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G.O.S.S Chapter 311: Daiguren Hyorinmaru!

After he got the power of Space Construction and the power of Ice and Snow, Roja started practicing.

He found out that the Space Construction would need two to three years to be as strong as he wants, so he put it aside and started practicing using three bankais at the same time.

Three bankais, as the words suggest he wanted to use Daiguren Hyorinmaru, Hakka no togame, and Senbonsakura kageyoshi at the same time.

“If I think about it, the abilities of the new Bankais are in some aspect are regarded as temperature control abilities, the same as Ryujin Jakka.”

“Just the former lowers the temperature to reach even Absolute Zero, while the latter raises it to an unlimited degree.”

Roja sat in meditation as he started thinking, as a traverse, his thinking was limited to the surface of the ability, but he can think deeply about each possibility.

The flames and the Ice are just simple elemental abilities, but if he can control the temperature using them, won’t that it be an ability in the control system.

Everything has a temperature, and that temperature would affect the particles movements, the faster the movement, the higher the temperature and vice versa.

The movement lowest limit is zero, that’s the absolute zero in this case, but the speed can be increased without a limit, so there is no limit to the temperature, whether it is in the thousands or the millions, there no limit at all.

“There is no Actual limit to how high a temperature can reach.” Roja thought about this and was in shock for a while before he made a decision.

“I need to change the location.”

Roja looked around as he wanted to study this ability more, and naturally, it was impossible to try things here. If he is careless for even a second, he might destroy the headquarters.

Roja left the headquarters alone. He moved along the calm belt until he found an uninhabited island, then he took Sen Maboroshi out.

Coincidently, he found a huge tiger lion beast. The beast sensed Roja and directly went toward him as it wanted to have him for dinner.

Roja didn’t look at it. He just put Sen Maboroshi in front of him and said.

“Sit Upon the Frozen Heavens, Hyōrinmaru!”


This power was completely different then Ryujin Jakka’s. In a moment, Sen Maboroshi turned into a light blue color and around it, thick hard ice condensed.

Even the temperature in their surrounding dropped at a fast rate.


The beast had a few question marks on his head, he felt that something was wrong, but it didn’t give up and still wanted to eat Roja.

Roja looked at Sen Maboroshi in his hand until the claws of the beast were about to reach his head.


Roja didn’t attack using his swordsmanship, actually, the beast was frozen.

Wouch! Wouch!

Roja was a little surprised at the strength of this beast. It didn’t actually die, instead it broke the ice.

“Not bad… I remember that Luffy couldn’t even defeat a beast from the same species even while using the fourth gear.”

Roja glanced at the beast and although he was slightly surprised, he still didn’t care. Instead, he smiled and said: “In that case, I will try this.”

At the moment Roja’s voice fell, he avoided the beast’s claws and gently glanced at Sen Maboroshi in his hand.

 “Bankai, Daiguren Hyōrinmaru!”


From using the Shikai, he directly used the Bankai which made the power completely different. The power affected even the sky as the world seemed to turn colder.

Clouds appeared in the sky.


The beast looked at the darkened sky and suddenly felt fear. After roaring, he started retreating.

But it was already too late.

Roja pointed the sword at the sky, suddenly a cold power burst forth and poured into the clouded sky.

“Hyōten Hyakkasō!”


Instantaneously, a dazzling white light suddenly emerged from the clouds that expanded and turned into a huge hole.

Then endless Snow came out of that hole. The Snow was beautiful as well as very dangerous and cold.

The beast felt the danger and didn’t hesitate to turn around and flee, but it’s already too late as the snow felt, it bloomed into a beautiful flower.

Wouch! Wouch! Wouch!

The snow continued to fall and when it touches something it turns into a beautiful flow, as the flower completely bloom, it turn what it touches into an ice pillar, in the end, the pillars made a huge Icy flower.

The beast could resist the power of the Shikai, but it couldn’t do anything against this attack.

“The power is not bad. It’s also not as hard to control as Ryujin Jakka. Well, it’s also true that Hitsugaya isn’t as strong as Yamamoto.”

Roja looked at the beautiful sight in front of him as he nodded with satisfaction.