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G.O.S.S. Chapter 632: Chaos

Roja didn’t take any major role in this event. He just led the Kido Corps to clean the Hollows.

Suddenly, an arm appeared beside Roja’s neck, the arm was shaped like a sickle and was prepared to chop Roja’s head off.

“Be careful!”

The Kido Corps nearby were terrified of using their Kido to protect Roja, but there wasn’t enough time.

Roja didn’t attack or even use Kido. He just lifted his hand, touched the sickle, and released his Spiritual pressure, which directly extinguished the Hollow upon touching it.

The Kido Corps members relaxed as they saw this. They remembered that spiritual pressure was everything in a fight; if the disparity was huge, a fight was unnecessary.

If ordinary Hollows attacked Roja, he wouldn’t have to move at all, and the Hollows wouldn’t be able to cause any damage, because his Spiritual pressure was enough to crush them.

“Use your intuition; these Hollows can mask their Spiritual pressure and appearance pretty well; the vision and Spiritual sense won’t help in this situation.” After destroying the Hollow, Roja directly instructed the Shinigami nearby.


The Shinigami were quite skilled when using Bakudo. They directly collaborated together and extended their senses.

Seeing the Kido Corps follows his orders, Roja nodded and didn’t pay attention to their fight any longer. He just released his senses in all directions.

With Roja’s ability, he didn’t need to release his senses, but he still wanted to feel everything happening in Soul society. He wasn’t just sensing Spiritual pressure, but his view was like god’s view, he knew everything that was happening in soul society as soon as he released his senses.


Roja discovered something; he directly ordered the Kido Corps members: “Defend the Kido Corps building, don’t let any Hollow enter.”

Roja didn’t wait for their confirmation as he directly vanished.

“That’s… Shunpo?”

“The Kido Grand Chief is also skilled in Shunpo… No, the word skilled is too simple.”

The Kido Corps member looked where Roja stood with shock, he expected Roja to only excel in Kido, but he realized that he was skilled in the Shunpo as well.

In the Shinigami academy.

As soon as the invasion started, the second division, sixth division, and tenth division captains sent several squads to watch over the academy and protect the students.

The students could sense the fight and spiritual pressure all over soul society.

“The Hollows invaded? Well, this is a good chance for me to practice.” Renji wasn’t afraid. Instead, he held his Asauchi arrogantly.

Iziru’s forehead was full of cold sweat as he said: “The entire soul society is alarmed, the Gotei 13 probably are out, I’m afraid this isn’t a simple Hollow invasion.”

The students were restless and afraid, but some of them were ready to fight and test their limits.

“Although I can’t sense anything, it seems like the quantity and quality of the hollows are above average… many Shinigami are out to defend against them.”

Toshiro Hitsugaya used his Spiritual senses, but he couldn’t detect anything. Still, he was carefully examining the students.

But suddenly, a loud sound comes from behind.



Toshiro’s complexion directly broke as he turned his head to look at Hinamori.

Hinamori faintly smiled and ran over: “Don’t run around. If there is danger, stay behind me, and I will protect you.”

Toshiro was having a headache: “Don’t look at me as if I was a child. Moreover, you’re the one who is clearly running around.”

“I was looking for you.”

Hinamori lifted her hand and patted Toshiro’s head because Toshiro was about half a head shorter. It was easy for her to do this.

Toshiro looked annoyed and directly took a step back, making Hinamori’s hand miss his head and said: “I already said, stop patting my head.”

Hinamori grinned. But suddenly, they heard a loud roar, which made them turn around, and their expression changed.

A black Menos grande appeared inside the academy, sending waves of spiritual pressure comparable to that of a Vice-Captain’s.

“A Menos Grande!!”

“Don’t act rush!”

The Gotei 13 members present were startled at first before they quickly organized themselves. The highest official present was a third seat, but they still tried to resist the Menos Grande.

Ten of them couldn’t stand in front of this Menis Grande, and they were retreating with each attack.

“It’s too strong…”

Hinamori looked at a distant place and took a deep breath. This situation reminded her of the time when they went to the human world for the simulated Hollow training, which she didn’t want to remember.

The Menos Grande they encounter at that time was roughly in the tens, and Roja alone wiped them out.

Now, only one Menos grande and so many shinigami couldn’t deal with it.

“The situation doesn’t look good.”

When Hinamori said this, Toshiro’s expression was already cold, as he looked all around them.

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