake’s devil fruit. He was already so strong and now that he is using a devil fruit how strong does he want to get?

“Drake hid his strength from the start.”

Hina looked at the arena while being stunned.

She originally thought that with his fire Roja would win. But she didn’t think that Drake pocessed a devil fruit and once again reversed the situation.

On the other side.

When Drake used his devil fruit ability all the Marine instructors with Z amongst them did not reveal any shock from Drake transformation. It seems like they already know about his devil fruit.

In the Marineford camps not just anyone can enter and mix in. Each and every recruit would have a background check and have a detailed report about him before entering.

“Finally used!”

“It’s really a very rare fruit ability. Even Roja won’t be able to resist Drake strength now. Drake can even use brute force that now are comparable to Roja’s strikes.”

A Marine instructor who was looking at the arena commented with a tone that had a bit of praise for Drake and little bit of pity toward Roja.

If the battle assessment could be delayed for just a month then it would’ve been something else.

Now Roja’s strength isn’t enough as he can’t beat Drake with it , also his fire can’t hurt Drake that much so the first one to fall would be certainly Roja.

“It look that the result is already obvious.”

“Roja’s potential is way stronger but Drake strength now in way more powerful than the former.”

All the poeple beside him nodded even Z nodded his head slightly.

On the arena.

Drake who is half transformed had double or more of his strength so when he wave his sword it a strong wind  would shoot at the flames and tear them apart.

The original twenty or so meter that were made to be an arena now turned to froty or fifty as all the recruits retreated back fearful of the fire.

“If it was in a forest you may have won but in an envirement like this it’s impossible for you to defeat me. So admit defeat.”

Drake fiercely weilded his sword At the same time Roja also used his Tobu zangeki and when the two collided. Roja’s strike was nullified.

If this continued Roja may get seriously injured and continuing this has no meaning as this is jus an assessment not a life and death battle.

No one could understand Roja as he obviously lost the battle but still continued to be Drake’s opponent.

Some people thought that he didn’t won’t to admit defeat and some others thought that he would throw the towel soon as there is no meaning to risk his life for a mere test.

But in fact .

Roja continued because his energy rised faster and faster while he was battling against Drake.

In a short while the energy rised by tens of point more then the energy he gained after fighting against all the other recruit’s together.

“This ancient specie, really is something more then double the strength with just half the transformation.Well time to end this as my arms are already num. Well it was worth it. I hope there will be more places to increase the energy this fast.”

Thinking of this while shooking some numbness from his arm Roja took a deep breath then his expression became more relaxed while looking at Drake then said.

“Yeah , you’re right it’s about to end.”

When his voice fell Roja was holding the Honoo no tsuki and used the most common position to swing a sword.

The last Blow.

Watching this Drake slightly shook his head as he thought this wasn’t necessary as Roja can’t really fight against his strength. But he didn’t say a thing and put his sword and axe infront of him then charged at Roja like a storm.

He was very fast almost instantly come to the front of Roja.

Looking at Drake infront of him Roja didn’t move he gently raised his sword and made the most simple and most common swing.

A normal action didn’t have any profound meaning to it.


When Roja Sword was still up there was a deep quiet like if all the souls had gathered in his sword and when the sword come down it was like all those souls were unleashed.

“Getsuga … Tenshoo!!”


When Roja sword come down a huge sword energy was shot out. It was of the highest level  and in a moment it came infront of Drake.

Isn’t this sword energy compared to Roja’s previous Strike is more then Double the strength ?

And it came so fast that instantly it was infront of him Drake couldn’t avoid anymore.


Seeing the energy about to hit him, His heart suddenly jumped and his eyes revealed a touch of horror. He was more shocked than before about Roja’s strength.

He didn’t know how did Roja use such a terrifying strike and seeing that he can’t dodge he could only grit  his teeth and try to face this strike.

But the power of getsuga tensho is more then what Drake could imagine.

Not just the size of the strike is bigger Even the solidification level  as well as the degree of sharpness. It was incomparable to the strikes from before.

The sword strike sweept everything in it’s path.

Drake in his semi animal state still couldn’t resist this power and his weapons were cut off!

After cutting his sword and axe Getsuga tensho still didn’t disappear and continued to strike toward Drake.


Drake eyes revealed his fear. he didn’t think that Roja could unleash such a fearsome strike which was more than double of the strike before it.

He thought those thing in just a short instant but this moment, the energy already struck his defense with irresistible power and finally defeated his defence and swept him away.


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