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G.O.S.S Chapter 238: Gura Gura No Mi Vs Ryujin Jakka

In the Headquarters, Sengoku was in his office watching some pictures, the one in the picture was Edward Weevil.
“Even after half a month, I still didn’t found anything, where did this guy come from?”
Even the Marine intelligence wouldn’t be able to find information about an ordinary person, but a strong one will be found no matter what unless it was his first time on the sea.
The information found was vague, no one could tell if it was true or not.
“If I can’t find anything, it isn’t a problem since he died anyway… Speaking of which, were did Roja go for so long?”
After saying this, Sengoku eyes opened widely, he suddenly thought about something.
Aokiji  was sitting in the sofa inside Sengoku’s office, When he heard those words, he looked up and said: “Arara, I feel a little weird about this, he seems to have gone alone again…”
Speaking to here, Aokiji’s voice suddenly stopped. Sengoku’s actions suddenly stopped as well. The tow looked at each other suddenly and thought about the same thing.
No way!!
Marine headquarters, elite camp, Z was reprimanding the recruits while they were practicing.
“You, Don’t use that much power, that kind of footwork is useless… And you, you’re hitting too softly, are you trying to tickle your enemy to death?!”
Z wasn’t satisfied with any of them.
He hardly found someone satisfying, other than Roja, there was no one else.
And comparing Roja with them is a bit too much. The gap was too huge for comparison.
After rebuking the new recruits, Z also seemed to want to tell himself that they weren’t doing too poorly, it’s just that Roja did too good.
Z returned to his office and poured himself a cup of tea, he didn’t drink it, instead, he looked at the tea and his thought drifted toward the sea.
“Half a month… He should’ve already arrived…”
Roja went to Whitebeard, In the Headquarters, other than Z, no one else knew, He didn’t tell anyone because he believed in Roja’s strength.
But defeating him won’t be easy after all Whitebeard dominated the sea for decades now and his powers should be really terrible.
 Z couldn’t come to any conclusion about this fight between Roja and Whitebeard. He could only wait for the results.
In the new world, The sea water was raging, Half of the island was burning with golden red flames, everything was evaporating or turning to ashes.
Marco and Jozu were looking from afar.
They didn’t even try to go help Whitebeard.
Because they all believed that he won’t lose, he was the strongest.
Suddenly and earth shaking sound was heard from above the island, There seemed to be a black thunderbolt slamming down as a terrible atmosphere swept through the sky.
The Haki made the air in the island distorted.
“Is the sky being cracked?”
“It’s not Oyaji’s ability… It’s Haoshoku Haki!”
“Does this guy really have the Haoshoku? And it’s so powerful that it seems stronger than Akagami’s…”
Looking at the powerful Haki that was being released from the center of the island, Marco and the other captains were shocked. They began feeling a little bit nervous.
At this moment, Roja’s Sen Maboroshi moved toward Whitebeard’s Bisento while flames coiled around it.
Whitebeard’s Bisento couldn’t even handle the Gura Gura no Mi’s power, and with this kind of heat, it couldn’t take anymore as it finally starting burned down.
Whitebeard faced Roja’s flames without fear. He looked sharp as he said:
“Such exaggerated heat…”
The Gura Fura no Mi and the Ryujin Jakka were constantly colliding, which resulted in the land being destroyed time after time.
Sweat overflowed over Whitebeard’s body due to the heat.
Roja stood in front of Whitebeard, he was carrying his sword while resisting Whitebeard’s attacks.
Although he simulated this fight in his mind, he could only now his powers by truly matching up against him, only like this can he know what it means to have the power to destroy the world.
His sword still collided with Whitebeard’s Bisento several times, and the power of shock passed through Roja’s arm made him somewhat numb. This was the result because Sen Maboroshi could resist some of the shock’s power.
The flame that burns everything.
The shock that breaks everything.
Both are the extreme of each power, and it’s hard to know which is stronger theoretically, only by facing each other would they discover who is stronger.
Despite Whitebeard’s shock reaching Roja’s arm, which made Roja uncomfortable, it didn’t mean that he will lose.
If Whitebeard was too weak, won’t this be too boring?!
Fight! Fight! Fight!
Roja looked at Whitebeard in front of him, on his face, a heart-wrenching smile was drawn, a smile full of thirst for a fight.
“Exaggerated? This is just warm up!”
The next moment, Roja withdrew his sword and lifted it up.
“Ennetsu Jigoku!!!”
With Roja’s guidance, numerous pillars rose from every direction. The island was getting warmer and warmer.
Not only did the pillars of fire rose around them, There were flames everywhere as they swallowed Whitebeard.
“That was just warming up? Wow, you are really like a ghost.”
In that flame, The Whitebeard didn’t mind the heat, he sounded arrogant as he squatted down.
Suddenly under Whitebeard, space seemed to crack, He flames under him stopped as it couldn’t get out anymore.
Roja faced Whitebeard, after a cold bang, he held his sword with one hand as numerous pillars expanded toward the center where Whitebeard was!
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