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Chapter 37 : 3 Types of Haki

Chapter 37 : 3 Types of Haki

“Are you sure you want to play with me ?”Roja was too lazy to care about his provocation if fact in face of any provocation he could stay calm like a saint.

If he said all that then … Let’s beat him up!

“I will let you have three strike without me striking back.”

Very Good grunted looking down at Roja at the same time indicated to the people around him to leave.

However as the veterans were retreating a cold sound was heard.

“Very Good, i make you stronger and that how you use that power ?”

“Z … Teacher Z !”

“If you have so much strength then return to you practice.”

“Yes yes.”

Before a moment he was extremely arrogant like a proud cock but when he saw Z Very Good became like a chiken nodding submissively.

On the other side Roja who was ready to pull out his sword shrugged then he took his hand away from the hilt of his sword.


Challenges in the elite camp is a normal thing and anyone can challenge others at anytime.

So Z didn’t punish Very Good But turned toward the new recruits and said

“The first one Roja come with me.”


Roja  had long wanted practice Haki and that now was possible as Z will guide him in that aspect. Roja had long been urgent to learn Haki.

After nodding Roja directly followed behind Z.

Z with Roja entered a small looking practice field at the side of the square and closed the door.

Watching Z and Roja entering the Room and disappearing from sight , Very Good was relieved and immediately there was someone who jokingly said to him.

“Very Good even if you can bully newcomer you have to watch out for teacher as he will surely reprimand you.”

“I still didn’t expect that Drake wasn’t the strongest but that Roja was. Before i heard that Drake was difinitifly the strongest in the ordinary camp.”

The one taking looked at Very Good and Said while laughing ” Fortunately That Roja didn’t fight with you. If you did maybe you wouldn’t be his opponent.”


Very Good grunted and said with disdain ” Just coming to our elite camp and want win against me. Do you think his that Smoker ?”

Hearing Very Good mention Smoker all of them smiled as like he said Smoker swept his way just as he entered the elite camp until he was the strongest in the camp.

In fact Most of those veterant thought the same way as Very Good. They didn’t think that Roja could win against Very Good.

After all Very Good wasn’t at the bottom of the camp but was in the middle and those new recruit’s are too tender to fight against him.

In the small room.

There was only two people present, Roja and Z.

“Garp should’ve taught you a lot like breaking the limit of the body to dig the potential of the human body.”

Standing infront of Roja , Z smiled while talking.

Hearing his words Roja nodded slightly.

“Dont’t think that with what Garp teached you don’t have anything more to learn. Well don’t compare my training with that old lady’s training” Z looked at Roja with a hehe smile.

Compared to Garp’s training Z training was truly more powerful. After all the current admirals are his desciples.

And Roja still remembred some of Garps words … the original training of Luffy like pushing down a cliff , tied in a balloon and rose to the sky and more. Fortunatly Roja didnt’ experience that.

Z way is simply breaking the body limit to dig the hidden potential of the body using various methods that were more directed to the essence.

It’s not that Garp’s methods are wrong but Z’s methods are more in order and had much more simple explanation that Roja could understand clearly.

As a result Z have to simply point some advice to Roja to practice more perfectly.

Even so those advice won’t be a smal matter to Roja’s practice.

After Z finished his advice Roja talked with him about various things that he remembered, then he took the initiative to talk about Haki.

In fact Roja already know what is Haki but he didn’t know how to practice it.

In this world there was three types of Haki.

Kenbunshoku Haki, which grants users a sixth sense of the world around them and limited precognitive abilities. Busoshoku Haki, which allows the user to use their spirit as armor to defend against attacks or to make their own attacks more potentand and finally Haoshoku Haki, a rare type of Haki only one in a million can use which grants the user the ability to overpower the will of others.

Hearing Roja mentioning Haki, Z’s eyes flashed. In his view Roja was qualified to learn Haki already.

So Z would simply tell Roja the methods of training in Haki.

Of course.

Haki practice isn’t something one can learn instantly. He will need to train step by step with Z’s personal guidance. Roja is talented and moreover He is Garp’s nephew So Z didn’t mind spending some time and energy to guide him.

After talking a bit about Haki, Z paused a bit so that Roja could remember and understand what he said then continued to speak.

“Before learining Haki i suggest you learn about the Marine six powers. Even if you will focus on swordsmandship Soru and Rankyaku will help you greatly for example.”


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