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Chapter 36 : Veteran’s provocation

Chapter 36 : Veteran’s provocation

In addition to the difference in the graduation rules and missions the elite camp has more freedom. So joining the training or not Z will only care about results.”Well after i briefly introduced the rules of the elite camp to you. I will let you get familiar with the place and after a while i will call you one by one to give you the type of training suitable for you now.”

“At the same time you could ask me about any problem you had before in you training.”

After that Z directly left the square and entered a room leaving behind a row of people.

Almost as soon as Z left and Roja and the others were about to walk around and get familiar with the place, they suddenly heard a voice.

“Hey newcomers!”

Along the sound a veteran with the name op Very Good (Tl : look for it in wiki as captain very good .) come out in front of the them and said.

“Which one of you is named Drake ?”

Hearing such a voice Drake suddenly frowned but still replied calmly “I am , Is there something you want ?”

Very Good turned to see Drake and looked at him twice then suddenly chuckled a bit with a bit of provocation said “You are the strongest in the ordinary camp ? so what if you are ?”

Very Good was dissatisfied as some of his friend said that it’s possible for them to loose against Drake and came to provoke them.

Moreover in his view Roja and the other didn’t receive Teacher Z guidance like him. So how could anyone of them be his opponent.

Ok ?

Hearing Very Good’s saying that Drake’s face was a little bit sorry but also indifferent then he said “Sorry , I am not the strongest.”

Drake was injured by Roja’s Getsuga tensho. Although he didn’t receive a major injury due to Z saving him but still his body was wrapped in bondage.

When Very Good saw Drake’s bondage he frowned a little then said ” You’re not the strongest ? Then who is it ?”

This sentence was more serious then Drake’s provocation. As if his saying your not the strongest then go away i will find the strongest.

Even with Drake’s tolerance His face couldn’t help but get cold. Still he came here today so he didn’t want to have a conflict with those veterans in his first day. So he didn’t say a thing.

However this sentence didn’t just provoke Drake but also everyone beside him. Someone could endure and said .

“Are you looking down on us ?”

“Oh , don’t misunderstand. I am only looking for the strongest amongst you for a contest so if your not step aside.”

Very Good laughed and his eyes exposed his contempt.

As the elite camp veterans followed Z training program and had experienced real combat and personally killed pirates. So when facing those greenhorns very Good will naturally have some contempt.

“You are … Too arrogant!”

Very Good said this sentence and someone beside Drake couldn’t endure anymore. Even if his not Drake or Roja his still one of the strongest in the ordinary camp.

So the recruit under his anger directed a blow to Very Good.


Surprisingly in the face of the recruit fist Very Good just waved his hand casually then with his palm catch that fist.

“Do you call this strength. are you still drinking you mothers milk ?”

Very Good scorned then also punched the recruit.

In the elite camp he could be classified in the mid ranking veterans. Some veterans thought that those new comers should not make Very Good get serious or it will be trouble.


Under Very Good’s fist the recruit was sent flying even after he tried to block.

The power gap was too big.

This scene suddenly made The new comers horrified. As they thought that other then Drake and Roja no one among them could match up against Very Good.

A casual person from the elite camp had such extraodinary power ?

“I know that you are the top figure of the ordinary camp, Even some call you monsters. But don’t forget this everyone here is in fact … A monster too.”

“And we have long been under Teacher Z special training and experienced a number of bloody real life and death battles. So don’t compare yourself to us. You bunch are just rookies.”

Very Good continued talking for some time and many from the elite camp gathered around.

“Yo , Very Good started bullying newcomers.”

“Don’t do it too much or teacher will get angry.”

The veterans were laughing and joking around with a lively looks.

Very Good exposed his power and made most recruit horrified and Drake was looking coldly at him.

This guys power and the power he had when using his devil fruit ability are almost the same.

“Well, Who was the one that said these little rookies can defeat us ? i will beat you until your face turn into a pig face.”

Very good pointer at someone in the crowd then turned around again to Roja and the others and said “Hey , In the end who is the strongest among you ?”

Originally the recruits were very angry at his provocation but when they heard his sentence this time they couldn’t help but subconsciously turn around and look at Roja.

Although Very Good didn’t know Roja But seeing all the recruits looking at him he knew that Roja’s is the strongest here so He said ” You’re the strongest ? Well, You don’t have to worry if you don’t dare to fight with me i am not going to embarrass you.”


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