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G.O.S.S Chapter 306: War!

After Tashigi joined the Ordinary camp officially, Roja didn’t pay too much attention to her anymore but he secretly made the instructors pay attention instead.

Roja bringing a sergeant back to the Headquarters and training her for a month quickly spread throughout the headquarters.

It’s normal for Kisaru and Aokiji to bring back outstanding talent from time to time, but the one Roja brought was a girl. This made people curious about their relationship. As the strongest Marine in the history, who can make him have such interest?!

Many people were very curious about this, especially Aokiji who secretly observed Tashigi.

After careful observation, he could tell that Tashigi wasn’t strong. But she had the will to be stronger which made her future potential unknown.

Perhaps Roja valued this.

After looking at Tashigi for a while, Aokiji left.

In the next month, Tashigi’s performance surprised many people. At first, she could be ranked in the middle of the ordinary camp. But after some training, she could defeat everyone there.

Her strength and achievement rose all the way from the middle to the top and finally, she was one of the strongest ten people in the camp.

But Roja wasn’t in the headquarters at this time, he received a request to help in Alabasta, so he left the headquarter heading there.

As he set his feet on the desert of this country, he felt helplessness. 

The request came from Vivi. She said that she had some difficulties and needed his help.

He was a bit speechless. Last time, he scared Crocodile away and warned Cobra about him.

In case he returned, Cobra would know who he was against and could take precaution. But he still couldn’t do anything to Crocodile.

“This guy is using his identity as a Shichibukai too much… I think it’s time to cancel that system.”

Roja shook his head and moved through the desert toward Alabasta.

Alabasta now was in high alert. After Crocodile made his move, the rebels finally overtook the Army and reached a level that could no longer be contained. An all out battle is unstoppable.

“Load all canons! When the enemy arrives it would be too late to load them!”

On the towers of Alabasta, the canons were placed and aimed at the desert ahead.

Suddenly the earth started to shake due to the countless footsteps of the people. They were the rebels which were more than two million.

They haven’t arrived, yet their footsteps made the entire kingdom shake.

At a distance, the line connecting the earth with the sky suddenly blurred and dust started to rise as countless figures started to appear.

The Huge army of the rebels finally showed up.

The army could feel the pressure!

At this time, two figures were standing a little far, the fist was a Carue the Duck and next to him was a girl with a long blue hair that shook with the wind.

This was Vivi.

The Duck next to her was shaking after seeing the rebel army.

Vivi saw Carue shaking and couldn’t help whisper in his ears: “It’s okay. Carue you don’t need to stay here.”

Vivi couldn’t help but smile as she faced the army’s pressure and said: “I don’t care if I’m stepped on.”

She turned her head and looked at the distance again. Although she had no fear, she was nervous as this was her last chance to stop the rebel army.

The leader of the rebels army, Kohza, was moving closer and closer toward Alabasta then pulled his sword and lifted it high.

“Don’t be distracted, penetrate the South gate then open the main gate from inside for me!”


A group of rebels followed behind and shouted. That shout overshadowed the sound of footsteps.

Vivi looked at the Rebels coming closer and closer and finally opened her arms and shouted: “Stop Rebel army! This war…”

But without waiting for her to finish speaking a canon ball suddenly flew from Alabasta and landed in front of Vivi.

The dust filled the place which prevented Viv from speaking as she was full of shock in her heart.

She tried to shout with all her strength but it didn’t work. The momentum of the huge army made her unable to speak.

“Is this really impossible to stop?!”

Vivi bit her teeth, she couldn’t hear her own voice anymore and could only see the rebels army rushing over.

The dust filled the place and countless people couldn’t see Vivi anymore. Even the Kingdom’s army couldn’t see Vivi as they were preparing for the clash.

Seeing this, Vivi’s eyes were full of despair.

Just at this moment, in the chaos, a loud voice suddenly sounded in her ears.

“A war isn’t stopped like this…”

Vivi was shocked and couldn’t help look at the direction of the sound. She immediately saw a Marine’s figure which she couldn’t tell when he appeared.

Roja is finally here.