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G.O.S.S Chapter 305: Training!

Knowing that Roja was willing to bring Tashigi to the Headquarters, Smoker didn’t stop him. He trained there. He knew that the resources and material for practice are far better compared to the ones here.

He was actually happy about the choice Tashigi made. If it was him, he might not steel his heart and put everything on the line to train.

A warship slowly docked at the harbor in the Marine Headquarters. Roja walked out while Tashigi followed behind him.

This is her first time coming to the headquarters. After all, she was just a sergeant.

“This is… The headquarters, Marineford.”

Looking at the huge fortress in front of her, Tashigi felt small. This was the center of operation for all Marines. In this world, this is the place that fights evil.

 When Roja arrived here for the first time, his reaction was the same as Tashigi. Although he saw it before as he watched one piece, the real thing can’t compare to that.

On the way, except for some Marines that didn’t recognize Roja, everyone saluted Roja as soon as they saw him.

Roja moved all the way toward the recruits’ camp.

When Garp threw Roja here, he knew that Garp wanted him to experience the gap between him and the other recruits and work harder to get as good as them.

Moreover, Garp didn’t throw him here and completely ignored him. The reason he disappeared for a long time was to help him get a sword then, he started training Roja.

Roja wanted to do the same with Tashigi.

“This is the recruit camp, compared to them, you’re foundation is still far below them, so in the next month I will make that gap smaller.”

For Roja, making Tashigi a part of the camp was easy. He just needs to give the word and it will be already done.


Tashigi saw the power of these recruits, they were too powerful and almost inhuman which made her realize her weakness.

She already heard from Roja that the camp is divided into ordinary and elite camp. Her first goal is to surpass the recruits of the ordinary camp which was very difficult.

Moreover, she is a girl which will make thing harder for her.

The recruits saw Roja and were in awe while looking at him, they were also curious about Tashigi.

When they learned that she was someone Roja brought here to train himself, they all felt envy and hate toward her.

Many of them were already provocative and hostile toward her.

This made Tashigi even more nervous.

Roja didn’t pay attention to any of this. In fact, he made this entire trip to pull the hate of these recruits toward Tashigi so she can have some rivals that could strengthen her more in the future.

Roja began to simply give pointers to Tashigi in a relaxed way as he knew that Swordsmen need to figure their way on their own. There is no use in imitating as that won’t make her a Grandmaster.

Tashigi wasn’t the same as Zoro, she didn’t have a master like Koshiro that could help her lay her foundation at a very young age.

In a separate room, Tashigi was constantly attacking Roja who held his Sen Maboroshi and continued to parry her attacks.

“It’s still somewhat messy… But it’s a lot better than it was in the beginning.”

Roja described her attacks in an ordinary manner while telling her the advantages and disadvantages of her moves.

It has been almost a month since Roja brought her here. He soon realized that not everyone is like him.

Roja’s own feeling made it hard for him to encounter any bottleneck in his practice. Even when at the Grandmaster realm, it only took him a few times fighting with actual Grandmaster to realize his way.

In contrast, Tashigi’s pace was much slower. It took her a month to repair her Swordsmanship and point her toward the right path. It is still unclear when she will understand the Rhythm of all things.

After a few confrontations, Tashigi’s forehead was full of sweat and when Roja saw this, he ended today’s practice.

“I’m… I’m really sorry.”

Tashigi showed apology on her face.

Roja shook his head and said: “It’s nothing. Your physical strength is inferior to men’s. It’s normal, continue practicing and after a certain degree, you will feel the effect becomes smaller and smaller. In this month you should appreciate the power-up you experienced.”

When she heard Roja’s words, a happy smile was shown on Tashigi’s exhausted face.

She knew better than anyone how much her strength grew in the past month.

“Your swordsmanship isn’t as messy as before, so now you will practice in the camp with the others,” Roja said to Tashigi.

Tashigi wasn’t him after all. Swordsmanship practice must be accompanied with real battle. She at least needs to reach the rhythm of all things on her own.

According to the original story, Tashigi had the qualification to become a master swordsman, but whether she can pass that bottleneck into the next realm is something Roja didn’t know even if she had his help.

After all, Roja didn’t know whether this world had any female Grandmasters before.

“I won’t let you down.”

Tashigi said firmly as she clenched her sword and nodded toward Roja.

It’s true that she started a little late, but there is something that made Roja feels that she had the potential to become a Grandmaster.

“Good luck.”

Roja nodded and smiled at her then turned around and left.