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G.O.S.S Chapter 310: Ice and Snow

In bleach’s world, hundred years before the original story begins, the captain of the 12th division and the founder of the Shinigami Research and Development Institute, Urahara Kisuke, created something very dangerous that goes by the name Hogyoku.

After that, he experimented with it. These experiments involved creating Zanpakutos. Unfortunately, the Zanpakutos created were like empty shells without any Shikai or Bankai. That made them impossible to develop further.

But, what they didn’t know, one of these Zanpakutos was actually influenced by the Hogyoku which gave it an unlimited potential to develop. The Zanpakuto that wasn’t seen before in Bleach… Sen Maboroshi!

When Urahara was forced to flee, he destroyed all the studies related to the Hogyoku and sealed it in Rukia’s body, but at that time he didn’t have time to destroy Sen Maboroshi.

In his rush, he just threw it inside the passage between the soul society and the human world which should’ve made it disappear forever. But what he didn’t expect is that it traveled worlds and found Roja’s soul after he passed away and made itself his Zanpakuto.

The scene played inside Roja’s eyes as he understood its origin.

“So that’s what actually happened…”

Although he always knew something similar happened, he couldn’t calm his heart down.

Finally, the pictures disappeared and Roja opened his eyes again.

Sen Maboroshi reached the sixth stage.

With a thought, the property bar which changed dramatically appeared in front of Roja.

The Sixth Stage: Sen Maboroshi +0

Attributes: The basic attributes are perfectly integrated and the current power is 6 stars.

Special Attributes: Elemental system, Metamorphosis system, Reiatsu system, Illusion (Genjutsu) System, Control System.

Energy: 0/450

The entire interface was simplified.

Yamamoto’s power is classified under the Elemental System, Senbonzakura is classified under the Metamorphosis system, Getsuga Tensho and Devour are classified under The Reiatsu system. As for illusion, he currently didn’t have any ability there but that Control System… Space Construction.

“Space Construction… What is this? Is it a power gained after the upgrade or is it the power of the devil Fruit the sword ate?”

Roja’s soul was now completely integrated with Sen Maboroshi. So he could talk with it to find the answers without a problem, it’s like an Actual Zanpakuto currently.

After all, the sword was influenced by Hogyoku’s power and that sword fully integrated with Roja’s soul. Whether it’s the power of Hogyoku or the zanpakuto or Roja’s soul, the three have unlimited potentials and possibilities.

When Roja wanted to know whether this is the Zanpakuto’s ability or was it due to swallowing the Devil Fruit, the answer directly appeared in his head.

“It’s really the Devil fruits ability, but it turned into the most basic form of Space control… So I need to develop it myself bit by bit?”

Roja stretched his hand and grabbed the air. Sen Maboroshi appeared in his hand. He didn’t know whether this Ability was the main space ability which makes him able to control space or was it a branch like the Mirrors world fruit ability.

 But under Sen Maboroshi’s influence, it turned into the most basic Space control and its future development depends on him now.

“But the powers of the Control System are probably hard to develop.”

Roja shook his head slightly.

Even with his strength now, he couldn’t touch the power of space yet. So When Sen Maboroshi swallowed a space Devil Fruit he turned it into the most basic space control which was Constructions.

However, the difficulty here is worthy because whichever way he develops it, it would be insanely powerful. Whether he develops it to create voids like the one he remembers or to travel between dimension or even the power of Uchiha Obito’s Kamui.

Every one of these possibilities is awesome.

“In addition to the Basic space Control… There should be other abilities?”

Roja Asked in his mind, the space Fruit should have an ability of its own, and if used by Sen Maboroshi without changing, it won’t be a burden to it.

Sen Maboroshi’s ability is related to the stage it’s in, the higher the stages goes the more abilities it could get.

“Sure enough.”

Roja got the answer to his question.

The ability is in the Illusion system, But since there is Haki here, there won’t be any effect using it so he will look at it later.

As for the Golden Attribute, Roja knew what it is now… It’s actually Final Getsuga Tensho, a permanent one at that. That is the strongest power in Bleach’s world.

The burden of this ability is certainly huge and he needs to get to the ninth stage to actually be able to get it and still have a hard time using it.

This time the attribute extraction page was omitted and after a few flashes, the property bar returned to its original state.

A new Ability was added into the Elemental system.

Elemental system – Ice and Snow: Daiguren Hyōrinmaru, Hakka no Togame.

“Oh… Two abilities at the same time?”

Looking at the Ice and Snow abilities, Roja touched his forehead as he did really think about getting two abilities at the same time, and it really happened.

The two abilities are under the Ice and Snow system, one was the strongest and the other was the most beautiful but in Roja’s eyes both are strong.

The only problem was he wanted it to be an ability in the Control system.

“It seems that at the last moment, between the control and dual abilities, the latter was chosen.”

Roja shook his head helplessly. Wanting to get two Control abilities was a bit greedy. Sen Maboroshi may not be able to handle them, but he could handle these two.

He was quite satisfied by getting the Ice and Snow abilities. After all, he can use two or three Bankais at the same time, so they weren’t a burden on him at all.