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Chapter 94:[Title at the end]

On the other side, The Gecko pirates felt very strange. They prepared themselves to get bombarded, but the attacks didn’t seem to come at all.
“Captain, the enemy warship has no sign of firing. Do we start the fire ?”
“Let’s first see what will they do.”
Gecko pirate’s captain was suspicious. He frowned while his heart felt was uneasy But he still didn’t know where that feeling was coming from.
The warship still didn’t start attacking, the same thing for the pirate ship. It was a very strange situation.
When the people on the warship saw that the pirates didn’t fire at them, the three captains and the others couldn’t breathe at all. The distance was short but it felt like they need more than a year to reach them.
Even when they participated in other Marine wars they weren’t this nervous.
“Were lucky, the enemy didn’t start the fire too …”
a Captain wiped his forehead which was full of cold sweat. Looking at the distance between the two ships was getting closer and closer, he took a deep breath. He looked at Roja’s back then at another captain.
At this time they won’t listen to Roja’s orders anymore. They will rush to the pirate ship, and attack directly.
“Not firing ?”
Roja had his hand on his sword and was ready to defend against any cannonball coming toward them.
But the other side for some reason didn’t fire at them too. Roja chuckled in his heart, What were they trying to do.
The problem is, For him firing or not won’t make any difference.
Two hundred meters …
One hundred and fifty meters …
One hundred meters …
The distance between them was getting closer and closer.
The atmosphere was becoming tenser. It’s like the calm before the storm.
After seeing the two ship getting close to each other, the captains behind Roja were getting depressed. They couldn’t help but directly talk with Roja.
“Mr. Roja, we …”
He decided that if Roja was still indifferent, Then he will take command from there. he couldn’t watch Roja give them a stupid command and get them all annihilated.
However, Roja didn’t answer him but looked at the pirate ship deeply then said something that made the captain stunned.
“Almost there.”
“What … is almost there ?”
The other two captains looked at each other when they heard Roja’s gentle voice. They couldn’t help but ask.
“The distance.”
Roja answered faintly, then glanced at the captain and said: “Do a good job at cleaning the mess.”
Clean the mess?
What mess?
The three captains looked at each other with a surprised expression.
And in the next moment, Roja who was standing before them suddenly moved.
And after a second, Roja directly was walking on the air.
“Is this Moon Walk ?”
“What does Mr. Roja want to do ?”
Seeing this the three captains heart jumped.
At the same time, Gecko pirates found that Roja was walking on air above them.
They were stunned.
“That Marine is flying in the sky ?!”
“What does he want to do ?”
The Gecko pirates, including their captain, couldn’t react.
just the next moment, Roja took out his sword while his eyes changed. The sword rose through the air and then came down toward the pirate ship.
I have a sword and could cut anything.
“Getsuga … Tensho!”
The next instant, Whether was it the Marine on the warship, or the pirate on their ship, All of them were shocked senseless. That scene will not be forgotten for the rest of their lives.
A Dazzling red Sword energy (Tl: Which is better sword energy or JianQi), like a crescent moon, From the sky, came down toward the pirate ship.
Silence, on the large ship, a deep crack appeared suddenly and then the ship was cut in two halves.
just one sword!
Gecko pirate’s ship impressively was cut in half from the middle.
After being cut into two halves, the ship began to sink.
The pirates couldn’t react at all. They could only stare at the crack before them in dismay.
All of them couldn’t believe what has just happened!
Their boat was cut in halves  … with one sword strike.
This is just too incredible. if it wasn’t in front of them they wouldn’t have believed it.
They were confident in defeating the Marines from the first base. They still didn’t enter the Grandline, Why is there someone this powerful here?
This was like the difference between the heaven and earth.
They finally understood why the warship didn’t fire at them. If they had such a strong person why would they need Cannonballs?
On the other side, In the warship, Almost all people that were present were shocked speechless. They could only stare at the scene before them.
Even for the three captain, this was the first time for them to witness a ship getting cut by one sword strike.
So Roja was … this strong.
They were Marine captains. Their position isn’t low, But they were the only captain in the west blue. They weren’t captains from the Grandline, So their strength wasn’t much.
it’s a first for them to witness the extent of power that Roja just used.
A sword was used to cut a large ship.
There was no one from the bases capable of doing this. only headquarter Officers could have such ability.
In the West blue, the highest ranked Marine is the rear admiral. Which will be a leader of a base or a vice leader. They do have the same name but they were incomparable to those from the headquarter. For the rear admirals here. getting this kind of strength in their entire lives is impossible.

Chapter 94: One sword strike, ship sinks


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