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Chapter 34 : Indifference and Hostility

Chapter 34 : Indifference and Hostility

A sudden pain spread throughout Drake’s body.Am I going to die ?

At this moment that’s all that Drake could think of. He didn’t think that a mere battle in The Marineford test would even make him so close to death.

Seeing Drake’s skin that was as hard as steel or harder couldn’t resist Roja’s strike and Drake’s body was about to be chopped in half. A silouette appeared beside Drake like it was teleported then pulled Drake out of the way of Getsuga tensho then used his hand to seize the Getsuga tensho and pinched.


Getsuga tensho suddenly bursted into pieces and the Energy scattered in all directions which made the ground have many crisscrossing cracks.

The silhouette that appeared suddenly was none other than the former Admiral Of the Marine and the new recruits instructor Z.

Z looked at the ground in silence.

And then looked at Roja deeply and said.

“Roja win!”

Z ‘s said that with a deep tone then turned away to leave the arena.

The audiance were still in silence.

From Roja using his Getsuga tensho to when Drake was hit by it and Z saving Drake only took a moment to happen.

Many recruit didn’t know what happened. Infront of them the scene just suddenly changed.

But even if they didn’t know the details but the huge energy strike was imprinted in their mind.

When Z announced Roja’s victory the recruits were still in shock. Even now their still absent minded.

Roja was still on the arena observing the deep crack made by his last strike and those numerous cracks which were made by the bursting Getsuga tensho Due to Z.

Drake weapons were scattered and cut in half.

And Drake himself still had bllodsatins appear despite Z saving him. While looking at the blood dripping slowly He made an amazed face.

Looking at this scene after a long time someone woke up from the shock an said

“That last strike. Is that his real strength ?”

Drake was very strong and he used a devil fruit which doubled his strength But he still was beaten by Roja.

Not Only ordinary recruits even those in the top ten had dry mouths.

At this time no one knew what to say and no one needed to say a thing as Roja strength and status was determined without a doubt now.

He is the camp’s strongest.

No one will question the ranking and no one will question the strength of Roja. There some people who felt fear. Fear that Roja will get them for what they said about him.

At the same time Roja defeated Drake Above the huge Fortess two lazy figure were standing.

One of them showed his interest when he looked at Roja .

“Mr. Garp’s nephew is very good.”

The one who’s speaking was impressively one of the highest figure in the Marine.

One of the three Admirals which just praised Roja,Kuzan also named Ao Kiji.

And standing beside him was another one of the three.

Sakazuki , also kown as Akainu.

Compared to people great admiration of Garp. Those two did’t hold that mucha dmiration cause of Garp’s son who made revolutionary army to go against the Marine.

Garp’s character was easy going and every one knew that and now it seems that Roja also had that same character.

And this character was really hated by Akainu.

because maybe someday Roja will betray the Marine and then become like dragon and join his revolutionary army.

“What is that flame ability ?”

“I hope he don’t betray the Marine, otherwise even if his one of Garp’s family members, I will see it to the end and will not let it go as we did with dragon.”

Akainu face was as cold as ice while looking at Roja then he tunred around and entered his room.

Seeing the Aokiji eyes slightly flashed but didn’t say a thing he just turned around, shrugged and also entered into his room.

When Akainu looked coldly at Roja. He could feel that look and looked up but he only saw the magnidicent tall headquarters fortress.

“Is it my imagination ?”

Roja slightly shook his head and didn’t think more about it as he came down from the Arena.

Roja’s soul is much stronger then ordinary people. So he was very sensitive to alot of things. especially the momentum and the will of things such as … hostility.

Just in that moment Roja could feel some kind of hostility against him. But whether was it and illusion or not he didn’t know.

As Garp’s nephew and Dragons cousin many people wanted to deal with him for this matter.

And he couldn’t think of them one by one.

As long as he strengthen his soul sword to the fifth stage then he could use Yamamoto’s shikai and with that he wouldn’t fear most people of this world.

After leaving the arena Roja casually went to a corner and with a thought the property bar projected infront of him.

The third stage: smart sword of the soul +0

Attribute: Attack power +135, power +40, agility +40

Special attributes: All things in the world , Turn to ashes – Sword attack have additional fire damage ( The contion for rvolution isn’t met)

Special attributes : getsuga tensho -Can release a arc shaped red energy attack.

Energy : 82/120.

“Today’s fight had increased the energy by more than 20 point ?”

Seeing that the energy value reached 82 not that far from the next strengthening Roja nodded. He closed his eyes to recall all the thing he did in todays fights. The bad moves he made that needed him to be careful about.

Today’s fights made Roja not only improve the energy value but also to get used to real combat and made him able to use the same amount of strength that he used in his training.


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