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Chapter 79 : Beginning!

Chapter 79: Beginning!

“Let’s start.”
Roja looked at the SBAK with a trace of interest showing on his face.
The Body of the SBAK was massive. It seemed like a boss character from a Game.
“The eight-level, Start!”
With Yamakaji’s command, The four marines suppressing the SBAK released him and jumped on the side.
When he hasn’t contained anymore, The SBAK hit his chest a few times while Roaring to the sky.
The sound was deafening.
But the people present here weren’t ordinary people, So a SBAK Roar didn’t have much effect.
Facing this Roar, Roja took the opportunity to attack first.
He didn’t rush at the SBAK but only waved his sword and used Tobu zangeki.
A silver-White Sword energy suddenly projected toward the SBAK.
The SBAK Roared, Apparently, it is too late to escape. But it reacted fast and used it’s hand to block his attack.
The Attack hit the thick arms of the SBAK and made a metal collision sound. The Sword energy didn’t break the ape’s defense.
Although Roja didn’t use Busoshoku hardening, he still used the full power when he swung the sword.
“SBAK … It seems that was my Eighth level opponent.”
in the audience Aokiji looking at the SBAK while scratching his hair, he was nostalgic.
“Then you froze it into a lump of ice.”
Kisaru seems to remember still what happened. He looked at Aokiji then turned to the field with a look of interest and said: “So, How will he deal with it ?”
After being attacked the SBAK glared at Roja. It was ready to tear Roja apart.
It was caught and kept by those hateful Marines who made it angry and mad.
Roja who provoked it will face all that anger now.
SBAK rushed with an incredible speed almost instantly, and it appeared in front of Roja. Using its fist like a hummer on Roja and if they were to hit, then Roja will turn into a meat patty.
Moon Walk!
To avoid the SBAK strike Roja jumped in the air and used Moon Walk and stayed thirty-two foot up above. Then he turned toward the SBAK and began to swing fiercely.
In the eyes of the SBAk Roja was like an ant. SO those small attack won’t do anything to it. It used those thick hand to strike Roja who was in the air.
But this Time Roja didn’t use only Tobu zangetsu, but he also used Haki.
The SBAK Attack collided with Roja’s swing. Of course, Roja was sent backward for some distance. But the palm of The Ape had a cut, and the bones were visible.
Even if its skin was harder than steel, It’s impossible for it to resist Roja’s swing.
“It seems that when I use Haki, I will easily break its defense…”
Roja was stepping on the air. “I don’t know If the Ape Luffy encountered after the two years is stronger than this one or not.”
Roja couldn’t think of an exact answer to this question unless he sees that Great Ape king for himself.
The SBAK was in pain. It seems that it got even angrier than before. It even leaped toward Roja. I wanted to tear him apart no matter what.
However, Roja didn’t want to continue an waste his time and energy by playing with it.
Wouch! Wouch!
While still in the air Roja swung his sword toward the SBAK a few times.
After that, The SBAK fell back while there was a visible trace of blood on its body and face.
The Big and Huge body of the SBAK crushed down to the floor, and Roja put back his sword into its scabbard.
Looking at the huge Shadow of the SBAK made Smoker, and the others shocked again by Roja’s power.
They all knew that Roja was strong, but they didn’t know how strong he was. And in the face of this SBAK, they finally knew that Roja was still holding back.
Two strikes from Roja defeated Even such a powerful monster.
Other than the three admirals, Sengoku, Garp And the other high ranks who were not surprised. Shock silenced all the other Marines present.
“The eighth Level, Pass.”
A long time passed, and finally, Yamakaji announced the result while some Marines came to retrieve the SBAK body and clean the blood of the field.
The eighth level ended … Now time for the ninth level.
Only the three current Admirals were able to reach and pass this level. And if Roja was to pass this level, he will be the same as the admirals.
Roja defeated the SBAK without his flames and Getsuga Tensho. But using Moonwalk was energy consuming. Even so, Roja wasn’t out of breath.
After ten minutes of rest.
Yamakaji looked at Roja and said: “Will go to the next level.”
After that, his expression turned serious as he declared.
“The ninth Level, Your Opponent is … The rear admiral, Strawberry.”
After Declaring this,  A man was walking to the field while in his waist a sword was hanging.
Ninth level, Rear-admiral Strawberry.
Strawberry now was only a rear admiral, but a decade later he will be a vice admiral.
Many of the original story strong Marine individuals are now still lieutenant or below. After all there still some time to reach the original story timeline, about eleven ten years.
Strawberry may be a rear admiral, but he is still very powerful.


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