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Chapter 68 : Choice

Chapter 68: Choice


The marine headquarters intelligence department is very busy today.
On the new world, there is a lot of pirates with a reward of 100 million and above. But on the other half of the Grand line, there aren’t that many pirates with that kind of bounty and they generally called a supernova.
But the new world isn’t an easy place to reach for a recruit.
There you can find the Yonko and many strong pirates. There would not be any weak pirate. Even if you find one that would belong to a greater power. So the marine actions in the new world are limited.
A person with 100 million as a bounty can’t be casually caught.
So the members of the intelligence department need to verify from various sources that the pirates that the recruit will catch aren’t in some kind of a powerful group of pirates. So they will not face a hopeless situation and can complete their exam, or all the blame will be put on them.
“This is the pirates in the first half of the Grand line with a bounty of 100 million berry and above. And this is the list of pirates in the new world. The degree of danger is almost the same.”
Looking at the pile of information in front of him, Yamakaji pondered with a cigar in his mouth.
If someone can have a reward of 100 million berry and above in the first half of the Grand Line then they probably are very strong. Their strength is extremely outstanding so they are called a supernova.
In the new world, Haki becomes something that most pirates could use. Because entering the new world without Haki is suicidal.
And once one uses Haki then his strength will increase by a huge margin.
To catch supernova is difficult. And sometimes even a rear admiral will be killed. If he was lucky then he will be able to escape. And the pirates in the new world are extremely dangerous.
“Currently there is Four pirate that meat the condition … “
In the first half of the Grand Line, there are four pirate groups. And in the second there is ten.
Half a day later, Yamakaji Already chose a target for Smoker and the others. The only one remaining was Roja.
“There are only two pirate groups in the first half of the Grand Line but the captain of both have a reward of 200 million berry. And in the new world, there is four remaining but the captain of each group have a bounty of 200 million berry too.”
Roja is the strongest from all the recruits. So Yamakaji will pick the easy and weaker pirates for the others. And then he will find a target for Roja but Yamakaji found that the remaining six are much stronger than the previous eight. They are completely from different levels.
Standing next to Yamakaji was an adviser. His eyes flashed as he sneered and said: “Let’s put this pirate group with a bounty of 196 million berry as a target for him.”
This adviser is the one that got hurt in the first test after Roja punched the machine.
This was entirely his fault because of that, A month of his salary was deducted. So he was depressed and transferred this grievance to Roja and tried to give him trouble.
But when he investigated, He found out that Roja was Garp’s nephew.
Garp was untouchable.
Although he couldn’t do anything to Roja directly he can play a little trick so that the other weak pirates won’t be shown to Yamakaji.
So originally there would be fifteen pirate groups with nine not that hard. But he pulled out one of the easier to catch pirates so there would only be 14 pirate with eight easy and the other extremely hard to catch. And finally, he made sure that one of the hardest would be assigned as Roja’s target.
Although Roja is strong and won’t die in the exam and he won’t fail either. But he can’t get an excellent or good evaluation. So Roja may be pulled down in rank after this.
“196 Million berry … This is not that much different from a 200 million one.”
Yamakaji stayed silent for a bit then shook his head and said “Well, Let’s visit Roja and see how he decided. If he didn’t want to take the second stage of the exam, then waiting for another few months isn’t a problem.”
Although Roja has shown such a great power in the test before, the difficulty of the second stage was too high even so if Roja can’t complete it but his life won’t be put in danger.
But this wasn’t fair to Roja.
Yamakaji already knew that Roja was Garp’s nephew. He wasn’t the same as consultant Karl. he was under Garp’s command before. he fought with Garp and he still highly respects him. So naturally, he won’t deliberately do something harmful to Roja.
Seeing Yamakaji wanted to let Roja make the choice Karl expression suddenly stiffened. Finally, he could only helplessly nod.
He couldn’t do a thing if Yamakji decided on it. And if Roja was to wait for a month he would find a suitable target.
This kind of secretly hiding a document can’t be done every time. And he wouldn’t dare to do that.
Yamakaji already sent someone to bring Roja to his office.
After some time Roja arrived.
“Roja, you can come in.”
Yamakaji saw that Roja came so he directed a friendly smile at him. Because now he knew that Roja was Garp’s nephew his attitude became a lot better.
Yamakaji had a good character generally. And Roja had a good impression on him yesterday. So he smiled back and said.
“Is there any problems ?”
Yamakaji Looked at Roja straightforwardly while helplessly shaking his head and said: “Indeed, There is a problem with the second stage of the exam …”
Yamakaji explained everything then waited for Roja to make his choice.
If he accepts to take the test now then the difficulty would be really high.
Although Roja possesses superior strength, So he could complete the task. But the final evaluation would be qualified or good. Getting excellent would be difficult let alone perfect.
“If you wait for a month or two then the difficulty will change to a simple and easy target. And with your strength, your chances to get excellent evaluation will be very high.”
“A month or two … So …”
Roja listened to the words of Yamakaji then looked at the table with six bounties placed on it and quickly picked one then said: “A month or two is too troublesome, This will be good enough.”
Roja’s character was like Garp’s. They both found waiting a month or two to be troublesome. But seeing him pick so quickly made him nearly chock.
What did he pick again?
Silversword pirates … The captain reward is 220 million berry !
(Tl : And here most people thought it would be someone they knew. I can’t resist this urge … Haha Got you :p.)
Although the bounty represents the harm that person would do to the world government. Rather than the strength but a bounty of 200 million had the same range of strength. The difficulty is similar. But this Group is different. It’s a brutal group. far more Brutal then the other five.
They just burn and loot they even destroyed an entire island after looting everything from it.
“Roja, Do you really want to choose this ?”
“Well, this is the most pleasing to the eye.”
Roja smiled while saying that.
He really didn’t know what is the silver sword pirate group origin was. But he just picked that group because the captain was not as ugly as the others.
Anyway, they were all in the 200 million so there isn’t much difference.
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