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Chapter 38 : Strength Division

Chapter 38 : Strength Division


After Z said that which made Roja thought about it deeply.Saru was a high speed movement technique and he could use it to step on the air. Almost all people can practice this in the elite camp.

Moreover The six powers of the Marine are not for ordinary people it was almost like practicing Haki the two need a None-human physical strength.

At this time Roja was qualified to practice the two.

With his current power Roja thought that at least he have a lieutenant strength right now.

The division of strength in this world is chaotic and in order for Roja to measure his strength clearly he will just follow the Marine ranks as a standard.

Those below the rank of lieutenant are of no significance. Even the difference between the Marine lieutenants is large.

There were many ranks in the Marine like Admiral , Vice admiral , Rear Admiral …

and the power gap between vice admiral and rear admiral is huge like how the gap between vice admiral and admiral is ,except for Garp of course.

And the gap will shrink as the ranks becomes lower.

There are some real powerful pirates like the four Yonko below them there is Marco of the white beard pirates, Big moms four stars as well as many others …

You can compare The Marine admirals to the four Yonko …

Roja thought some more about the story. For him it was hard to determine the strength of the four Yonko.

Whatever if they could win against the admirals or not Roja have to determine that himself. Roja threw this thought in the back of his head.

That kind of power is still distant from the current him. But he should understand his place so he won’t be arrogant.

“Although am talking simply so with your talent you probably already understand it all but if there is something your not clear about you could ask.”

Z simplified the six powers of the Marine and the way to practice seeing that Roja’s face didn’t seem to have any kind of confusion Z slightly nodded.

Roja did understand it.

As someone who did watch One Piece in his previous world and his soul is stranger as well so his understanding ability is out of the ordinary coupled with how Z simplified everything almost without thinking he could understand.

Although he understood everything he still got some questions.

These question weren’t about The six powers but were about the practice details. He already asked Garp before but Garp answer was vague.

Z heard Roja’s question and after a little though he answered him clearly which made Roja’s eyes flash from time to time.

After answering his question Z watched Roja without revealing any impatient look and continued to ask.

“Do you still have any more questions ?”

“I don’t for the time being. Thanks teacher.”

Roja got every answer to the questions that Garp answered vaguely from Z and those answer were very clear so saying this Roja was really sincere in his thanks.

“It’s my duty as your teacher. You don’t have to thank me.”

Z naturally discerned Roja’s sincere tone so he directed a smile at Roja and said “Well since there is no more problems then you go first and call Drake over.”


Roja nodded his head and left the small practice room.

And just when he came out to the hall, Roja could see that the veterans of the elite camp and Drake and the others were together. It seem that after Z left Some people still wanted to beat the newcomers.

In fact in the elite camp this was normal.

Every newcomer from the ordinary camp are mostly arrogant so the veteran will teach them a lesson.

This kind of lesson was necessary after all the elite camp had real missions and real pirates to fight if they think they are all high and mighty they will just die.

So for the provocation of Very Good, Z only reprimanded him verbally and didn’t give him any punishment.

When Roja went to the crowd gathered place he saw that Very Good provoked Drake after he left with Z which lead to a battle to break out.

However Roja wasn’t interested.

Roja learned the way to practice the six power of the Marine and also the way to practice the Haki so he was very eager to find a place to try and practice them.

“Drake, teacher Z called you.”

Then the fight that was about to start was completely destroyed.

Drake looked coldly at Very Good grunted then directly turned around and left.

“What , really… that was fast”

Very Good after seeing that Roja came he was helpless. But he couldn’t say a thing as he didnt dare to block Drake who was summoned by Z.

After finished what he came for Roja turned around ready to leave.

At this time

Very Good suddenly took a few step forward and stood in front of Roja “Hey ! why are you leaving not only did you escape but also took my opponent, Don’t you think you should fight me now ?”

“Don”t block my way.”

Roja looked at him calmly then continued to walk forward.

Seeing this Very Good suddenly smiled “Hey, I will still block the way what can you do about it ?”

Roja looked up to see Very Good’s smiling face then said.

“Do you really want to know what i can do ?”

This time there should be a fight seeing this the veterans stepped back so the two could fight.

“He said that his the ordinary camp first ranked right ? So  how many moves will he be able to take from Very Good?”

“I bet he could only take ten moves.”

“No even if his a new comer his the number one in the ordinary camp so i think he should be able to make it until the thirty moves.”

The veterans looked at the two with lively expressions.


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