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Chapter 49 : The Embarrassed Very Good

Chapter 49 : The Embarrassed Very Good

Roja didn’t know if Lucifer could escape through the ground or not and was too lazy to check that out. So looking at Lucifer sinking in the ground he directly swung his sword.”Getsuga Tensho!”


The energy opened the ground and formed a deep crack and at the bottom blood splashed.

Roja returned his sword into it’s scabbard.

Lucifer the holder of 63 million Berry bounty of the black angels pirates had some power, but all other aspects are inferior to Roja which formed a level gap.

Even using his devil fruit he couldn’t change the outcome of the battle.

Although his ability is somewhat strong but that’s only against weak individuals. For example if this ability was used on Garp and he sank into a hundred meter underground he would smash his way to the surface easily.

There is no absolute things in this world especialy when there is the Haki and the devil fruits.

If Roja learned the Kenbunshoku Haki he could easily avoid that attack of Lucifer.

“After returning i have to painstakingly train in Haki.”

Roja murmured then with a thought the property bar appeared.

There was no change in the attribute but after his fight with Lucifer his energy increased by nearly 20 which was slightly out of Roja’s expectations.

“I killed the captain but this island is really full of pirates so there should be some strong ones.”

Roja’s mouth raised slightly into a smile while holding his sword. He rushed toward the nearest street.

On the island.

The people which Lucifer dispatched will soon encounter the elite camps people. The war didn’t go as the pirates would expect. it was a one sided massacre.

And someone like Smoker had an absolute advantage in such a war. Although some of the pirates are good but they didn’t learn Haki so they could do nothing against Smoker.

And some of the new comers because of seeing so much blood they could only use ten percent of their strength only. and if they were to face one of the strong pirates they will die instantly.

Even so not all the veteran were in advantage.

For example … Very Good.

At this time Very Good was covered in blood while looking at his opponent.

In front of him the pirate body was also dripping with blood But that blood wasn’t his. It’s Very Good’s blood.

“Is this all you’ve got ? Marine”

The pirate looked at Very Good in contempt.

“Damned bastard!”

Very Good was furious and his heart went crazy.

He got the fruit that will make him turn into a ball to avoid any damage but unfortunately his opponent had the ability to turn any part of his body into a spike.

no matter how much he split into balls he will be stabbed. It’s simple the counter of his fruit. Also Very Good isn’t using any weapon because his weapons are his fists.

The pirate looked at Very Good who was angry to the extreme and didn’t rush toward him. He looked at him in contempt as he took the initiative to rush toward Very Good.


Very Good was having a headache dealing with this kind of opponent. He could only embarrassingly escape.

Fortunately the speed of the pirate wasn’t as good as Very Good.

Even if Very Good didn’t use Soru the pirate couldn’t catch up to him.

Seeing that he couldn’t catch up the pirate said “You will only escape ? lowly Marine.”

hearing this Very good was about to spit out blood the Marine was the one that always chased the pirate it was never the opposite.

Very Good was going crazy and couldn’t help but turn at the pirate desperately.

but eventually he calmed down.

This is a mission not a one vs one as long as they can catch or destroy the pirate it’s their victory. In the island in addition to him there was 39 more people. he had to casually reach anyone and get help.

And almost as  Very Good finished his line of thinking there was a figure at the end of the street holding a sword. And from far he could tell that his wearing a trainee Marine uniform.

“Come and help !”

Very good didn’t say help me which will ruin his image but made a command to the other person.

The silhouette heard the call of Very Good did not stop and didn’t come. he looked from afar at this scene and his mouth revealed a slight smile.

“What is he going to do ?”

The figure holding the sword was Roja (Tl : You don’t say.)

Even if Roja used his Getsuga Tensho two time in the same day which will consume a lot of his physical strength and stamina no one could stop him.

Roja turned to see two figures one chasing after the other with a close look The one being chased was Very Good.

This time Very Good rushed toward Roja and when he saw his appearance.

He stopped and didn’t take another step forward and his face turned rigid.

the atmosphere turned somewhat strange.

And the next moment a sneer broke that strange atmosphere.

“Finally, you won’t run anymore ? Oh you met with a companion.”

The pirate that followed Very Good saw the latter in front of a Marine and didn’t reveal any panic but his eyes flashed with a sneer.

he was very confident in his ability. Which will turn every part of his body into a spike as hard as steel. As he was difficult to cut off. As long as the enemy wasn’t using fire arms then one or two won’t make a difference.

“I heard that you have dozen of people let me clean the two of you, then i will move for the rest.”

The pirate ignored Roja and continued to rush toward Very Good as he stretched his hand which in turn transformed into numerous spikes fiercely poking at the back of Very Good.

Bad !

Because it’s Roja that appeared Very Good paused his action and when he come back to it it was too late to escape. he could only said in his heart “bad”.

Although he got the fruit to turn into balls but if he received this strike he will get seriously injured.


Almost as the hand was about to touch his back Roja’s figure suddenly disappeared and appeared in front of the pirate.


A sword was swung and blood scattered.

Those steel hard spikes under Roja’s sword were as easy to cut as dead wood.

The pirate was cut together with his hand and because the speed of the strike was so fast he didn’t feel any pain.

Roja thought about why did Very Good who had the ability to turn into balls, would run away, and that pirate even after seeing him still ignored him as he not only attacked Very Good, he even thought that he could deal with the two of them together.

“First clean the two of us … what gave you this much confidence ?”


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