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G.O.S.S Chapter 237: Who is the strongest!

Roja bathed inside the Golden red flames while walking toward the Whitebeard in the distance.
The captains were gritting their teeth while trying to stop Roja.
But at this time, The Whitebeard who was sitting suddenly spoke.
“You all just retreat and let him come.”
When all of them heard this, they were unwilling. But they had to give up the idea of stopping Roja.
Under the watchful eyes of the captains, Roja walked out of the flames, Sen Maboroshi disappeared and the flames subsided.
Roja walked toward Whitebeard, the latter stared at Roja then suddenly laughed: “Garp, You finally have a successor.”
“Whitebeard, Do you want me to talk to you as a senior?”
Roja calmly looked at Whitebeard. In fact, he wasn’t calm at all.
Even though Roja was standing at the top already, in front of him was the strongest man. Roja couldn’t calm his beating heart.
From the day he came here, he dreamed of the time he would stand in front of the Whitebeard and more.
Whitebeard grinned: “You little Brat…”
“I won’t say much, I just wanted to ask you a question. What does this guy have to do with you?”
Roja took a deep breath and took out a photo and put it in front of the Whitebeard.
On the photo was Edward Weevil’s head.
Whitebeard took the photo. His eyes flashed as he took the picture and rubbed it a few times.
After rubbing it a few times, he threw it back at Roja.
Before it reached him, it directly burned to ashes.
“You brat, Who do you think you are? Not only are you not showing any respect but you also want to question me… It’s ten years too early for you!”
While saying those words, Whitebeard’s Haoshoku shot to the skies. Even the sky above darkened.
This terrible Force caused Marco and the other Captains to be drenched in cold sweat.
For a long time, they didn’t see Whitebeard this angry, even against Kaido who provoked him, Whitebeard wasn’t as angry.
Roja asking Whitebeard was a huge provocation, Roja was a Marine and Whitebeard was a pirate, So whatever question Roja would ask, Whitebeard wouldn’t answer.
This attitude was within Roja’s expectations.
In fact, before coming here, Roja new that it was impossible to obtain an answer to his question, whether he was polite or not he won’t get the answer.
The only difference is that Whitebeard will be angry if Roja asked impolitely.
But, Will Roja fear the Whitebeard?
“Roger died in the East Blue, Shiki died in my hands… You’re the only legend remaining from the three.”
Against Whitebeard’s power, Sen Maboroshi appeared in Roja’s hand as he put it in front of him and released his Haoshoku.
If Whitebeard wanted to be the pirate king, he would’ve done it long ago.
But even though he was facing the king, Roja wasn’t fearful in the slightest. He was rather passionate as a sense of excitement emerged in his heart.
He is a Marine, The strongest in this world.
Whitebeard is a pirate, and also the strongest in the world.
This was the contest between “the Strongest” title holders.
“So what.”
Whitebeard took his weapon with both hands as he said: “ore wa… Shirohige da!!”
Flames Rose to the sky as if they will burn the sky as Roja rushed forward, while Whitebeard’s weapon had white halo formed at its tip, the two weapons moved toward each other.
Like a broken mirror, the air broke and formed a spider web in every direction.
“No good!”
Seeing this scene, The captains including Marco all retreated back without hesitation.
Roja’s flames moved in front of him, they stopped by the broken Air and couldn’t continue forward
At this moment, the entire island had only Roja and Whitebeard at the center. From one side were the burning flames that could sweep heaven and earth, while on the other side was the Broken air due to Whitebeard’s attack.
Ryujin Jakka Vs Gura Gura No Mi!!
On one side was the strongest Shikai, and on the other is the strongest Fruit that was said to have the ability to destroy the world.
In this collision, The entire island seemed to be bursting.
In the midst of the rumbling air, Roja found it hard to break through Whitebeard’s defenses while the latter couldn’t extinguish Roja’s flames.
The two powers stagnated for a moment!
The entire island around Roja and Whitebeard exploded
Flames whistled everywhere, the moment it touches the ground, it burns it and turn it to magma then the magma would turn to aches, then they fell into the sea and the sea started to burn.
On the other side, the earth under Whitebeard was full of cracks like a puzzle. While a huge wave was formed on the sea as it swept all directions.
Roja and whitebeard, Whitebeard, was the strongest in the previous era than and this era, While Roja will represent a new era.
The result of this confrontation was… A huge explosion!