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G.O.S.S Chapter 314: The calm before the storm!

The first place in the ordinary assessment was a woman which was very rare in the previous years. Therefore, Tashigi’s achievement made many hearts shake.

Roja appearing in the ordinary camp caused an even bigger sensation compared to Tashigi as all the recruit looked at him with worship and awe.

“I didn’t expect that just training you for a month will lead to you reaching the master swordsman level alone.”

Roja looked at her and nodded with a little bit of satisfaction, on the other hand, Tashigi was embarrassed getting this kind of praise from Roja.

“Not bad at all.”

At this time, Z appeared from afar as he looked at Tashigi with a satisfied smile as well. At least Tashigi was the best female Marine he was satisfied by her hard work since he started teaching…

Roja looked at Z and smiled strangely: “Z-sensei, you look very happy…”

Z smiled at Roja and said: “Of course, finally that cancer like System, the Shichibukai, will be put to an end finally.”

“Oh? It seems like something big happened while I wasn’t here the past few days. The elder actually approved this?”

When Roja heard Z’s words, he was astonished by the news. After he returned from Alabasta he made Fujitora deal with this matter but he didn’t expect it to go so well.

“The elders already signed the documents.”

Z smiled slightly and continued: “Except some guys who didn’t express their opponents like Aokiji and Garp… even Sengoku signed the document already and handed it to the world government.”

After receiving the document about stopping the system from Roja, Fujitora didn’t directly submit it to the world government. Instead, he got the signature of many higher-ups in the Marine such as Sengoku first.

He even went to the new world and got Akainu’s signature.

Nearly nine out of ten people in the Marine supported the abolishment of the Shichibukai system. After the document was submitted to the world government, the elders were silent for several days before finally giving their signature.

So now they didn’t have time to waste this opportunity.

“That’s not bad at all.”

Roja nodded slightly. Hancock didn’t need to rely on the Shichubukai system since she has Amazon lily herself, the system has no meaning for her at all.

When Roja was about to leave, he thought about another thing and rushed toward Tashigi and said: “You did a good job this time, but don’t be too proud of yourself. The elite camp recruits are trained by Teacher Z. So the strength of the people there is completely different than the ones here.”


Tashigi nodded seriously. She didn’t feel proud at all because she knows that these achievements were nothing compared to Roja’s.

After introducing her to Z, Roja returned home but he didn’t find Garp there so headed back to the Fortress toward Garp office.

After he pushed the door, he found Garp sitting there holding a bag of rice cracker in his hand and ate them one after the other.

“You’re back.”

Garp looked at Roja who opened the door and revealed a kind smile, but this smile didn’t cover the worry on his face.

“Roja looked at Garp and said: “What happened?”

“It’s nothing.”

Garp shook his head.

Roja walked in and sat on the sofa and said: “Is it about Ace’s accident?”

Garp’s expression became bitter as his face was full of complex emotions while he didn’t know what to do anymore.

Although Roja knew that Ace won’t be able to defeat Blackbeard, he didn’t interface.

“Where is Ace now?”

“He has been taken to the Impel Down.”

Garp sat there as he didn’t feel too well while he said: “It’s decided that he would be executed in a month openly. The main goal is to annihilate Whitebeard.”

When Roja heard Garp, he felt his heart beat like crazy.

It’s finally here.

The Marineford war!

He thought that by changing so much of the story this won’t happen. He had a feeling that since Ace chased after Blackbeard that the war might actually start.

So this wasn’t totally out of his expectations.

“You can rest assured, I will handle everything.”

Roja’s tone was very light.

Since then Garp didn’t know what to do anymore. He was hesitating, whether he should choose Justice over Family or Family over Justice.

Roja’s words made Garp feel at ease, he felt that if Roja was to handle this, everything will go well.

At this time, the door suddenly opened hurriedly.

A man full of cold sweat came to report to Garp but didn’t expect Roja would be here, he looked surprised for a bit before he rushed in toward them.

“What happened?”

Roja looked at him and bowed casually.

The Marine looked nervous as he looked at Garp and Roja then said: “An accident occurred in Shabondy Shoto… Someone beat a Celestial Dragon.”

“The one who did it was the Straw hat pirates Captain while other pirates were with him as well. They are the Supernova with a bounty over 100 million on their heads.”


When Garp heard this, he almost couldn’t help choking as he felt already felt quite the headache from Ace’s problem and now Luffy already did something like this.

Roja looked at the Marine and asked: “What is the situation?”

“The Celestial Dragons called for Warship and Admirals to suppress the offenders…”

Roja turned around to look at Garp and shrugged: “Well I will make a trip.”


The Marine didn’t expect Roja would go himself.


Garp sat there as he his headache growing. Of course, he was a bit happy in his heart. His son dared to even hit a Celestial Dragon.

He always looked at the Celestial Dragon unhappily but he couldn’t do anything to them.