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Chapter 74 : Kairoseki training ground

Chapter 74: Kairoseki training ground


A warship slowly docked at the Marine headquarters shore. out of the warship, a figure flashed as it jumped from the deck to the shore, then he directly started walking.
This naturally was Roja who just finished the second stage of the graduation exam.
Along the way, Every Officer he passed by had that big word in his coat. The word “Justice”.
After he completes the third stage of the exam, Roja will also become a formal Marine officer. And his rank would be at least an Ensign. 
(Tl: He changed his mind about ranks again.)
Of course the higher the position the better, like an admiral.(Tl: that’s too early man.)(Ed: He definitely will become a pirate anyway)
Roja smiled and went back to his home while enjoying the breeze.
This time he went out and didn’t practice at all but he still engaged in a battle so his energy increased but not by a lot. it was more or less like practicing for 15 days.
After returning by half a day, Roja received some info.
“The third stage of the exam can be taken before two and half months.”
Roja looked at the instructor who told him about this, then put his hand under his chin. After some thought about why he will need to wait that long for the next exam.
The second stage of the exam had a time limit of three months and those who couldn’t complete their task will need to redo the exam from the start. Roja completed his task and returned after just half a month which means that he had to wait for the rest of that time to end so he can take the final stage of the exam.
“I will have to wait for two and a half month so, I can take the third stage of the exam. Does that mean that I will take the exam with Smoker and the others ?”
Roja reached the state where normal practice won’t increase the energy anymore.
In the sea, Many people had physical power comparable to Roja but only few could reach Garp’s power.
The practice will be harder the stronger you get.
For the current Roja, His strength is most likely is that of a rear admiral. They may be not his opponent.
He only needs to practice his two types of Haki while also increasing his physical strength and all that only to achieve two things.
First Improve his swordsmanship.
Second, reach the fourth stage of the soul sword.
“From now until the third stage of the exam there is two months and a half. If I want to reach the fourth stage of the soul sword then would be difficult … But if it’s swordplay then I have a chance to do that.”
“Until the beginning of the third stage, I have to increase my strength to whole different level”
“The last practice before going out in the sea.”
“After that, I will improve by doing real life and death battles.”
Roja now comes to the elite camp training ground. Now he can’t stay at home and practice because he may split the whole place in half. So, of course, he will have to come here.
“Didn’t you participate in the second stage of the exam ?”
Seeing Roja on the training ground. Hina suddenly comes before him while being surprised.
“I finished it already.”
Roja smiled at her and then left to the small training room.
Finished ? So Fast?
Roja’s answer made Hina open her eyes in shock, Even Ain was stunned. The fastest speed to complete the exam last year is a month and a half.
Roja only used half a month to finish it?
If they didn’t know Roja’s power then wouldn’t have believed him at all.
The small room that Roja entered was the smallest one. And even for Roja, this was the first time he came here. And that’s because this room was built with Kairoseki!
This special material is stronger than steel and had the power equivalent to the sea, it’s capable of suppressing the devil fruits. It causes the body to feel weak and it will be hard to use any ability.
Generally, this is used to handcuff the pirates with a devil fruit ability.
Because this room was built with Kairoseki, Those with a devil fruit were forbidden from coming here. And the reason why Roja chose this room was because he had too much destructive force. The kairoseki could tolerate his strikes.
“Let’s use weights … ten tons … Well, there are twenty tons which seem to be the limit.”
Roja walked into the room while feeling satisfied after looking at the equipment there.
When he was practicing in other rooms there was the only weight of ten tons. It seems that only this room could afford this kind of training.
“But twenty tons of weight is so big.”
Roja went before the twenty tons of weight and stretched his hands. Then he tried to lift it.
Although the weight was made of special materials But it’s still very large.
Roja was used to ten tons of weight. But he was new to this twenty tons one. Well, he had the strength of more than a thousand people so he can easily lift this kind of weight.
And to practice until you reach Garp’s strength, Then 100 tons of weight is normal. Garp could destroy eight mountains with a fist and throw a huge iron Ball bigger than a warship.
“This level of weight is unsuitable for practice if it was the normal size. I don’t know who made this, Vega Punk the best scientist or someone with Gravity devil fruit.”
“Let’s begin.”
Carrying twenty tons Roja began the warm-ups. Roja’s heart suddenly turned a little emotional. Nearly a year time has passed from when he came to this world. No to mention twenty tons, he couldn’t Even lift a 200 kilograms basic weight.
And now he multiplied that number by a hundred times and he didn’t feel any pressure.
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