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G.O.S.S Chapter 313: Extreme Cold field!

A month later, in the calm belt, Roja stood quietly on the frozen sea under his legs while Sen Maboroshi was full of crack in his hands. Suddenly it was completely broken, but it reformed again back to its original state.

This month, Roja tried almost all of the combinations of double releases.

Whether it was Daiguren Hyorinmaru and Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, Sode No Shirayuki and Senbonzakura Kageyoshi or Daiguren Hyorinmaru and Sode No Shirayuki… He even tried Sode No shirayuki and Ryujin Jakka also Ryujin Jakka and Daiguren Hyorinmaru.

The success wasn’t what Roja expected. The most powerful combination is Daiguren Hyorinmaru and Sode No Shirayuki. This made him reach the true absolute Zero temperature.

With this power, he could destroy everything in front of him.

Even the other combination developed different abilities, they were extremely powerful.

Just, Ryujin Jakka and Sode No Shirayuki weren’t successful, or in other words, he wasn’t able to completely combine the two.

Although Roja knew the theory behind it, which was if he merged fire and Ice he would be able to gain control over temperature, he still couldn’t do it. Knowing something and doing it is a different matter.

Fortunately, his attempts weren’t for nothing, as he gained some knowledge about it.

As for using three Bankais, Roja called it Extreme Cold Field. 

It was a kind of field similar to the Sword field but much stronger and difficult to control.

The Reiatsu consumed while he uses it was too much. It was far more than using Senbonzakura and Ryujin Jakka. Even though Roja’s Reiatsu grew stronger as he reached the sixth stage, it was still drained in an instant.

This power was so strong that even Roja himself didn’t know how strong it was.

Roja was no longer afraid of the world government now!

“Well… It’s been a month already.”

Roja put away Sen Maboroshi. In the past month, he lost the feeling of time as he immersed himself in his training.

Taking a breath, Roja’s eyes flashed as he said: “This world, I will change it.”

Inside the Headquarters, a battle assessment was taking place. The one battling was someone with the Hira Hira No Mi (Diamanti’s fruit) and the other one was Tashigi.

After Diamanti’s death, the Hira Hira Fruit appeared again and the one who obtained it joined the Marine.

Tashigi’s clothes were tattered and she had scars everywhere.

On the other hand, her opponent was clean without any scar, only a few traces of dirt on his clothes.

“Your sword can’t injure me.”

Her opponent looked at her and said: “I have the Hira Hira No Mi, even the clothes I am wearing are made of steel. Your sword can’t cut steel.”

When his voice fell, the sword in his hand slashed at Tashigi. Tashigi retreated and the ribbon-like sword left a dent on the ground.

It was a sword essentially but with his fruit, he could bend it as he liked.

“I’m afraid Tashigi won’t be able to win…”


Several Rear Admirals were watching the fight as they said to each other.

Tashigi had ground really fast in the past month, but she can’t go all the way. She won every battle until now. Even when it was too difficult to win, she could make it in the end.

Roja’s growth amazed all the instructors, but when Tashigi appeared she wasn’t that good, so they doubted the reason Roja brought her with him.

And now her opponent was the strongest person in the ordinary camp. Everyone else was defeated by her.

Wouch! Wouch!

Tashigi swept the sword on her hand and retreated, she was full of blood marks, but she wasn’t willing to lose here, she wanted to win.

At least, she mustn’t lose Roja’s face.

She also knew that Roja was invincible in the camps when he was still a recruit. He fought his way to the first place in the ordinary camp and went to the elite camp to also be the most powerful there.

This was just the ordinary camp. It would be too shameful for her to lose here while she is Roja’s disciple.

“Everything can be cut if I will it… I’m the swords master… I can control the sword to cut or not…” Tashigi held her sword as she constantly muttered.

This was Roja’s teaching.

She experienced the state of the rhythm of all things just once but after she returned to normal, she wasn’t able to enter that state again. She can only be considered as a half a step master swordsman right now.

If she can breakthrough, she would be able to be the champion of the ordinary camp, but if this continues she would only be second place.


Tashigi’s opponent smashed his sword at her while moving which made it difficult for Tashigi to evade.

Although that sword was flexible, it wasn’t well controlled and was going to hit her shoulder.

But at this moment Tashigi ignored it and all her attention was on a person on the crowd, her eyes flashed with joy as she looked at him.

The person who appeared was Roja.

Roja stood there watching the battle leisurely with no emotion in his eyes. Just looking at him, she felt filled with strength.

For her, Roja watching her battle was already an exciting thing.

“I absolutely won’t let you down…”

Tashigi took a deep breath and stepped back two steps and her eyes refocused in her opponent.

Her heart calmed down as she listened to the sound of the sword. She finally entered the rhythm of all things state.


Tashigi rushed toward her opponent again.

“It’s useless, your sword can’t…”

Her opponent looked at her with scornful eyes but in the next moment, his face changed as Tashigi’s sword actually cut through his steel coat.


Tashigi’s figure appeared behind him while she returned the sword into its scabbard.

“Ittoryu… Usugasumi: Honoka.”


The man was cut while wearing his steel coat, he fell to the ground while he still found it unbelievable.

He couldn’t believe he lost, and to a woman at that.

“Sure enough, she is… The Ghost Swords disciple after all…”

The medics rushed toward the stage to help the guy to stop his bleeding and after that, they took him down. The instructors were in shock before finally announcing Tashigi’s victory.

However, Tashigi’s attention wasn’t on them, but it was on Roja.

Roja smiled at her and raised his hand and gently applauded.