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Chapter 75: Tenth stage of Tobu zangeki

Chapter 75: Tenth stage of Tobu Zangeki


Wouch! Wouch!
After an hour of warm-up, Roja who was in the Kairoseki made room used the 20 tons of weight to train.
After a while, Roja looked at his body and decided to rest for a bit. He pulled his sword from the scabbard and waved.
Wouch! Wouch! Wouch!
For a moment Roja sword compressed the air eight times and the ninth time didn’t go smoothly, and only a little bit was compressed.
The strike swept over and exploded at the target.
“I need to adjust the strength and speed. The ninth compression needs to meet the standards of the former eight. But I should be faster and more perfect.”
Roja looked at the result, nodded his head and once again looked at the target and waked his sword.
Wouch! Wouch!
The ninth compression slightly improved but still lost power and failed again.
“The problem is my power control. Again …”
Roja felt that his strength was more than enough to complete the tenth compression. Now he only lacks the comprehension of the sword.
And to improve his comprehension, he needs to use the sword countless times and little by little he will learn more.
Roja wasn’t anxious about the third stage of the exam. His strength was already enough, and in those two months and a half, his power will still increase.
After half a month Roja completed and perfected the ninth compression.
And after a month and a half Roja finished the tenth compression.
In the kairoseki training room.
Roja suddenly leaped while holding his sword and suddenly the sword blurred and out of it a strike flew ou toward the target.
A silver-white energy suddenly collided with the specially made target like lightning.
“The tenth compression ‘s hard … But after mastering it feels different.”
Roja looked at his sword while his eyes flashed as he swung his sword with one hand.
Even if Roja used a single hand, he still could use Tobu Zangeki, but it’s a lot weaker than using it with two hands.
“So not only the strength and speed. The comprehension is also a key point to get stronger.” Roja who was holding his sword with one hand revealed a look of understanding.
” The tenth compression is a bottleneck. No wonder that not many could get to this level and who did got here are all strong people.”
Roja continued to wield his sword to understand the way of the sword better.
After relaxing his arm, Roja thought about the property bar, and suddenly it appeared before him.
The third stage: smart sword of the soul +9
Attribute: Attack power +280, power +90, agility +90
Special attribute: All things in the world turn to ashes – sword attack has additional fire damage (Evolution’s condition isn’t met)
Special attributes: Getsuga Tensho – Can release an arc-shaped red energy attack. 
Energy: 13/210
After practicing Haki and defeating Lucci, Roja’s soul sword upgraded two times, He wasn’t that far from reaching the fourth stage already.
“It seems I need to wait after the exam to upgrade it again!”
Roja estimated that there are three other days until the third stage of the exam. He will soon upgrade his soul sword to the Fourth stage.
“I already should have top physical strength. Also, I can use Haki and Tobu Zangeki.”
“Coupled with the flames and Getsuga Tensho …”
Roja eyes flashed, and his face showed a smile and said: ” I should have any problems in the third stage of the exam.”
If Roja were to face the top people of the headquarters it would be better experienced and also his soul sword will upgrade easily after the fight.
Roja was hoping to fight some Vice admirals in the third stage
Three days later.
In the Marine headquarter “Marineford,” There were many huge places. The biggest was the harbor which was enough to accommodate a battle of hundred thousand people.
Secondly is the fortress.
On the first floor, there were two squares one for the ordinary camp. The other is built like a ring.
In the ring, two people were fighting.
Suddenly a figure flew out of the ring.
“Smoker, The sixth win. You pass.”
Looking at this scene, Yamakaji announced.
The one standing in the ring was Smoker who just win his sixth battle so he can be considered as passed the test.
Of course, if he wants better result he needs to continue.
Smoker chose to stay and fight the seventh battle.
In front of him were six enemies there strength was between Lieutenant Commander and Captain.
Starting from the seventh battle, the difficulty began to increase.
Here, the third stage of the exam was being held.
Many were present in the audience. Like Kisaru, Aokiji, Akainu, Z, and Garp …
Even Sengoku was here.
The situation in the new world isn’t something they can interfere in as they want. So they could only monitor the four emperors for now.
Because of this, all the high ranks in the Marine were busy.
Still, in this Graduation exam, the third stage for the first time had so many high ranks from the Marine.
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