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G.O.S.S Chapter 308: Determination!

Hearing that Roja was actually Luffy’s uncle, Vivi couldn’t help doubt the world she knew and her own knowledge in this life.

At this time, the people finally noticed Roja and Vivi. Although the desert was filled with the rebel army, in the center of them stood Roja and Vivi.

This made them the center of attention.

“This is…”

Seeing Roja Marie uniform, the captains of Alabasta’s army looked at each other then took a deep breath and quickly went out of the city walls.

They first looked at Vivi then looked at Roja besides her. All of them had seen him before.

“Ghost sword-san!”

“Thank you so much for coming so soon.”

The captains weren’t too shocked by Roja’s power as they thanked him. If the rebels were to enter the city, endless blood would be shed.

At this time, Vivi finally calmed down and looked at Roja worriedly and couldn’t help but ask: “Roja-san, do you think that they can win?”


Roja used a positive tone before, but now he struggled to sound casual.

Roja smiled at Vivi and said: “Since you are so worried, why don’t we go there and see.”

Vivi nodded and entered Alabasta together with Roja while the army followed behind and didn’t dare to move ahead.

On a quiet street, two people were facing each other. One was Daz Bones also known as Mr.1 while the other was Zoro who held three swords and looked at him indifferently.

Daz Bones looked at Zoro calmly as he said.

“I don’t want to disappoint you but I’ve never been hurt by a swordsman since the day I ate my devil fruit.”

“Is that so?”

Zoro stood quietly as he looked at Daz Bones with an indifferent look then said coldly: “That’s because you didn’t meet me before.”

“You’re all talks.”

Daz Bones said then rushed toward Zoro as his fingers turned into sharp blades.


Zoro pulled his sword a little and jumped back slightly.

“It turned out your body is made of steel, are you a big sword or something?” Zoro looked at Daz Bones and his eyes flashed a little.

Daz Bones said coldly: “Are you afraid now? But it’s already too late. Let’s see how long can you hold on.”

“Don’t worry.”

Zoro took a sword and put in his mouth at the same time he held the other two swords in his hands.

“What I meant is that you don’t even have the qualification to face me.”

“Santoryu…  Hyakuhachi Pound Ho!”

In the next moment, The three swords moved together in a circular swing which launched three Sword energy spiraling toward Daz Bones.

Daz Bones felt the power of this attack and was horrifies, but unfortunately, it was too late to escape. At the same time he was confident in his Fruit ability, so he crossed his arms to resist the attack.


Zoro’s attack passed through and the steel body couldn’t resist its sharpness which made blood splashes everywhere.


Daz Bones’ eyes widened in disbelief as he fell to the ground.

“Nothing is impossible…”

Zoro recalled the time when he was a kid and fought against Roja who used a tree branch to defeat him with ease. He said indifferently: “I don’t have any time to play with you.”

Zoro already entered the state of Rhythm of all things which granted him an easy and fast victory.

Followed by Usopp and Sanji and Nami and finally, it’s Luffy’s turn.

In the center of the square, Luffy raised his leg into the sky and slammed it on Crocodile. His legs were full of blood which made Crocodile unable to use his Logia to avoid the strike. 

Luffy was far stronger than he was in the original story and even so, he could hardly fight against the current Zoro. Luffy defeated Crocodile finally.

“Look, I said there is no problem, right?”

Roja took Vivi to where Luffy was fighting and shrugged at the pouting Vivi. Vivi finally became joyful.

Cobra also came and looked at the defeated Crocodile and couldn’t help but cough twice.

“I’m ashamed…”

It was clear that he knew about his enemy yet he couldn’t do anything about it. Cobra was embarrassed by this fact as he felt that he was not worthy of being the king of Alabasta.

“Father, how are you?”

Vivi saw Cobra coughing and couldn’t help asking worriedly and hurriedly went to his side, but Cobra waved his hand and signaled that he’s fine.

Roja looked at Cobra and didn’t comfort him. Although Crocodile was his personal matter, Cobra still couldn’t do anything even knowing his enemy which wasn’t becoming of a king.

Well, this is also normal!

Ta! Ta! Ta!

At this moment, the Marines finally came over. When he saw Roja he stayed for a while then quickly ran over.


Roja glanced at the Marines, he was too lazy to reprimand them as he said: “Take the culprits of this Chaos, Crocodile while depriving him of his status as a Shichibukai…Also take all the pirates of the Baroque works to the Impel down.”

“Yes, sir!”

The Marines wanted to ask about the Straw hat pirates but didn’t dare while Roja didn’t say anything about them.