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G.O.S.S Chapter 309: Origin

“This time I think I should talk to the old man about the Shichibukai.”

Roja looked at the Marines taking Crocodile away and shook his head. He didn’t like that system from the very beginning but he was too lazy to take care of it.

When Cobra heard Roja’s words, he looked excitedly at Roja and said: “Yes… Cough… The Shichibukai System… Cough, shouldn’t exist!”

“Father, don’t talk anymore, you should rest.”

Vivi looked at Cobra worriedly as she said.

“He is fine.”

Roja used his Haki to look at Cobra’s problem, the reason for the cough is a small lung injury, not a big problem.

Vivi hesitated a little then said: “You go rest father. I will handle everything here.”

When Cobra heard her words, he wanted to refuse at first, and then he thought about something and nodded with a smile.

“Good then.”

Roja quietly looked at this. After Cobra was escorted by the guards, Vivi started to handle the situation.

“When it comes to governance, she’s better than Hancock…”

Roja quietly looked at Vivi commanding the guards and soldiers and couldn’t help secretly nod. He appreciated Hancock’s ways but when it comes to real governance, Vivi was better. She was a qualified Ruler.


After finishing the urgent things, Vivi arrived beside Roja and said: “Why are you still standing here, please go over there and rest.”

“No, I don’t want to meet them.”

Roja shook his head and smiled at Vivi: “You’re really good at managing your country but you lack the queen’s demeanor. In a few years, when I come here, I hope I can call you Queen Vivi.”


Vivi didn’t expect someone like Roja to still make jokes. For a while, her cheeks were red as she didn’t know how to react.

When she looked up again, she found out that Roja has already disappeared.

“He left?”

Vivi looked around and didn’t see any trace of Roja, she felt a little bit lost in her heart.

When he was here, she felt safe.

“He is probably the person that everyone in the world relies on.” Such a thought suddenly appeared on Vivi’s mind.

Inside the usual room in Mary Geoise, the five elders heard the report about Crocodile’s defeat from Cobra and also heard about his plan to get Pluto.

“Crocodile was defeated.”

“That’s really fortunate, according to Cobra he wanted to create Pluto.”

One of the five elder holding a sword said: “He is a pirate, after all, we just used them to stabilize the power balance…”

“Speaking of this, Straw hat Luffy is really a problem. He just entered the grand line and he defeated Crocodile. Also his blood…”

When it came to Luffy, the five elder’s faces became ugly.

There are still many people in the world that didn’t know Luffy’s identity, but they knew. He was Garp’s grandson, Dragon’s son and Roja’s nephew.

Any of these three identities could scare anyone to death, let alone together.

“Garp was always on our way. What about that Roja? We still don’t know whether we can control him or not. As for Dragon, he is even more dangerous. And now a new member of that family is a pirate…”

The elder looked at each other gloomily.

“Roja definitively won’t catch the straw hat. He went to Alabasta and didn’t catch him there.”

“Straw hat defeated Crocodile, and even a Commodore won’t be able to deal with him. Should we raise his bounty, how about 100 million?”

“Yes, we should do that.”

They couldn’t find a better countermeasure. The original Luffy had only Garp and Dragon which already gave them a headache, not to mention Roja!

Roja ignored the call of the elders a dozen of times. The elders were extremely jealous and worried about Roja’s power and didn’t dare to turn against him.

In any case, Roja was a good Admiral right now and suppressed many pirates already. If Roja rebelled and became a second Dragon, the situation will be out of their control.

They have to deal with Roja but they have to wait for him to clean up the rest of the Yonko, then they will remove him directly.

After Roja returned to the headquarters, he directly went into his room.

Even with his current state of mind, it was a little bit difficult to suppress his excitement.

Because Sen Maboroshi finally reached the sixth stage!

With a thought, the property bar appeared in front of him. The energy reached the condition for the next level. Roja took a deep breath and chose to upgrade the sword.

Before, Roja couldn’t feel his Reiatsu going smoothly into Sen Maboroshi, but now it was really natural.

He felt that he could even change the shape of Sen Maboroshi with a thought.

This time, there was no golden light like always, but his soul was as if it merged with Sen Maboroshi.

Finally, Roja could see the deepest memories inside Sen Maboroshi.

Roja saw a picture of a broken sword in an empty space… Roja saw such pictures before, but this one was the clearest picture.

And with a though, Roja began moving the picture back into the future, to the time when the sword wasn’t damaged at all, finally, in the picture, the sword appeared in a certain world.

“Sure enough, you really came from there…”

When Roja saw the picture of the world inside Sen Maboroshi’s memories, he sighed and couldn’t help but whisper.