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G.O.S.S Chapter 236: No One Can Stop Him

Under the blue sky, Roja was riding on the sea, Many saw him other than Blackbeard, they all stopped what they were doing as shock appeared all over their faces, they couldn’t help rubbing their eyes.
“That rascal…”
“Marine’s Admiral Ghost Sword Roja!”
After recognizing Roja, some members of the crew took action and held their weapons, but they didn’t dare move forward and block his path.
At this time, the captains stopped talking, they saw Roja, most of them didn’t think that he would really come here.
Roja was an admiral, and they are the Whitebeard’s pirates.
Roja coming here obviously wasn’t so he could have a drink and chat with them, he was obviously looking for trouble.
Roja didn’t attack Shanks or Kaido, yet he directly came here for the Whitebeard.
“Hey, Stop!”
Roja looked at Marco who had both hands folded over his chest, as he stood up to meet him.
At this time, Jozu came next to Marco as he did the same thing as Marco.
Now all captains took the same actions.
Only Whitebeard didn’t stand up, but his eyes flashed while he was still sitting down.
“Why are you here?”
Marco looked calmly at Roja, his eyes revealed his seriousness, although as a member of Whitebeard’s crew, he shouldn’t dear Roja, Roja who destroyed the Big mom’s pirates alone will induce fear into most people.
Roja’s coat was fluttering in the wind as his body stopped as he looked at them and said.
“I came to ask Whitebeard one thing.”
Hearing Roja’s word, Marco’s face sank as he coldly shouted: “Don’t joke around! Oyaji doesn’t have anything to talk about with you.”
Roja broke into their place, then he wanted to talk with Whitebeard.
This is completely provocative!
Not to mention Roja was a Marine, Even if he was a Yonko, those actions would also make Marco have the same reaction.
Marco stood in front of Roja, but Roja didn’t seem to care as he continued moving toward Whitebeard, he completely ignored Marco.
Marco saw this and anger began boiling in his heart, he suddenly lifted his leg and cruelly kicked Roja.
This kick suddenly turned into blue flames as it moved extremely fast toward Roja.
“Mythical Zoan fruit, Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix…”
Roja’s eyes were dull as if nothing was happening he continued forward.
The next moment, An explosion was heard, monstrous flames rose beside Roja in every direction, Then suddenly Marco was sent flying.
In that flame, Roja’s Marine uniform suddenly transformed into the Shinigami’s outfit. In his hand, Sen Maboroshi appeared with a red blade.
“You’re not qualified to stop me.”
 Roja didn’t look at Marco who was blown away into the distance.
A horrifying flame Roared as the temperature rose.
After Opening the Shikai, Countless people were horrified as their lips began to dry.
“What’s wrong with this temperature?”
“In this… The flame that turned the magma into ashes?!”
Not mentioning the ordinary pirates, even the captains felt fear looking at those flames.
Marco was rolling on the ground as the golden-red flames engulfed his blue ones.
Fortunately for him, those blue flames weren’t real flames, but they were properties of the phoenix body and had healing properties.
Marco returned in front of the crowd, he looked at Roja with fear but he still attacked.
“Stop this guy!”
“Don’t let him get close to Oyaji!”
The captains still felt fear, but they were determined, they looked at Roja and used their abilities to stop him from moving forward.
Roja was holding Sen Maboroshi in his hand, step by step, the momentum was rising, his figure was getting bigger and bigger in their eyes.
His whole body was covered in flames as if he was using a devil fruit!
“You are not qualified to stop me! All of you let me pass.”
Roja’s eyes revealed arrogance as he waved his sword.
Hot flame pillar appeared in front of the captains.
Marco and the other tried their best to show off their abilities and stop Roja from advancing any further. All kind of messy abilities were intertwined as they collided with the flame pillar.
As soon as they collided, an earth-shattering Roar sounded, the flame pillar scattered but all the captain were burnt by the flames, their Busoshoku was relatively weak, in this kind of heat, they couldn’t completely resist getting burns.
What a terrible flame!
Fear appeared on every captain’s face, although they heard many times of Roja’s power, it was the first time facing him, they finally understood the horror of facing him.
The ordinary pirates in the distance saw this scene and fear crept into their hearts.
“How can this be?!”
“Even the captains…”
As members of the Whitebeard crew, they were aware of how powerful Marco and the others were. They were really powerful, they could even stand in front of the admirals.
However, in front of Roja, One move and they all couldn’t resist.
What kind of strength is this?
In this world, other than the Whitebeard, there are people who can beat the captains?
Looking at Roja’s back, they seemed to see Whitebeard’s shadow.
Blackbeard was hiding with the rest of the Pirates when he saw Roja surrounded by flames, his heart was shocked and fear appeared all over his face.
“Worthy of being able to defeat Big mom alone… What a power, almost the same as Oyaji…”
“Unless I get that Fruit, Otherwise I simply won’t be able to resist this flame.”