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Chapter 82: [Title at the end]

Momonga is also a student of Z.
At the same time, Roja was a student of Z, and he is also Garp’s nephew. So Momonga had a very good impression of Roja. At least when he saw his performance, he was surprised several times.
But like strawberry, Momonga won’t go easy on Roja.
If he was to go easy on him, Maybe Roja will surpass the three admirals and pass the Tenth Level, but that wouldn’t be fair. Even Roja himself won’t approve of such a thing.
“Be careful.”
After Yamakaji announced the beginning of the fight, Momonga put his hand on the hilt of his sword and said to Roja.
The next moment Momonga drew his sword.
“Ittoryu, Iai”
(Tl: one sword art, Quickdraw … Or something like that.)
This move could be called a sword skill. And a very powerful one at that. This move will be different depending on the user.
Momonga’s sword moved with an extremely fast speed. The sword emitted a strong suffocating green aura suddenly.
A coldness could be felt from the green light that was produced by the Sword. And suddenly a sword energy projected toward Roja. That strike seemed to be able to cut anything in its way.
Momonga was the strongest opponent Roja faced until now.
At the face of such force, Roja’s battle spirit was ignited and was set on facing that strike head-on.
“Ittoryu, Iai”
Roja used the same move that Momonga used just now. Which was a basic move that most swordsman with average skill could use. But Roja was very skilled in using it.
Two strikes collided and exploded while making two deep cracks on the ground.
Momonga’s used a single sword, His power, Haki and swordsmanship was above strawberry.
This sword strike was stronger than Strawberry’s two-handed attack.
Roja’s strike was weaker then Momonga’s as the latter’s strike continued to move towards Roja then dissipated.
“Very strong.”
This strike left a deep impression on Roja. He took a deep breath, and his whole person changed. He seemed to enter battle mode.
Roja’s counter-attack starts as he swings his sword and sword energy came out at the same time. The energy was coated with flames which made Roja seem like a fire lord.
Momonga’s face was calm as he swung his sword.
The flames and the energy were divided in two from the middle. Following that, Momonga used Soru and rushed toward Roja.
“Your strength is amazing. But unfortunately, this is the end, Sorry.”
Momonga’s eyes revealed a little regret. Roja’s flame ability is powerful, But only in a prolonged fight.
He already thought about this, so he chose to end the fight quickly.
And now Roja seemed unable to receive his strike.
Under the watchful gazes of all the audience, Momonga was about to end the fight. Some people thought that this was best for Roja. A winning streak may be good, but a setback would give him more experience.
“This Momonga is so much stronger than strawberry … His swing is much stronger than Roja’s.”
“Roja’s flame is powerful. But in this case, If the flames were unable to withstand Momonga’s strikes and be divided all the time, They won’t have any effect on the fight.”
Everyone looked at the confrontation between Roja and Momonga. Many looked at Roja with regret, but also they didn’t feel much surprised.
This is probably the end. Whether it’s physical strength, speed, swordsmanship or Haki, they all were below Momonga. Even so with this kind of ability, Roja can cope with pretty much any situation that he had to face.
If Roja was to practice for a few years. upgrade his swordsmanship and Haki, Then Momonga won’t be his opponent anymore.
It seems that the third stage of the exam, tenth level won’t be passed. After all, no one could do it. And whether an existence that could pass that level will appear in the future or not, then that is hard to tell.
However, when everyone thought that the match was over, the shock overwhelmed them.
At the field, Momonga who rushed toward Roja to end the fight was faced with a sudden swing from Roja.
“Getsuga … Tenshoooooo!!” (Tl: Sorry too excited :p)
Roja didn’t use Getsuga tensho until now. And faced with such a strong opponent he didn’t have a choice but to use it or he would really be defeated this easily.
Air started to ripple. The sword still didn’t finish the full swing, But the pressure from the strike overwhelmed Momonga whose face changed.
“What is this power!”
Momonga was stunned. He already judged Roja’s level before, but this strike was so much stronger than the previous ones.
Because he was the one who initiates the attack, it was hard for him to avoid this strike. So in the face of Roja’s Getsuga Tensho, his only choice was to face it head-on.
Even if was to use his full strength coupled with Haki, He wasn’t sure if he could face that strike.
The earth cracked, and deep gully was made. Under that strike, Momonga was sent flying over ten steps. Under him the ground was broken while he tried to stop, showing how powerful that strike was.
The situation was completely reversed!
Before, Roja couldn’t face Momonga’s strike. But now, Not only did Momonga fail to face Roja’s strike he even was sent flying.
Even if Roja’s strength was improved by two-time, Momonga had the confidence to face it. But Getsuga Tensho gave Roja three times more power than he generally used.

Chapter 82: Reversal!


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