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G.O.S.S Chapter 235: Blackbeard and Whitebeard

 Half a month later, at the end of the new World, Whitebeard crew were resting in a mid-sized island, Many were transporting goods to the ship.

“The world conference has ended.”


“Those guys are frustrated about the revolutionary army.”


The Whitebeard captains were laughing and chatting with each other. 


The fourth captain suddenly revealed a serious face and said: “Speaking of this… The world conference has ended; we don’t know whether that Sword Ghost guy will make a move again or not.”


Mentioning Roja, all the captains turned serious.


They almost saw Roja’s rise themselves. From being Garp’s Nephew to defeating Doflamingo…


Their attitude toward Roja was that of disdain, it changed little by little to that of fear, as Roja’s rise was too fast.


And the latest action took by him that completely instilled fear within them, Roja defeated big mom’s crew all by himself.


Although Big mom was the weakest Yonko, she wasn’t that far behind the other three.


Destroying her completely like that by himself sounded like a bad joke!


After drinking some wine, Marco took a deep breath, his face turned to that of arrogance as he said: “This guy is strong… But we’re not Big mom’s crew.”


“That’s right!”


Jozu smiled and looked at Whitebeard as he said: “Oyaji, If that guy tries anything, let’s destroy the Marine headquarters.”


All the people had the same thought, all of them laughed. As long As Whitebeard is here, then he will always remain the strongest man in the world.


No matter who it was, if they want to deal with them, then they will encounter a mountain that is impossible to cross.


That mountain is Whitebeard.


As the heavy atmosphere dissipated, all of them continued to chat and laugh.


After drinking, Whitebeard looked at Marco and the others and sighed while shaking his head: “Really a bunch of idiot sons…”


Although he would like to rebuke Marco’s words, as all of them were relying on him too much, but he couldn’t say it because he didn’t hate the feeling of being depended on.


Being believed in and trusted by his sons made Whitebeard feel happy.


Whitebeard scolded his stupid son with a grin, then looked at Marco and the others and laughed: “Yes will destroy the headquarters if they try messing with us.”


“Ha ha ha ha”


Hearing Whitebeard’s saying such words, Marco, and the others couldn’t help but laugh and be filled with joy.


No one can cross the mountain called Whitebeard, Sengoku couldn’t, Garp couldn’t, Shanks couldn’t nor will The Ghost Sword.


As they continued their chat, A fat person with some missing front teeth appeared, he was carrying some fresh water and other materials.


As he heard their words the man looked at Whitebeard and glanced at him deeply.


He was Marshall.D.Teach, the Blackbeard.


“No one can always stay at the top… Oyaji cannot as well, in fact, you know that Ghost sword is a threat to even you, even if you could win now, sooner or later you will be defeated.”


Blackbeard held the box in his hand as he moved toward the ship.


He wanted the darkness devil fruit, for so many years now, but so far, the fruit has yet to appear, will he have the opportunity to get it?


Even Whitebeard began suspecting him.


“Ghost sword Roja… If I don’t get the Darkness devil fruit, I won’t be able to defeat such a freak.”


Blackbeard lowly muffled.


It was no secret that Roja’s abilities and moves were among the top in the world.


His sword skills are scary, He has flames that are more powerful than the Magma fruit!


Those two alone, especially with the latter, had made a lot of people fear him. Just thinking about a flame that could burn magma to ashes is horrifying.


“At least, I still have some time, Oyaji should be able to win right now, Staying here is the safest place, and there is a great possibility that I can get the devil fruit here.”


Blackbeard put his anxiety back, he took a deep breath and clenched his fists, his eyes flashed with self-confidence as he chose to continue believing in himself.


Almost as he relaxed a bit, Blackbeard saw a shadow at the end of the sea.


This shadow didn’t seem like a ship, rather it seemed like a person.


“No, is it…”


Blackbeard looked at the shadow getting closer and closer. His pupil suddenly shrunk and a look of horror appeared all over his face.


The figure was coming closer and closer.


Under the blue sky, the figure moved on the sea while wearing the Admiral’s coat.


It’s Admiral… Ghost sword Roja.


“That guy really came!”


Blackbeard’s forehead was overflowing with cold sweat, he looked vigilantly at Roja and didn’t dare to move.


He didn’t want to arouse Roja’s attention.


If he was noticed, a catastrophe will befall him.


Blackbeard tried his hardest to not be noticed by Roja.


When Roja stepped out of the sea, his gaze was already fixed on the captains and … Whitebeard!


Frightened by Roja, Blackbeard didn’t dare move as he saw Roja going past him his heart was beating violently.


After Roja passed, Blackbeard breathed out in relief, His clothes were full of cold sweat, and he bit his teeth and tightly clenched his fists.


“I must get that devil fruit, The sea should belong to me… I definitively will not let you bunch of arrogant guys be at the top for long, absolutely not.”


After a while, Blackbeard calmed down.


Although no warship has come, Roja alone is scary enough.


In the eyes of many people, The destruction of Big mom’s pirates proved that Roja’s power was no less than any Yonko.


Roja was an Admiral, By coming here it was clear what he was trying to do.


But in the end, Blackbeard shook his head, His face showed confidence as he said: “Although you’re strong… But you won’t be able to defeat Oyaji as you are now.”