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G.O.S.S Chapter 240: Sun

Looking at the sky full of red Sakura petals, Whitebeard eyes sank slightly as he felt the threat.
Without hesitation, Whitebeard waved his Bisento toward the petals.
The power burst out of him and went crushing toward the petals.
But when they collided, something astonishing happened.
The Sakura petals exploded. It sounded like a balloon explosion. It was extremely weak sound without any momentum.
But the place where they exploded, golden light emerged and seemed like they will scorch the void.
Even the power of shock couldn’t really do anything to those lights.
Snap! Snap! Snap!
In the next moment, hundreds of millions of petals began to burst. They turned into golden light and were connected to each other. Those millions of lights seemed to cover the world.
At this time, not only on the island but the entire new world saw this light in the sky.
The world was overshadowed.
Everything seemed to shine, if anything could describe this scene, there was only one word… A Sun.
The light seemed like a newborn sun hanging in the sky.
On the island, all the captains witnessing this couldn’t help but have a change in their expressions.
They found it extremely difficult to withstand the heat, and their clothes started to burn.
What’s even more shocking was, the sea level was getting lower and lower as the water was being evaporated.
“My God… What is this power?”
The Blackbeard was shaken by this scene, and his face showed extreme fear. He had witnessed the power of the Yonko before, and even when Roja arrived here he didn’t feel this kind of fear.
At this time, he felt how small he was as if a mortal looking toward the heaven, sun, and gods.
All the captains were under shock.
Some people began to shout loudly.
Even if their eyes were not fully open due to the brightness of the light. They were trying their hardest to open them so they could see how Whitebeard was doing.
However even using their Haki was meaningless as they couldn’t really see a thing, this sun seemed to be able to destroy everything as if the Haki was ineffective against it.
No one could see Roja and Whitebeard anymore.
Both of them were covered by the light.
Gradually, the light finally began to fade, and the horrible heat finally began to calm down.
When the light weakened, everyone stared at the field nervously.
What happened?
With so many people looking at the field, the situation finally revealed itself.
The Whitebeard still stood there, his clothes were fully burned as his body was full of burn marks.
This wasn’t the point.
The point is, half of his Bisento disappeared leaving only the handle.
Even when it was covered by Haki and the power of sock, the weapon couldn’t handle the heat.
The island was completely flattened, and everything disappeared.
Whitebeard took the half of his weapon and coughed violently, and then he spits blood.
When the blood fell on the ground, it immediately emitted a sizzle then turned black.
Seeing this terrible scene, Marco in the distance couldn’t help but exclaim, they couldn’t help but rush over.
On the other side, Roja stood there holding his sword not far behind Whitebeard.
Sen Maboroshi already turned into its original state, obviously, the double release was too draining on Roja’s Reiatsu, It’s even burdensome on Sen Maboroshi as it was only in the fifth stage.
In addition to this, Roja didn’t have any injuries, Whitebeard’s shock failed to touch him.
The result of this fight is already obvious.
No doubt.
Whitebeard was injured and it wasn’t anything light. In front of Roja’s Full power, Even Whitebeard couldn’t resist.
If it wasn’t for him still close to his peak, Whitebeard would’ve turned to ashes.
This was Roja’s current strength.
With Ryujin Jakka and Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, Roja could create something similar to a Sun.
The moment it’s released, it’s temperature would go even beyond Ryujin Jakka ’s but it’s still far from reaching Zanka no Tachi.
“Just lighting candles, do you like it, Whitebeard?”
Roja stood there, he was releasing his Haoshoku, even if that light dispersed, It still gave people looking, some kind of fear of Roja.
“Oh, Cough!”
Although Whitebeard used his Shock and Haki to the extreme, his body was still burned and even some of the heat invaded his body.
If it was an ordinary person he would be lying on the ground by now.
Whitebeard obviously didn’t expect Roja to unleash this kind of power move.