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Chapter 69 : Exploiting his Background

Chapter 69: Exploiting his Background


“But …”
“I think that we should respect his choice.”
There still things that Yamakaji wanted to say. But when Karl said that seriously Yamakaji looked at him then at Roja then shook his head helplessly.
“Well, since this is your choice … You have to be careful. Although you’re strong, a reward of 200 million berry in the new world isn’t simple.”
“And this silver sword pirate is extremely cruel. They once slaughtered an entire island.”
“Thanks for the reminder.”
After saying that Roja turned around and left Yamakaji’s office.
Watching Roja leave, Yamakaji shook his head and said ” Really he is as impulsive as Mr.Garp …”
Next to him was consultant Karl who had a woody expression on his face. But in his heart, he was laughing out loud.
Originally he thought that his plan failed. He didn’t expect that Roja would ignore the difficulty of the exam and chose to take it now instead of delaying it. Not only did he not delay the exam he even picked one of the most brutal pirate’s group.
Roja could punch the testing machine and destroy it. So a strength of someone with 200 million berry won’t be dangerous for him.
But not now, The silver pirate group isn’t a normal pirate group that will run from the Marine. They would engage in battle while slaughtering and if they were in disadvantage they will run.
Roja was careless. He may lose his life in this kind of mission and although he just wanted to create some trouble for Roja, Karl loved to see that happen.
The mission of capturing the silver sword pirates was given to the G4 division. This was Roja’s mission so he was sent there.
“Well someone from the elite camp is here to take the exam. His mission is to capture the silver sword pirates with us. But their reward is 200 million berry …”
He looked at Roja with amazement.
He was a student of Garp too. And knew everything about the exam. he received a notice from the headquarters about Roja’s arrival and was surprised.
“So, when will we depart ?”
Roja looked gentle and calm. His face didn’t give the Marine soldier or their captain any pressure.
“… Now.”
The Commodore Looked deeply at Roja and said “The silver sword pirates just robbed a merchant ship. Also, all the people on the ship were killed. Just now I was about to send a warship to destroy them.”
Roja nodded then turned and walked toward the door.
The Commodore looked at Roja’s back while slightly shaking his head.
“This guy … Does he think that a 100 million and 200 million bounty is the same? I don’t know what the people in the headquarters are thinking by sending him.”
When he thought to here the Commodore had an idea. And his eyes flashed with light.
“Monkey.D.Roja … Monkey.D … This guy and Garp … If that’s true then it’s not necessarily wrong to send him here.”
The Commodore wanted to call the headquarters and inquire about Roja.
But he suddenly when he picked up the den den mushi he put it back with a thoughtful expression.
The base of the Marine G4 division.
A large warship was prepared to set sail. Numerous Marine had solemn expressions. They had their weapon and their killing intent was up to the sky.
When the captain reward is in the 200 and up there would be at least three captains and in certain conditions, even a Commodore will be dispatched.
In the G4 division, there is only two Commodore. One is in charge of the base and the other will go with the warship when the time requires it.
The Commodore in charge won’t leave the base and now the other Commodore was on a mission. They didn’t have other option but to increase the number of captains. So they sent 5 captains.
Originally they wanted to dispatch more captains but with the arrival of Roja, they had to remove some.
in the warship, The five captains were handling every matter concerning the upcoming journey. After finishing they suddenly received instructions that a special Marine will go on this mission with them.
After a moment Roja could be seen from a distance. The few captains were stunned while Roja was boarding the ship.
Because Roja still didn’t finish the exam. He had no rank. he is still wearing the trainee uniforms.
“If this is the warship that will go capture the silver sword pirates then we can go. I shouldn’t have gone to a wrong boat..”
Roja looked at the stunned captains while shrugging randomly at them. Then he directly went into the cabin.
All the people on board were looking at each other and after Roja went into the cabin, an uproar suddenly rose.
“What’s going on ?”
“What’s wrong with this guy. Where did he come from?”
The captains contacted the base and after some time of repeated confirmation, They believed that the instruction that was issued about the special Marine from the headquarters is that trainee. Now that they confined his the special Marine then they won’t be able to give him commands.
With that, the G4 division captains and soldiers faces turned ugly.
In the Marine, The number of time you go and capture pirates will accumulate war points. War point can’t rise the rank but will help redeem a variety of items.
The higher the service done the more thing that can be exchanged.
The Marine forces are spread throughout the world and their sphere of influence is far bigger than any pirate group. And with the resources they had is no doubt much more than any other force. Devil fruit, for example, can be exchanged with war point. Even a logia type Devil fruit can be exchanged.
However, that need a lot of effort and a lot of accumulated merit.
And Roja is from the headquarters. He can follow them to capture the pirate group and they have no right to command him. So he can hide in the warship without fighting any pirate.
Isn’t this using his background to exploit? Is this really ok?
Moreover, his background looks very large. Even their Commodore could only open an eye and close the other.
“Well let get ready.”
“Our Commodore could only open an eye and close the other … this is really …”
“Does it really matter who he is ?”
Several Marine shook their head and exposed an angry but helpless expression. In the end, they ignored him.
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