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G.O.S.S Chapter 304: Tashigi’s dream

Tashigi finally noticed their reactions and her cheeks became flushed. She didn’t dare say anything else as she lowered her head and wanted to find a place to hide.
This is her character, Roja couldn’t help smiling as he saw this.
“What is it? Tell me.”
“That… Actually, it’s like this…”
Tashigi lowered her head as she looked at her sword. She hesitated than gently grabbed it and slowly opened her mouth.
“I don’t know why but all the famous swordsmen are pirate and the swords they own are all famous swords. Even the Strongest swordsman, Mohawk, is one of the Shichibukai…”
After saying this, Tashigi suddenly seemed to change, she clenched her sword and said: “All the famous swords are in their hands…”
“I have been practicing swordsmanship to fulfill my dream which is to get all these swords from the pirates…”
Hearing this, Roja smiled: “A good Dream.”
The light in Tashigi’s eyes faded and her tone lowered as she said: “I am a girl, so I’m somewhat weak which means it’s almost impossible… In short, Roja-san defeating Mihawk, made me feel better.”
Tashigi returned to her normal self as she smiled. In her view, a Marine holding that title was a thing to be happy about.
Listening to her words, Smoker stayed silent and didn’t know what to say.
Roja was silent for a bit then he lightly shook his head: “Wanting to be at the peak of Swordsmanship is difficult but not impossible.”
Tashigi looked at Roja with a glimpse of hope.
Roja said faintly: “At the peak, the gap between strength and swordsmanship is almost zero. The only thing to compete with is swordsmanship. So no matter if you’re a woman or a man, there is always hope to reach the peak.”
“It’s just a lot harder for you, but it’s not what you currently know. The disadvantage of physical strength… But in the other hand.”
Roja stopped talking a little then said faintly: “Even a man if he didn’t have the determination and practice hard, it would be impossible for him to be the strongest. It’s just difficult for a woman to practice like a man all the time because of some problems.”
Tashigi knew what Roja was talking about, her cheek became red but she was unwilling to accept it.
“All in all, it’s hard but not impossible.”
Roja looked at Tashigi and said: “It depends on your will, whether you have the determination to do it, not just talking about it.”
Roja sighed. His current strength and status didn’t just come to him easily, he worked hard, only he knows how much he worked hard and how terrible training was and even though he didn’t stay much in the elite camp, everyone knew how much he trained.
He took it a step by step and got where he is now.
Roja didn’t rely on talent, his own effort only and step by step he became what he is, at least, Smoker was convinced by what Roja said.
“I will stay here for a few days if you feel that you got the will, firmness, and determination for it, and if you won’t give up mid-way, you can look for me.”
“I can help a little in your practice… Remember, don’t tell anyone.”
After saying this, Roja left.
Smoker looked at Roja’s back and sighed in his heart. No one actually knew what he was thinking while Tashigi by his side was excited.
“You go rest.”
Smoker knew how exited Tashigi was, so he spoke to her and turned around to leave.
Roja rarely helped others train because all the people around him were the ones from the elite camp. His own strength had long since surpassed Z but he didn’t know whether he was as good as him in training other or not.
At least, in term of Physical and Haki training, he didn’t think he was better than Garp and Z. So he didn’t do any useless thing.
On the contrary, in the development of Devil Fruit, Roja did point some people, like Hina and Ain.
AS for swordsmanship, Roja was now truly the world strongest. No one is better than him, so if he wasn’t qualified to train someone than no one is.
Two days later, Tashigi knocked on Roja’s room.
Roja looked at Tashigi who although being a little embarrassed, the hesitation he saw before all transformed to determination right now.
 “Please train me.”
Tashigi came in front of Roja and put her sword on the ground, at the same time she looked down and firmly bowed.
In fact, Roja was somewhat surprised because he didn’t think that Tashigi would really come looking for him. He didn’t want her to come if she didn’t have determination and will.
In this case, he had no problem training her.
Roja held his hand together and stood up, then nodded at her: “If this is the case, the resources here are bad. You should come with me to the headquarters tomorrow.”
Tashigi nodded and then grabbed her sword and walked toward the door. Her eyes were firm as she walking out of the door.
A moment before she was very determined. But as she reached the door, she stumbled and fell down which almost made Roja spit out.
What the Hell?!
“Oh… It seemed that her will is firm but her clumsy nature didn’t change at all.”
Roja looked at her helplessly and felt that he might have received a fake disciple.


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