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Chapter 45 : Island

Chapter 45 : Island

“I hope this fight can improve my energy.”Roja looked calmly down at the sea and murmured then turned back to his room.

Z demonstrated the Busoshoku Haki while Roja was in his focus state so he saw everything clearly. What’s more Z’s Haki was too strong and he deliberately attacked slowly so that Roja can see.

And after Z answered his questions Roja thought that next time when he will practice Haki he could learn it by himself without Z guiding him by the side.

Nothing like that happened for the rest of the journey.

This time’s task is to pursue the pirates group Black Angel with a bounty of 63 million berry.That pirate group retreated from the redline and disappeared without a trace.

Until some time ago the Marine found traces of them in the south blue.

After careful investigations they found them six months ago as they established a small power in the south blue in a prosperous island.

That island was a bustling commercial place. But the fact is those weren’t merchant but a pirate group and they were dealing with arms and slaves transactions.

When the Marine headquarter learned of this they were going to send some people there to exterminate them but Z picked the mission up.

At this moment.

Roja and the others were standing at the deck of the warship. Looking at their front where the island outline began to appear.

“When we land on the island. All of you will wear the Marine uniform and if we encounter a pirate we need to block him from escaping. I don’t need to teach you how to do that.”

“Not only the captain has a 63 million bounty on his head but many other members has bountys over their heads too.”

Z standing at the front of the warship deck looking awe-inspiring Looked at te elite camp’s member and said that.

Because each time they do the assessment for the elite camp only 10 to 20 people would be selected and coupled with the many people who wouldn’t stay for three years in the camp The number of the elite camp counting Roja and the group of new comers are about 40 people.

But every one of them wasn’t ordinary.

The warship slowly sailed toward the island.

There was a lookout on the island some of the observation posts saw a large warship sailing over. Their faces changed.

“That is … Warship ?!”

“Is it just passing or… ?”

“Anyway please inform the boss.”

The people hurriedly went to inform their boss.

The center of the island there was a large hotel.

The appearance of the hotel was very luxurious but in the hotel underground many slaves were imprisoned.

Some of the slaves are dead some are struggling to wail but often fought for their meal. Their voices couldn’t pass from the underground.

at this time.

In the deepest room of the hotel two people sat face to face.

one of them with golden curly hair.

A young man which was the goal of this mission. The captain Lucifer While the other man was slightly old.

“This is the last one …”

At this time the golden haired man smiled while glancing at the old man and nodded.

At this time suddenly the golden haired man frowned from his waist took a den den mochi and asked.

“What happened ?!”

“Boss Lucifer, Bad news the Marines are here!”

Hearing this sentence Lucifer face changed and asked.

“Are they coming to us ?”

“Well … that’s what it seem to be.”

“Did we get exposed so soon ?”

Lucifer’s face instantly became ugly looked at the old man in front of him who was whispering “This is …”

“If your already exposed then go deal with those Marines as soon as possible. This matter is not your responsibility so if we deal with them then master may not blame us.”



Z figure disappeared. They didn’t know if he returned to his room or was already on the island all they knew is that he will be monitoring them.

Forty elite camp trainee Including Roja all descended on the island. they were soon surrounded by people pointing their guns to their faces.

In such a short time They mobilized their forces to surround them. Obviously the real island and the information they got on it are completely different.

“It seem that our intel are still wrong …isn’t a pirate group that is hidden in the island but the whole island is disguised as normal commercial island. Everyone on this island are pirates.”

Looking at this scene the veterans face was slightly flashed with a little surprise But they didn’t panic. they all had a smile ridicule on their faces.

On the other hand those who were holding guns looked at Roja and the others in the elite camp had different weapons their formation is very loose and a few people only had firearms which made them surprised.

“It’s not like an official Marine ship and why is there only a few of them.”

“That uniform i have seen it before. It is … what a trainee wear.”

They have not seen The Marine but only a group of people and they even couldn’t maintain a military formation.

And what is more confusing is that this group is riding such a huge warship.

“It’s weird … But we must defeat them. Destroy the Marine!”

A leading person frowned and directly yelled and pulled his trigger.

bang! bang! bang!

With that person as the lead and under is orders suddenly all the guns were fired toward the Roja and his group.


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