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Chapter 35 : Elite camp

Chapter 35 : Elite camp

After Roja came down.The recruits continued the assessment. As to get a better ranking all recruit started fighting and challenging.

Hina didn’t keep her second place but was pushed to the twelfth rank. Her strength isn’t weak she is the strongest in group five after Roja and Drake.

After all the recruits finished their challenge the assessment was over.

In fact it ended sooner than then most of the instructors expected.

In those battle there wasn’t anyone who had major injuries beside Drake who couldn’t face Roja’s Getsuga tensho and could’ve died if not for Z.

Seeing that no one is still challenging, Z nodded and announced the end of the assessment and in accordance with the ranking and performance the top fifteen were called.

Those fifteen recruits would join the elite camp.

Roja was first from those fifteen followed by Drake and the others. Hina also was one of those fifteen recruits.

“Those that heard their name are to be promoted to the elite camp now follow me.”

Z after reading the list of the fifteen recruit directly made all of the fifteen follow him out of the square.

The elite camp training ground and the ordinary camp training ground are completly separare.

After joining the elite camp the difference would be huge as they would be training under Z which might be even better than training under the current admirals themselves.

Those who weren’t chosen glanced enviously at Roja and the others leaving and after that under the command of the instructor they dispersed.

Z took The fifteen recruits all the way into the huge fortress of the Marineford.

The top level of this huge fortress is the place for the captain commander of all the Marine’s office as well as where all those admirals reside and also the highest level conference room.

And all the way down there is the intelligence agencies and so on.

In the second floor of the fortress is the leite camp training ground and also Z’s office.

Roja wasn’t here for the first time.

He is after all Garp’s nephew he came here several times and even entered the Captain Commander’s office once.

Perhaps because Roja soul is much stronger then ordinary people in front of the fortress didn’t feel any kind of opression.

At first Roja could feel a sense of pression coming from Garp but later on that sense seemed to gradually weaken. The killing intent and opression from anyone seems useless against him.

He didn’t know whether he could withstand the haoshoku no haki or not.

All the way to the second floor of the fortress whenever someone see Z they will salute him out of respect.

Through a few corridors came a wide hall and this very hall is the famous elite camp.

The practice and even the spar are in completly different level from before.

As Z entred the hall all the elite recruits stopped what they were doing and saluted Z respectfully.

“I will probably see familiar faces more than before here.”

Roja glanced a little at the camp and his eyes flashed with a look of interest.

He saw many familiar faces such as Smoker , Ain and others. There are some that he didn’t have impression for, but still found them familiar.

Like how Roja and the others were looking at the elite camp members the elite camp mmembers were observing them too.

“Well, finally newcomers ?”

“Teacher Z brought them over so they should be the newcomers.”

some people looked at Roja and the others and chukled.

Another person smiled suddenly and said “Don’t underestimate them. this time i heard there is some recruit called Drake and he is really strong not necesserily any of us could win against him.”

“Are you joking ? I can’t win against a newcomer ? maybe if they all come together.” Some recruits in the elite camp smiled shaking their heads as they didn’t beleive.

“Here is where all of you will stay. the things you used to have are all brought here and from now on you call me teacher Z.”

Z turned to the vetrans of the elite campand nodded to them indicating for them to resume practice. Then he turned to Roja and the others and said.

“The elite camp is different from the ordinary camp. Here you are the elite of the Marine although you are still recruits you have officially graduated from the Marine.”

“So there won’t only be my special training but also real combat mission. Not training or assessment But a real fight against pirates.”

These word were very awe inspiring but also made the atmosphere around them turn serious.

After a while Z finally talked again with a bit lower voice and introduced the differences between the elite camp and the ordinary camp and especially focused on the elite camps graduation rules.

The graduation rules are completly different from the ordinary camp. This graduation isn’t made from certain time , but it’s an applicable graduation. Whenever you want to graduate you can apply for it.

In general

After applying for the graduation there will be and assessment and as long as they have the strength of a lieutenant commander there won’t be a problem. then they would be ranked based on their graduation assessment.

and as long as they pass the assessment even if did it poorly, they will get the rank of Ensign and if he did a good job then he will be ranked higher and the highest is lieutenant commander.

“When to apply for a graduation is up to you but it can’t be more then three years!”

“If you have not applied for graduation by then or didn’t pass the assessment then you will be forced to graduate and won’t be granted any rank you will just be a normal soldier.”

Z paused a little and then said lightly.

“However from the beginning My elite camp so far never has a case when one became an ordinary soldier and i hope no one would appear within you”


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