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Chapter 9: A Small Test

Chapter 9: A Small Test


In the dense forest.

Roja moved forward while carrying His sword.

This Island is quite small if we look at all the archipelago but still it was as big as the camp.

Except for the beginning, Roja didn’t encounter any of the recruits after going into the forest.

Roja tried to find the monitoring devices. But he didn’t find any video den den mushi . Maybe they used other equipment.

“This archipelago could be man-made. I think this place is specially made for this examination. ”

Roja walked through the forest and found artificial traces. it seems that this forest was moved here.

So this means That the creature in this island was specially selected for the examination.

Roja arrived at a silent place.

Dead silence.

Suddenly a pair of eyes appeared behind Roja. This is a creature got two huge fangs. It was a giant wild boar.


The next moment the wild boar that was staring with blood-red eyes at Roja suddenly rushed in his direction. It seemed like Roja would be pierced.

But the next moment Roja leaped and kicked the boar’s head . it was like Roja grew a pair of eyes behind his back.


The original powerful red boar under the pressure of Roja’s kick suddenly collapsed and couldn’t resist the huge power behind the kick. Roja was shocked and stepped back a little.

This wild boar did not think that the thin an frail creature in front of him had so much power.

While Looking between his leg and the boar in shock. Roja’s mouth slightly smiled.

“My first prey come to me by itself. My luck is not bad and I even used my legs while I practice using my hand essentially.”

The boar roared.

The giant wild boar wasn’t dead after Roja’s kick but it still was shocked. it didn’t have any idea for retreat. it shook it’s head and then once again rushed at Roja.

This time Roja also moved toward the boar while holding his Honoo no Tsuki hilt and suddenly he drew it.

This is the most basic sword draw That Roja practiced countless times. The sword was a red line flashed suddenly.


The next moment the Honoo no Tsuki was back in the scabbard . and in front of Roja, the wild boar stood still.


A bloody line appeared between the boar’s eyebrows and blood splashed out, the boar was cut in two and each half fell to different sides.

In its eyes, you could see it’s panic even while dying it couldn’t understand how.

“Worthy of being one of the 21 O wazamono swords.”

While looking at the boar that was halved by his sword he was surprised a little, he looked at the Honoo no Tsuki and smiled.

This is the first time he used it in cutting a living creature.

He didn’t think he could split it with just one swing of his sword.

He didn’t even expect that he has so much power.

“Monkey.D.Roja, Killed level 3 monster: The giant wild boar.”

The monster on the island was classified by five levels. the strongest being level 5 , and a monster of the fifth level would be stronger than the elite recruits, maybe even stronger than the vice admirals.

Each level has a different score.

The highest level giving 5 points.

While looking at the screen, Z could see the whole process of Roja cutting the boar with a single sword strike.

“His power is good. Maybe better than most of the camp recruits. It seems this month he really becomes a lot stronger and another thing … Isn’t that sword one of the O wazamono swords, Garp ?”

Z looked at Garp by his side. Even if those weren’t the best but they were extremely good and rare So having this kind of sword wasn’t that easy. Garp understood his meaning.

“Ha Ha Ha, Roja that kid prefer using swords, So …”

Garp trained Roja for a month so seeing him killing a level 3 monster by slitting it with a single strike made him feel satisfied.

Z shook his head and said ” His swordplay is too rough, he will only use arm strength without techniques. Relying on Honoo no Tsuki won’t be useful against stronger monsters as its difficult to break the defenses of such monsters. So I am afraid he will encounter a bitter fight.”

Although Roja’s performance was good, Z was used to talented people and even taught the three current admirals himself. So his evaluation was accurate.

as they finished talking his face changed.

At the same time, Garp’s face also changed.

“Not good!”


across the screen, they could hear a shocking roar.

They saw on the screen that Just as Roja killed the giant wild boar there seem a giant shadow double the size of boar appeared before him.

This shadow was big. It was one of a few monsters this big in the island.

a Brownback ape !!

Z and Garp weren’t concerned before because it was a level 3 monster But the ape was a level 5 monster so they noticed faster than anyone.

if it was Garp or Z they could win with one finger but … for the recruit of the ordinary camp, it is the most difficult to deal with one alone.

a level 1 Monster. Even if one of the elite recruits were to encounter a normal he wouldn’t necessarily win not to mention the toughest Brown back ape.

Z and Garp were in a brief silence.

“With his strength, a level 4 monster is his limit and fighting a level five and a brown back ape at that would be…”

Z looked at the screen and stopped talking but his meaning is evident.

As for sending rescue or not Roja was after all Garp’s nephew so Garp taking the decision will be better.

At this time Garp watching the screen without a word and was really tense.

The ape is extremely flexible and moves really fast so escape is probably impossible, if he encountered any other level 5 monster he could escape with the result of his month of training without any injuries.

But this is the agilest creature in the entire island.

Why is his luck so bad.

Garp looking at the screen with the Brown ape in it gritted his teeth and decided to wait a minute if he rushed from here to Roja’s location he would probably reach there instantaneously.

If Roja couldn’t do a thing Garp will rush there with his fastest speed.