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G.O.S.S Chapter 312: Sode no Shirayuki!

G.O.S.S Chapter 312: Sode no Shirayuki!

“Then let’s try Sode no Shirayuki!”

Roja looked at the Ice Flower and released the Bankai returning Sen Maboroshi to its initial form. Then he used Sode no Shirayuki, a different kind of coldness suddenly surged around him.

If the previous power is turning the outside world into a frozen one, then this one seems to be restrained. The Coldness is concealed within the body and the sword.

“Dance (Mae), Sode no Shirayuki!”

With a low voice, Roja said and Sen Maboroshi suddenly turned pure white, like the moonlight. Roja felt as if he could control the temperature as he wishes.

“Negative 18 degree!”

Roja said and suddenly Sen Maboroshi turned colder. His body suddenly turned colder until it reached -18 degrees.

“This ability is a little dangerous and a lot harder to control than Daiguren Hyorinmaru. If I don’t control the latter well, it would cause others to be in danger, but if I can’t control this well, I would harm myself.”

Feeling his body becoming colder then Ice and his blood stopped flowing Roja couldn’t help but Mutter.

If Rukia used this ability and reduced the temperature too much, she would definitively be injured.

“Negative 50 Degrees.”

With a thought, Roja lowered the temperature even more. Even if his body was close to Garp’s, it was difficult for him to resist such temperature.

“This temperature… This shouldn’t stay inside the body.”

Roja murmured, and his eyes suddenly flashed, although Rukia reached a temperature lower than this, she was a shinigami, he was flesh and blood which wasn’t the same at all.

Even if Rukia could do it, he may not be able to do it now.

Roja used his Reiatsu to expel the cold out of his body. At the same time, he used Haki to protect himself.

Under his all-out effort, the cold was forced out of his body and only condensed into Sen Maboroshi.

“This is the perfect From.”

Sen Maboroshi was Sode no Shirayuki, it has limited mimicking powers. So Roja had to improvise and develop a completely different form.

After he murmured, Roja began to lower the temperature.

From -50 to -100… From -100 to -150…

As the temperature kept getting lower and lower, Roja’s hands turned whiter and whiter even though he was using his Haki to the fullest to protect his hands.

The temperature stopped lowering close to the absolute zero which was truly difficult to reach.

It was truly difficult to reach absolute Zero no matter how he tried.

“This shouldn’t be a problem… I can estimate that Rukia’s absolute Zero is just too close to it but not actually Absolute Zero.”

Roja kept trying but found out that he can get close but not reach absolute zero.

Close is completely different than the actual one.

If Roja is right, Infinitely close is Sode no Shirayuki limit, but not Sen Maboroshi’s…

Absolute Zero is too dangerous, and above that, there should be two more levels, Freezing space, and Freezing time.

“Let’s try it.”

Roja stopped lowering the temperature and held Sen Maboroshi and squatted down, and thrust it into the ground.


After a second, a horrible chill spread all over the ground as if an ice age is about to start. Ice and Snow spread all over the island in an instant and it even spread into the sea.

In just a few seconds, everything turned into ice.

“Right, this level should enough to freeze anyone.”

Roja looked at the world full of ice in front of him and couldn’t help but marvel at Sode no Shirayuki powers, this seems to be stronger than Daiguren Hyorinmaru.

Rukia could maintain this state for only four seconds, Roja relied on Sen Maboroshi’s ability to expel the cold out of his body. This made him able to maintain this power even longer and the power is also great.

“Bankai, Hakka no Togame!”

Roja drew Sen Maboroshi out of the ground and lifted it up as he said, suddenly Reiatsu surged to the extreme as he used the Bankai.


In the midst of the dark clouds, a white light suddenly emerged. The light was exactly like the Moon Light.

The light made a line that connected the sky with the earth which was fascinating.

The white light spread across the sky. This wasn’t actually light, it was Coldness, not Ice, but absolute coldness.

Roja released Rukia’s power to the extreme.

Wouch! Wouch!

Under Roja’s feet, the ground shattered, not just frozen, right it shattered from the coldness.

The island suddenly collapsed and everything was destroyed.

“If it’s used the right way, it’s not any less powerful then Ryujin Jakka.”

Looking at this Roja couldn’t help but sigh. In the end, Bankai was a lot stronger than the Shikai.

This ability is close to Yamamoto’s power.

In fact, the sun core is 15 million degrees, it was no longer flames, but instead, it was pure heat, pure destruction, something above the elements.

Roja didn’t try to double Bankai.

They were two different types of Ice and Snow abilities. Sode no Shirayuki is beautiful beyond belief and Daiguren Hyorinmaru was strong as t controlled the outer coldness.

The fusion of these two may be much stronger than the fusion of Ryujin Jakka and Senbonzakura Kageyoshi.