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Chapter 83:[Title at the end]

Seeing this unexpected, almost impossible change, everyone was stunned.
“What happened ?”
“His Haki is the same, but the power is suddenly greater … That swing had at least double the strength of the previous ones. This simply a Joke!”
The shock didn’t stop at those Marine officers, Even Aokiji, Kisaru and those beside them couldn’t hide their shock.
“Why didn’t we see this power before ?”
“Did he use some trick ?”
At the field, Momonga used all his power to block Roja’s strike only to be sent flying back ten steps.
His hands turned numb from the power of that strike.
“You …”
Momonga looked at Roja with shock as he didn’t expect Roja to still hide this much power.
In the next moment, Roja attacked again. With a swing of his sword, Flames that were much stronger than before flew toward Momonga.
The flames were a dozen of meters high. The sky was dyed red!
“Not good.”
Momonga’s heart shook. He now didn’t know if Roja could use that strike continuously or not and also didn’t know what kind of power it was.
But it was clear that the situation was completely reversed.
Faced with those monstrous flames, Momonga could only use wind pressure to forcefully cut the flames in half.
But at the moment he was about to swing his sword, a White silver sword energy was flying toward him.
It wasn’t Getsuga Tensho, But only an ordinary strike. But Momonga looked at that strike he became frightened. As he didn’t know if this was that strike or a normal one.
When he tried to block the strike, another one comes flying. and wherever he went a sword energy strike will follow. The ground was already full of cracks.
Momonga didn’t hesitate in the slightest, He directly dodged.
The strikes were going down on the field like there is no tomorrow. Which made the field into a mess. suddenly One strike was dodged by Momonga then rushed toward the audience.
“This brat …”
Garp shook his head helplessly when he saw this. But no one saw the pride his eyes held when looking at Roja.
Garp jumped to the front of the audience; His fist was covered with hardening Haki as he blasted that strike which was Getsuga Ttensho. 
(Tl: Ok Garp *sigh* I know you’re super strong. This made me feel like Roja was playing around or something.)
Suddenly the ground was filled with more cracks. Like a spider web, the cracks kept on spreading in all directions.
“Garp !! WTF!” (Tl: That WTF is from me … really that’s the best term in that place :p.)
Sengoku stared at Garp. All the destruction that was caused by Roja and Momonga was like nothing. The damage caused by Garp’s single punch exceeded all that. His punch was as if a bomb just fell here.
“Ha ha ha.”
Garp didn’t care about the damage caused by his punch as laughed while looking at the field.
Roja and Momonga’s fight continued.
Momonga didn’t know when Roja would release his Getsuga Tensho. So he didn’t dare to easily block Roja’s strikes. But while he didn’t rush to attack Roja’s flames began to take effect.
Even if he can use Busoshoku Hardening it’s impossible to get out unscathed from the fire.
Under the heat of those flames, Momonga was burned, and many bruises appeared on his body. It seems that Roja completely suppressed him.
If he attacks, Roja would use Getsuga Tensho.
And if he defended, He won’t be able to bear the heat of the flames. And if Roja used his Getsuga Tensho while Momonga was trying to defend against the flames, Then he is done for.
Although Momonga could see that Roja’s sword strikes were getting weaker. But even so he was being burned by the flames, and no matter how much his power declined, if Roja used Getsuga Tensho it will be hard to defend.
As the fight continued, The outcome becomes evident.
Roja’s swordplay was weaker, but he is still strong with the flame and that weird strike. So if he just ignores his exhaustion, Then he will win no matter what kind of fight it was.
Momentum is a strong thing. If someone held that power then no doubt he would win. And now Roja was in full control over it.
Roja’s momentum was getting stronger by the time. On the other hand, Momonga’s momentum was getting weaker and weaker.
Boom! Boom! Boom!
Sword energy constantly flew toward Momonga.
The battlefield Changed completely from before the fight. Smoker and the other has long retreated. They were very shocked. Roja’s power now was incomparable to theirs. If they were to face Roja now they would be like ants. The gap between them kept on getting bigger.
Looking at the sword energy that was wrapped by flames. They felt their hearts turn cold. Because for them, even an ordinary energy strike is enough to split them in two. They simply won’t be able to withstand such power.
Now, Garp, Sengoku, and the others jumped from their seats so that they can stop the energy attack that came toward the audience. This just shows how powerful Roja was now.
They only know that Even Momonga, A vice admiral, Couldn’t withstand Roja’s strikes.
Garp and the others didn’t have any difficulty to block those attacks.
The field now looked like a war site.
Monstrous flames swept in all directions, and the two inside could not be seen.
At last, the whistling of the sword fight is not heard anymore. And suddenly Momonga’s figure was out of the flames while he didn’t hold his sword anymore. He was sent flying out of the flames.
And step by step Roja came out of the flames. He was like a Fire Lord who controlled all flames.
In addition to the sound of the flames that kept on burning, there was nothing.
Only silence.
Despite the fight taking this long, Roja didn’t seem in a sorry state. But the outcome of the battle is already very clear.
Momonga Could continue, but this isn’t a fight to the death. Even if was serious in the fight he wouldn’t continue to the death as he … Couldn’t defeat Roja anyway.
“I lost.”
In this silence, Momonga smiled and threw the towel.
He believed that Roja’s strength was stronger than his and even if he was to risk everything he won’t be Roja’s opponent.
Roja was only a recruit who applied for graduation.
Looking at his appearance, Roja age was 20 up and down. So young but still had power comparable to a Marine, vice admiral. Such talent is simply incredible.
Even if Aokiji, Kisaru, and Akainu had just graduated, they wouldn’t reach this level of strength.

Chapter 83: Momonga’s defeat


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