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Chapter 50 : How strong is he ?

Chapter 50 : How strong is he ?

The pirate in front of Roja didn’t react until he felt the pain on his arm. He was trembling and his forehead covered with sweat.”That’s not possible!”

“My arm was actually …”

The pirate was in panic while looking at Roja with horror and eyes full of fear.

Escape ! Escape ! Escape !

This was the only idea in his mind. He turned around while clutching his arm as he fled.

But this time Roja didn’t chase after him with Soru he only swung his sword which made hot flames directly catch up to that pirate. He was completely swallowed by the flames.

Screams could be heard.

After a while Roja directly put back his sword into the scabbard with made the flames extinguish directly.

Then Roja didn’t look behind him and directly left for the next street.

Behind Roja, Very Good was looking blankly on the ground. the place Roja was on, before using Soru was broken. He was thinking neither about Roja’s swordplay nor about his flames, what he was thinking about was Roja’s speed.

This is … Soru!

Moreover this degree of proficiency of Soru. Whether the speed or the accuracy both reached a very high level.

“After a months time he learned Soru. No. More like mastered it.”

Very Good was staring blankly while an showing an awe struck face.

He was the last Recruit to come from last years newcomers and three months ago he reached the standard to practice the Rokushiki (Six powers of the Marine) but until now he could barely use it, let alone be proficient in it.

Roja was someone from another world he concentration was very high and coupled with the focus state it was easy for him to adjust his body into the perfect position for every move. Also he was stronger than Very Good as he practiced with Garp, a month of hell and also the last month was the same which led to him mastering Soru.

But Very Good didn’t know that which made Roja’s feat incredible in his eyes.

Roja joined the elite camp for only a month’s time and already practiced Soru to the mastery. Very Good couldn’t believe that this is something a human can do.

Proficient in Soru.

Can release flames without any limit.

Sword energy sharp enough to cut steel.

So many factors were in the same person. Very Good couldn’t help but though that… Now in the elite camp who can win against Roja ?

Probably only Smoker ! (Tl : wait till he learn Haki and even Smoker won’t be his much.)(Ed: I wonder if his flames can counter the Logia fruit)

Another street.

Ain was slightly in a disadvantage while fighting with two guns against the pirates as she didn’t have her Devil fruit yet.

Some pirate can avoid bullets which made Ain be completely suppressed. Also the ammo was about to run out too.

If not for them eyeing her pearl like beautiful look and perfect body, so they could sell her as a slave and didn’t want to ruin her looks. Then she would’ve been defeated already.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ain sized the opportunity to shoot again but still couldn’t shoot the pirates. She immediately tried to charge her weapon, but, finally she run out of ammo.

“This is bad.”

Ain’s expression suddenly changed. Z was monitoring the fight so being caught was not possible but if she was helped by Z and not one of the others in the elite camp she will fail in this mission.

The island is big, Ain was fighting for quite a while but no one from the camp passed by.

When the pirate noticed that she had no more bullets one of them made an evil smile and said “Are you willing to surrender and give up resistance ?”

After saying this the pirate moved toward her.

And at this time from the end of the street suddenly a voice come over.

“Do you need help ?” (Tl : Her prince ;p)

Roja was leaning against the wall, he didn’t want to interfere in Ain fight, but he discovered that she didn’t have her fruit ability so he said that.

Ain Finally saw Roja but listening to Roja’s word her forehead had black lines.

Need help , Do you even need to ask that ?

The pirates also found Roja which made their face change. They hurried their steps, ready to capture Ain then deal with Roja.

But this time Roja stood straight while pulling his sword gently.

Since she doesn’t have a Devil Fruit then she wouldn’t be able to beat them. So he will, for the role of the hero who  saved the princess.

(Tl : Really !!!! literal meaning say the hero who will save the united states :p)


At this moment Roja turned into a blur and suddenly appeared next to Ain and with a swing, the pirate before him used his sword to defend.


A crisp sound was heard after the collision. That pirate was also a swordsman, he was holding a strange looking sword which came out without any harm after the collision.(Ed: Grab the loots! the sword looks interesting)

However without waiting for the pirate to determine his level Roja’s sword directly projected flames.

“Hell !”

The pirate was stupefied and couldn’t react in time and by the time he wanted to dodge it was too late.

the flames swallowed him.

All this had happened in a blink of an eye. When the others reacted that man turned into a fire man and kept screaming and rolling on the ground.

one strike!

“This is … Soru!”

Surprised, Ain beautiful face was in awe. She looked at him with a questioning gaze.

Roja smiled and said “Your guess is right. But there won’t be a prize.”

“This guy …”

Ain looked at Roja and thought back about the time when they were on the deck.

look at the world from above like an admiral?

Ain didn’t think that Roja could do it. but it’s clear that he mastered Soru, Plus he got that horrifying flames of his, so he could probably look at the entire camp from above now.

What was unbelievable was that Roja is just a young man who just joined the elite camp for just a month.

After taking a deep breath Ain expression returned to normal looking at the struggling fire becoming weak “That guy was burned to death.”


Roja directly returned his sword into the scabbard and turned around while saying “The rest is up to you.”

Seeing this Ain wanted to stop him and say thank you but Roja had already left.

And more importantly she didn’t have any more bullets and was planning to tag along with Roja but he left already and if she took the initiative to catch up and go together she will feel little strange.

“This guy is strange … He is definitively strange!”

Ain remembered her chat with Hina about the assessment and couldn’t help but recognize what Hina said while muttering.


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