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Chapter 47 : Captain Lucifer

Chapter 47 : Captain Lucifer

On the street monstrous flames swept in all directions, numerous houses were raging in fire. Pirates were burned to ashes.


with a huge outbreak the glass on a certain house shattered while the whole house was lit up and red flame continued to burn everything on it’s way.

In the flames Roja calmly moved forward while the flames made way for him and didn’t affect him even his hair was no affected.

“Killing those minions is so annoying, I could kill them without any effort …”

Roja used his sword to project a red flame vertically and horizontally that spread for 20 meters away and once again the fire swept another group of pirates.

Most of those pirates are ordinary people that depend on the use of fire arms. There are some strong ones once in a while but unfortunately in front of Roja’s flames they just lit up and die.

Roja walked to a place without blood only the body’s remained.

If he can use the shikai then all of this place will turn to ashes. Well that’s the name of his special attribute ‘All thing in the world, turn to ashes’.

So he pushed toward the hotel with ease on his way and finally in front of Roja appeared the central hotel.

After coming there Roja stopped his pace.

Glanced at the rear that was still burning due to his flames. Roja lightly waved his Honoo no tsuki at the ground and suddenly a crisp sound was heard.


The flames on the sword which Roja waved instantly extinguished.

At the same time all the flames that were on the street suddenly extinguished and quickly disappeared leaving only piece of broken and charred building.

“Hope this won’t affect the others or Teacher Z might blame me.” Roja glanced at his rear then returned his gaze to the front and said lightly.

While saying this Roja moved forward.

After a few steps he stopped.

In front of Roja a silhouette appeared, A young man with a golden hair and his face was the same as the poster with the reward of 63 million berry Lucifer.

“Sure enough, I attracted the most attention and now the boss himself came to me.”

In the face of a reward of 63 million berry Roja wasn’t calm any more as he revealed an expression of a hunter looking at his prey.

“Your ability isn’t a devil fruit.”

Lucifer seemed well informed as he went in front of Roja then looked lightly at him and said “The ability of a devil fruit is far more powerful then your flames If i Am not wrong this should be a special swordsmanship.”

“Guess your deserving your reward.”

Roja said while looking at Lucifer And his waved his sword lightly.


A vertical slash of few meters of flames formed a curtain of fire and  suddenly attacked Lucifer. That curtain not only contained flames but also a silver-white energy.

Seeing this Lucifer face changed he didn’t hesitate and jumped to avoid the dangerous looking flames.

The flames swept through the street and finally dissipated in the distance while some debris was caught on flames.

despite avoiding the flames but the hot air swept through and still burned some of Lucifers hair. His curly golden hair now was deformed.

“This guy. Do you think this is the Marines headquarters to be this presumptuous!”

After his hair was burned Lucifer’s face tuned ugly, Looked up and his eyes flashed with a sharp killing intent and his tone was full of cold murderous intent.

The next moment Lucifer suddenly took out his weapon which were two short daggers. He directly rushed toward Roja.


Facing Lucifer who was rushing toward him Roja swung his sword and flames rushed toward Lucifer. But this time Lucifer completely avoid his flames while he continued moving forward.

“An assassin type ?”

Roja didn’t know much about Lucifer After all half a year ago he wasn’t here and if he wanted the information he might suffer a loss.

Moreover Roja didn’t like the calculative way of fighting.


Lucifer two daggers suddenly come across the air with two sharp lines and their direction was Roja’s heart. Roja stopped his attack using his sword.

The two daggers were extraordinarily good, and even the strength of Lucifer wasn’t any weaker.


“I can’t hide my attacks from him!”

Lucifer saw that Roja blocked his attacks. His eyes suddenly flashed and his speed doubled and with a flash he appeared behind Roja.

His dagger directly went to stab Roja’s heart.


Roja expression didn’t change while his body turned into a blur and instantly avoided Lucifer’s attack.

Lucifer was shocked as Roja’s speed after using Soru is faster than his own.

“Who the hell are you in the end!”

Lucifer finally put away his contempt with his eyes, revealing shock.

Originally he wanted to rely on his speed to avoid Roja’s flames and directly kill him, but he didn’t expect that Roja’s speed would be faster than his.

“Speed isn’t my weakness.”

The mastery of Soru come in handy which made Roja’s mood quite good. His made a slightly mocking face.

The strength of Lucifer if he doesn’t have any other ability would be as strong as a lieutenant commander no more.


The next moment Roja’s face once again flashed But this time he used Soru to attack. He rushed toward Lucifer while the latter felt like he will be split in two.

“Not good!”

Lucifer heart turned cold, but fortunately his speed is his strong point even if Roja was faster he could react to him and dodge while attacking with his daggers.


This Collision and the last one are completely different as this time one of Lucifer’s daggers was directly cut in half which made Lucifer open his mouth wide.

“Damn !! What the hell ? He got the strength, the speed, and the skill and some trick. Where the hell did The Marine got their hand on such monster.”


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