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G.O.S.S Chapter 242: After The Fight

A few days later. the news about Roja and Whitebeard’s fight like fire spreading throughout the sea.
The fight between the two, especially Roja’s move, that combination between Ryujin Jakka and Senbonzakura Kageyoshi that condensed them flames to form a sun.
Many islands in the sea could see that light.
This momentum couldn’t be covered up.
Roja once again went to fight a Yonko alone, and he chose the strongest amongst the three remaining, Whitebeard.
This news spread all over the world and shocked everyone who heard it.
Countless people were surprised, even though Roja destroyed Big mom, but this was Whitebeard were talking about, this caused many to have the cold sweat.
Roja was Marine’s admiral, he went to Whitebeard’s pirates, it’s impossible that they just ate and chatted together. They should’ve fought a really fierce fight.
Just the island alone is enough evidence about the fight, it was completely destroyed.
Roja destroyed Big mom’s crew, now he went to Whitebeard, is he thinking of completely wiping out the Yonko?!
 You should know that The world government and the Marines couldn’t destroy the Yonko for many years now. They couldn’t even destroy Whitebeard’s pirate because they would pay a huge price if they did.
Whitebeard, this name was like a giant in many people’s mind, even the Marines and the world government were afraid of provoking him, but now Roja alone was initiating the challenge.
Although no one knew the result of the fight, it was clear that Whitebeard couldn’t kill Roja and after the latter destroyed the island he left.
How incredible was that!
“That monster facing whitebeard and his crew then he was able to safely retreat, his strength is really unfathomable…”
“I am afraid that Whitebeard couldn’t win against him.”
Numerous forces heads and even Shanks said while they hear this news, their eyes were serious while saying this.
Only one person going against Whitebeard then retreating safely, even Garp and Sengoku couldn’t do this.
Roja’s title as the strongest Marine is well deserved!
Although many people didn’t know the results of the fight, it still gave Roja the title of the strongest Marine. Even if Roja didn’t win this time, since he was able to retreat, this already represented that he was strong.
Plus, Roja was young, him getting the title of the strongest is just a matter of time.
The strongest pirate, Whitebeard Edward Newgate!
The strongest Marine, Ghost sword Roja!
The strongest people fought, in the eyes of many people, Roja and Whitebeard were already equally terrifying existences. 
In the sea, There was a sandy beach with only ten square meters, around it was the boundless sea.
Roja stood on it while he held his Den Den Mushi.
“You aren’t injured right, Roja?”
On the other side of the call, Sengoku’s voice was heard. After receiving the news about the fight, he almost instantly called Roja.
Roja didn’t answer for a long time and finally answered now.
“The Whitebeard and his crew aren’t enough to injure me.”
Roja used a very plain statement, but this statement showed his arrogance.
In Sengoku’s heart, this sentence could only be said by Roja.
“Where are you now? When are going back to the headquarters?”
“In the new world, If I want to return, I need at least two months and a half to be back,” Roja said casually” If there is nothing else I am hanging up.”
Roja directly dropped the Den Den Mushi, he didn’t wait for Sengoku’s reply.
In the Headquarters, Sengoku was in his office with the Den Den Mushi in his hand, his face showed his helplessness, but after taking a deep breath his heart calmed down.
“Even if it was Whitebeard, nothing would happen to Roja. He faced him alone and still retreated safely. He really is getting stronger and stronger… You really have a good nephew.”
The first sentence was directed to himself, the second part was directed at the figure sitting on the Sofa.
That figure was Garp.
Just when Garp returned, He heard that Roja went to fight with Whitebeard and safely retreated.
“Hahahaha, Of course, He is Roja after all!”
Garp grinned while his eyes were full of emotions.
Going alone to face Whitebeard and coming back safely, this was something he couldn’t do in the past, and now Roja has done it.
And because of this, he was the Strongest Marine who was equal to Whitebeard.
Garp was very happy in his heart.
When he felt relieved, he thought about Luffy and Ace who wanted to become pirates and his mouth couldn’t help but twitch.
If they really became pirates, he didn’t know how much trouble would that give them.
“What’s wrong Garp?” Sengoku noticed Garp’s expression and asked.
Garp regained his composer and with a hahaha he shook his head and said: “Nothing nothing…”
His own grandson was determined to become a pirate, he obviously couldn’t say that as it was too shameful.
On the sea, after hanging up on Sengoku, Roja put the Den Den Mushi inside his pocket. Instead of directly going on the sea, he laid on the ground and looked at the sky.
“I am not strong enough… I could hardly deal with the Whitebeard’s crew today, let alone the world government. Such strength is far from being enough to dominate the world.”
With this battle, Roja confirmed that he was as strong as Whitebeard in his prime now, and also confirmed that he is too weak to dominate the world.
“I need to get stronger.”
Roja laid there, looking at the sky sharply in deep thoughts.
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