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G.O.S.S Chapter 241: No longer The strongest

Even if Whitebeard was ten years younger, in the absolute peak of his strength, he wouldn’t have been able to resist that attack and would still be injured.
The outcome of this battle was clear.
Although Roja’s consumption on his Reiatsu was great, if they continued the fight, then Whitebeard will die without a doubt.
Perhaps before his death, Whitebeard could seriously injure Roja, but he won’t be able to kill him.
At this time, the Whitebeard’s crew finally rushed over.
The first person to get there was Marco in his Phoenix form. When he saw Whitebeard was wounded, he rushed toward Roja angrily.
“You Bastard!! What did you do to Oyaji?”
The fight ended, but Marco still rushed toward Roja. The latter looked coldly and held his sword in his hand as he said.
“Oh, is it you turn now?”
“Well let’s see what the Whitebeard’s pirates can do.”
Roja’s looked at those people coming toward him with contempt.
Although he spent too much of his Reiatsu, Marco won’t be able to defeat him still.
“Take this!!”
Jozu went toward Roja after Marco, his whole body turned to Diamonds, he also pushed his Haki to the limit.
Facing Roja, he didn’t dare to not go all out, he already pushed himself to the limit.
But even so, Roja still used his backhand to send the sword.
Four captains attacked together, Two from the left and two from the right, Roja didn’t move from his place, he sighed as crimson flames suddenly broke out crashing those four away.
Roja saw that all the captains were shocked by him. They didn’t dare attack him and showed fear.
“So that all that the Whitebeard Crew got!”
After saying this Roja turned around and directly took a step away.
Looking at Roja’s departing back, Marco and the others didn’t dare step forward and attack, they could only watch him as he left.
Although many people clenched their fists, they were unwilling, but they knew that they won’t be able to stop Roja, even if they gang up on him.
Whitebeard coughed again, and finally, he said something in a low voice, he wanted to speak from the start but couldn’t due to the heat in his body.
“Marco… Jozu… All of you stop…”
“Oyaji! How are you feeling?”
Hearing Whitebeard talking, Marco and the others finally turned their heads and surrounded him anxiously.
“I’m fine.”
Seeing Roja going away in this way, there was a type of complexity in Whitebeard’s eyes. He was very clear about his own physical condition, if they continued to fight against Roja, most likely he would’ve died.
If he was another ten years younger, he wouldn’t have lost this miserably.
Seeing Whitebeard wave his hand without saying a thing, Marco and the others were relieved, But they all knew that Whitebeard was injured and immediately called the Doctor of their ship.
Simultaneously Marco looked at Whitebeard’s eyes, he still had a hint of worry, he couldn’t help but cautiously say: “Oyaji, you…”
Although Marco didn’t know how much Whitebeard consumed of Roja’s power, it was clear that Roja won.
Even if it wasn’t an absolute victory, Roja can’t directly take away the title of the strongest.
The World strongest!
This title was with Whitebeard for decades and now it will be taken by Roja, Marco was worried about Whitebeard.
“I know what you are thinking Marco…”
However, Whitebeard looked at Marco and laughed, he extended his hand and patted Marco’s shoulder.
“Stupid son, although I’m called a monster, in the end, I am still human, I can’t always be the strongest.”
“One day sooner or later, someone would take this title and replace me… I just want the one replacing me to be one of you, Marco.”
Whitebeard looked at Marco and the others. he was really treating them as his sons.
He knew that one day sooner or later, He would have to let someone take his position, but until now his successor has yet to appear, even Marco is still too weak.
Instead, Garp, the guy who fought with him for countless times found his successor.
Marco squeezed his fist and bit his teeth and said:” We are useless…”
The others by the side also bowed their heads and were ashamed.
Whitebeard looked at them then grinned.
“You bunch of stupid sons. I haven’t died yet. At least for now I am still here, so try to get stronger and don’t give me hard time.”
Even though they were from the Yonko, Marco and the others always had a kind of arrogance, they always felt they were above the other three.
That was indeed the case, Whitebeard surpasses the other three.
But once Whitebeard loses his title due to his age, this arrogance would disappear.
Whitebeard wasn’t in a hurry. He felt that he still could shelter Marco and the others for a long time, but with Roja’s presence, Whitebeard felt the crisis.
Whitebeard was no longer the strongest!
There was someone in this world who can defeat him, that person is Ghost sword Roja.
When they heard Whitebeard’s words, the captains raised their heads and showed their resolution, Marco was even more determined.
“I absolutely won’t disappoint you, Oyaji.”
“That’s good…”
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