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Chapter 80 : You can only do this.

Chapter 80: You can only do this.


“Teacher Z seems to have taught a good student … And also you are from Mr.Garp’s family.”
Strawberry looked at Roja curiously as he talked with a friendly tone.
Roja nodded and smiled friendly at him.
Strawberry seems to be one of Z’s student. So Roja was equivalent to his Kohai (Tl: He said Brother here, but I think Kohai would be better no ? this is one piece world and all.). Most high-ranking Officers were taught by Z anyway.
“You’re better than me … But in this Exam, I won’t go easy so be prepared.”
Strawberry smiled and said to Roja while pulling his sword.
Roja’s expression was calm as he nodded gently.
“It’s good then.”
Strawberry Saw Roja was getting ready, So he no longer talked. He held his two swords after that he used hardening on them which made them turn black. They were shining under the sun.
Strawberry waved his swords at Roja.
Wouch! Wouch!
Two blue sword energies suddenly flew toward Roja.
When using a single sword, the strike produced would be stronger than that of when using double swords. But the one created by Strawberry was impressively sharp.
In the face of those two strikes, Roja put the Busoshoku on his sword and used hardening. Then he waved.
A silver-white Sword energy flew out. The two strike of Strawberry and that one strike Roja crashed against each other.
Roja’s attack was stronger than the other strikes. And when they collided, they made an explosive sound and then collapsed.
Strawberry praised Roja. He was facing someone so young yet was so accomplished in his swordsmanship.
Praises aside, Strawberry still won’t go easy.
In the next moment, Strawberry rushed toward Roja. Roja used Soru and have gone behind Strawberry.
The two swords collided with Roja’s sword while the two figures stayed still. Sparks flew as the wind was disturbed.
Ding! Ding!
When the close combat started, there was no time to stop.
Strawberry and Roja continued to stagger. Roja was flexible when using his strength, Speed, swordsmanship, and Haki. While Strawberry used his twin swords, which turned into a well-matched fight.
Smoker and the others looking at this scene made them go numb.
This time Roja’s strength was in full view. Even if he didn’t use his flames, he still could be well matched against a rear admiral.
“His Power, Speed, Haki, and Swordsmanship reached this kind of level? Even Strawberry couldn’t beat him. He is a monster.”
Kisaru looked at the field. Although his voice still held that joking tone, in the depth of his word you could find how shocked he was.
Strawberry was someone under Kisaru. So Kisaru was clear about Strawberry’s strength.
Just now Roja fought against Strawberry, and their strength could be judged as the same. In other words that last exchange was a tie. And that made Kisaru look at the field in awe.
Because Kisaru knew that Roja still had that flame ability which he didn’t use yet.
That flame power was a threat to even Strawberry. Even if it wasn’t, it could change the balance in this fight.
(Tl: Well he still got Getsuga Tensho *sigh* Strawberry is f*cked.)
So you can say …
The ninth level opponent was unable to stop Roja.
Not only Kisaru, the others beside him also though the same thing.
Watching the fight Z revealed a slight smile.
This is his current best student, Roja!
Garp’s eyes were showing his pride. It’s like they’re saying “This is My nephew, Monkey.D.Roja!”
(Tl: Well old man your family had enough monsters for you to be proud already.)
At the field.
Roja and Strawberry battle was fierce. Strawberry strength and Roja’s are almost the same. Swordsmanship and Haki, Strawberry had the advantage over Roja. But regarding speed, Roja was faster.
When Roja upgraded his soul sword, A basic agility attribute was added coupled with Roja’s normal speed with Soru, Roja’s speed was comparable to a vice admiral.
This was a very intense battle.
Roja and Strawberry were flashing continuously on the field. Even though the ground was made from special stone, Cracks still appeared on the surface due to the energy attacks from them.
As the fight was getting longer, Strawberry was gaining the upper hand. Even when he was slower than Roja he used his advantage in Haki and strength to dominate the fight.
“You’re faster than me but unfortunately, my Haki and swordsmanship are stronger than yours. You can only do this …”
Strawberry looked at Roja and could only sigh. Roja was more excellent than he had thought.
Originally when he was selected as the opponent in the ninth level, He didn’t think that would get the opportunity to appear. But he didn’t expect that Roja would have such outstanding strength.
But now it seems that Roja is a little worse than The current three admirals.
(Tl : Keep on dreaming.)
“It seems it’s difficult for him to pass the ninth level…”
“His swordsmanship and Haki are very strong, but he won’t be able to defeat Strawberry .”
“The admirals directly passed the ninth level. But reluctantly Roja won’t be able to pass.”
The audience from the headquarters began talking about the fight.
But almost when they thought that the match was about to end, Roja sword suddenly started to emit strange power, while Roja’s eyes were flashing.
“With this kind of power if I don’t use the soul sword ability then I might not be able to win. That being the case then …”
Roja murmured in his heart. He held his sword and looked toward Strawberry while smiling.
“Be careful.”
From Roja’s sword, hot flames started to come out.
Sword Flow, Torch!
Hearing Roja telling him to be careful, Strawberry didn’t understand his meaning. But when he saw the hot flames coming from all directions, Strawberry was shocked.
He didn’t know that Roja had a flame devil fruit. Which caught him a bit by surprise.
In front of Roja’s flames, Strawberry didn’t have time to avoid. The flames range was too big.
The flames swept in all directions, and the horrible heat waves swept to the audience while the flames swallowed Strawberry.


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