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Chapter 44 : Wind in the windless sea

Chapter 44 : Wind in the windless sea

“I did not expect you to master Soru so soon. I thought it would take you at least two months and after that i would teach you Haki but you blew my expectation away.”Z smiled. It was hard to describe how happy and pleased he was

After so long he finally found such a good student again. His heart was firm he must carve this rough diamond into the most perfect form.

After calming his thoughts Z answered Roja about every question he raised in details.

Listening to the explanation of Z, Roja sometime revealed a thinking face and  sometime an enlightened one. And as someone from another world his thought process differed from people here So many question Z didn’t need to finish explaining as Roja would have already understand it.

Finally The last question was answered.

“Thank you very much teacher.”

“Is there any other question ?”

Roja shook his head and said “No.”

Z nodded at Roja “If you have any more question don’t hesitate to ask me.”

In fact Z would like to teach Roja how to use Haki but he can’t right now as they were in the middle of a mission.

But his heart have already decided, after the end of the mission he will personally teach Roja The Haki.


Roja nodded his head then together with Z left the cabin.

Just after coming out of the cabin while Z seemed to be ready to go downstairs back to his room The next moment His face turned around suddenly to look at the other direction.


Seeing Z’s expression Roja subconsciously looked to where Z was looking but he couldn’t see any disturbing thing only the sea.

While staying like that for a moment Roja’s face slightly moved.

While the warship continued to move to a direction where two huge shadows could be seen. Ripples and waves begin to appear at the originally windless area of the sea.

White the warship getting closer there was impressively two huge monsters fighting.

“Sea kings ?”

“Okey … This is great.”

The emergence of two giant sea kings alerted all the people boarding the warship as they come to the deck.

The two Sea kings continued their battle while stirring the whole sea and sending huge waves to all directions.

Witnessing this power everyone were in shock.

This part of the sea was supposed to be windless but the giant sea king fight produced wind. To the people on the warship this was an opportunity to witness such a fight even Roja was watching.

“Mr. Z we must make a detour.”

Seeing those huge waves The Marines navigator said while looking at Z.

Z looked At the two giant sea king and suddenly looked at Roja. He went to the deck where most recruits gathered then shook his head.

“No need.”

“In the world many people used the devil fruit ability and forgot about the strength in their bodies.”

Z’s voice despite the waves was clear in the ears of each elite. Those who were still watching the sea kings fight turned their heads toward him.

Z looked away from the two sea king and continued to say.

“Whether you have a fruit or not you should pay attention to practicing the body. Even without a devil fruit you can become strong.”

“So you do not have to be obsessed with the devil fruit ability and wanting to obtain a strong devil fruit. Physical strength is not any less powerful then those devil fruits.”

Speaking to here Z looked at Roja and slowly raised his hand.

Seems his doing this so all the recruits could see. but Roja knew that he is doing this to show him. So he observed Z every action seriously and directly went into the focus state.


When Z made a fist a strange atmosphere suddenly wrapped around his first and suddenly his fist turned black like ink and was shiny.

busoshoku … hardening.


The next moment Z figure suddenly flashed out from the warship he was faster then Roja as he was walking on air. He directly appeared beside the two sea kings.

This scene suddenly shocked all those that were in the warship and even the two sea king were surprised by the appearance of Z beside them.

Z punched one of the sea kings with a boom then turned over to the other one and hit another punch.

And with that the two sea kings fell down.

Z didn’t stay there and walked over in the air to the warship.


After that the two see kings fell and made a huge waves all over the place.

The warship was about to be overturned.

After that most people didn’t know when did Z return to the deck.

At last

The sea gradually calmed down.

All the people watching were shocked and awed by the display of power from Z.

“This is teacher’s strength.”

“The giant sea king were blown by a punch … This power is too incredible.”

some people eyes exposed their hope.

“if i can half the strength of teacher.”

After this person talked someone was mocking him already.

“Half his power? You must be joking. Teacher Z is a former Marine admiral. Even half of his power is enough to turn the seas upside down.”

The other side.

Even after the scene have passed Roja couldn’t help but feel amazed.

Although he already saw scenes more amazing than this but after all he didn’t see them himself but this was the first time he witnessed this kind of shocking strength.

But Roja’s idea and The others idea are very different.

In addition to remembering the busoshoku release process Roja had something else on his mind.

If he could use the Shikai – Ryujin jakka which will display the temperature of the surface of the sun would all the sea directly dry up ?


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