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Chapter 48 : The mastermind

Chapter 48 : The mastermind

Lucifer’s face was black as he attacked Roja with the other dagger but Roja avoided his dagger and countered with flames , energy and swing strength …

Various forces were used by Roja constantly.

Lucifer was swallowed under Roja’s offense power and couldn’t help but thinking about  retreat and be embarrassed to escape and find a place to hide. Roja suppressed the 63 million berry’s bounty holder.


Roja swung his sword again and Lucifer couldn’t dodge again and using the daggers half to receive the strike and with a ringing that dagger crumbled as it couldn’t bear the beating.

At this time Lucifer was extremely embarrassed as some of his clothes and hair was burned even though he avoided the flames.

Lucifer turned desperate.

What strange is that he suddenly calmed down and his eyes were full of killing intent while looking at Roja

“Do you think you can win this ?”

“Oh , still hiding some ability ?”

Roja was standing about ten meter away from Lucifer holding his sword and standing there and after taking his sword waved and flames burst out again.

Lucifer again avoided the flame, but he didn’t pay any attention to his clothes and waved his dagger toward Roja.


the original two daggers could withstand Roja’s sword but one cannot withstand his strike even if didn’t get cut in half Lucifer couldn’t help but fly away.

however this time Lucifer exposed an evil smile while looking at Roja then he said.

“Goodbye Marines!”

Crush !

Almost at the same time As he talked under Roja’s foot the ground suddenly made a creepy sound as if it would turn into liquid. Roja will directly be crashed  under the earth.

seeing this.

Lucifer eyes flashed with contempt. with slight mockery while seeing Roja disappearing ffrom his place. The ground was restored as Lucifer said “You forced me to this extent you’re really good.”

“But if you want to take my head you’re not qualified.”

His strength wasn’t just speed and two daggers as he got a devil fruit ability which let him turned any place he want while touching it into a pit that will trap anyone he wants.

With a depth of ten meters no one could breath. Lucifer didn’t think that someone could survive that and thought that this will be Roja’s grave. (Tl: The end :p)

However when he was about to leave and look for the other Marines and kill them one after the other he heard a sound coming from under ground.

“is this you card ? What a boring ability.”

“Getsuga … Tensho!!”


A red crescent like energy suddenly shot up from underground and cut toward the surface which was ten meter way.

Lucifer felt horrified, this energy busted out from under his feet even if he wanted to dodge he still couldn’t.


Blood splashed as Llucifer tried to avoid The attack half his leg still got caught. The whole person fell down on the ground.

Lucifer seemed like he didn’t feel the pain as he looked pale with shock on his face. He simply couldn’t believe that Roja who was ten meters underground could use a sword strike to get out from underground and cut a ground with a ten meters of thickness.


From the big crack a sound came out with an explosion Roja’s figure jumped out from the hole and landed on the side.

“Do you still have any other ability ?”

His hands still holding the Honoo no Tsuki While he calmly looked down toward Lucifer.

Lucifer looked looked at Roja as fear invaded his heart. He wanted to escape, but he only got one leg now he can’t escape. His fruit ability is just useful to arrange a trap and he couldn’t use it to escape through the ground.

Seeing this Roja shook his head slightly and went next to Lucifer with the tip of his sword pointing at him “Who is the one behind this island ?”

Hearing this Lucifer’s body suddenly shook and it seemed as he was afraid ” What are you talking about ? i don’t understand what your saying. this is my island.”

Sword flashed and blood scattered.

“This is the last time i am gonna ask.”

Roja put his sword gently on Lucifer’s neck.

That cold and indifferent eyes made Lucifer’s doubt vanish and thought that if he really didn’t answer Roja will kill him without any hesitation.

At this time Roja was emitting  a very terrible atmosphere that seemed to be derived from his soul which let Lucifer forget about his pain and start talking while trembling.

“Yes … It’s the Don Quixote family … “(Tl : wow Dofy’s family appeared.)

“Don Quixote ?”

Hearing this familiar name Roja’s brow slightly frowned and thought about one person as his eyes flashed.

DonQuixote family!

Originally was big noble family, one of the celestial dragons and one of strongest, their holy land named Mariejois which was the capital of the world government, but because they were siding with the commoners the other celestial dragons didn’t help them and condemned the entire family as traitors. So they vowed to destroy the world and everyone of the D’s.

In this period Doflamingo isn’t a shichibukai yet and the shichibukai system wasn’t put forward either.

“So it’s him.”

Roja clearly knew and wasn’t surprised.

Doflamingo was originally the world’s best underworld broker as he was controlling slaves trade, arms trade and other dark side of business. Him having this kind of island in the south blue is normal.

Seeing that this island had such fragile defense Roja thought that there should be more than one island.

Roja thought that the mission this time didn’t seem like a coincidence.

Moreover if it was his delusion then does this mean that Doflamingo is afraid. No way he won’t be afraid even fighting against one of the Yonko or even against an admiral.

Lucifer was in panic as he exposed his master. Cold sweat poured from his forehead and fear was apparent on his eyes.

He can’t be saved anymore. Even if he could escape from the Marine then his master won’t give him that opportunity.

“Damn Marine … Let’s die together.”

Suddenly Lucifer Roared and launched his ability with his own location as the center a radius of tens meters suddenly turned into a pit.

his ability is only a production of a trap. So if he was to fall down he will also die but he didn’t care as he wanted to kill Roja with him.

Almost at the same time as Lucifer used his ability Roja made a soft step and walked on the air as if there was an invisible ladder under his foot.

Moon Walk!

Watching Lucifer falling in his own trap alone Roja’s eyes flashed as he said

“The same trick won’t work on me twice.” (ED: Roja is a fan of Saint Seiya too it seems xD)


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