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G.O.S.S Chapter 315: Roja is coming!

In Mary Geoise, Sengoku along with Kisaru were in the large conference room getting ready to start discussing the incoming war and how to deal with Whitebeard.

Although the Marine was an absolute advantage in this war, Whitebeard was the strongest in the world, it won’t be that easy, and this might also make the other two Yonko join the war.

Even the elders didn’t dare to be careless even a little.

Suddenly they heard about the accident happening in the Shadondy Shoto before the conference even begins.

“That bastard, he keeps making a mess after the other, he even dared to hit the Celestial Dragons…”

Sengoku furrowed his eyebrows. He was really tired of this. When he was working with Garp, he had to wipe his ass every time he messes up and then Garp’s son, Dragon went and made the Revolutionary army, which was a headache following that comes Roja and then now Luffy.

A Marine behind Sengoku reported loudly.

“It’s reported that besides Straw hat pirates, there is also Kid pirates and the Heart Pirates and even more.”

“Everything began when Straw Hat pirates hit a Celestial Dragon and now that Celestial Dragon was taken as a hostage which is extremely bad.”

After Sengoku heard this, he took a deep breath and said: “What are they asking for?”

“Nothing for now.”

When the atmosphere turned somewhat strange, Kisaru finished his drink slowly and said.

“No matter what, since someone actually threatened the world’s nobles, we can’t just stay idle. Sengoku-san…”

When it comes to Luffy, he was Garp’s nephew, but he was the one who actually hit the Celestial Dragon. Kisaru didn’t want Roja and Garp to lose face because of this accident.

In the Original story, he did just that, he was capable of killing all of them but he dragged it until Rayleigh arrived and fought with him so he doesn’t have to kill any of them.


Sengoku looked at Kisaru and couldn’t help shake his head. At present, it’s true that Kisaru was the best option to deal with this. Kisaru won’t kill them and he will just find a way to deal with this.

But just as Kisaru stood up, another Marine rushed in to report.

“Reporting! Ghost sword just returned to the headquarters and as he heard about the accident he rushed toward Shabondy Shoto.”


Sengoku and Kisaru’s faces changed at the same time.

A strange expression appeared on Kisaru’s face as he sat back in his chair and said: “Well it seems like I don’t need to go anymore.”


Sengoku didn’t expect Roja to return now. Although they were preparing to fight Whitebeard, and his return was on time, Luffy’s accident happened which was very troublesome.

Whether he’s going to catch Luffy or not, only God knows.

But now that Roja moved, he no longer needs to send Kisaru. He could only shake his head. Anyway, Roja can settle this matter alone, it got nothing to do with him.

“Forget it.”

“These are just small matters. The most important thing now is Whitebeard.”

Sengoku sighed and focused on the matter before him.

Ace’s accident is the most important factor right now. If Ace was killed he might lose Roja or maybe he would even save him and leave the Marine. So the real question is whether to kill Ace or not.

It’s impossible to control Roja.

After Sengoku discussed this matter with Kisaru and the others in the conference room they reported the matter to the world government and the elders decided to start with the Whitebeard’s pirate.

Although the Shichibukai system was abolished, with the Marines power now, they were enough to deal with them, and if Roja joined, Whitebeard and his pirates won’t have a chance of winning.

Publicly executing Ace was a conspiracy to drag Whitebeard there. He will definitively come.

After Luffy hit a Celestial Dragon, the island was in Chaos.

“What are the headquarters instructions?”

A middle-aged Rear Admiral Asked.

The Commodore besides him replied full of excitement: “Ghost sword is coming personally!”

Upon hearing this, the scene paused and then as if they were saved, they were happy. That legend was actually coming here personally. Ghost sword didn’t lose a fight since joining the Marines.

Just hearing his name, all of them became excited.

“Look, Ghost Sword is here!”

At this moment, someone shouted full of excitement as he looked at the figure walking on the sea step by step.

It was Roja.

Roja held Sen Maboroshi in his hand as a chilly air was coming out from it. Wherever he steps, the sea would become ice.

When he arrived at the island, Roja moved slightly and stepped on the ground.

All the Marines saluted him with respect.

“I heard that there is a total of ten pirates Supernova here? Are their locations confirmed?”

Roja walked over while his coat was fluttering gently by the wind as he asked the Rear Admiral who saluted him respectfully.

“Yes, they are ten people! I will confirm their locations right away!” The Rear Admiral respectfully responded to Roja’s question.

The Marines currently were somewhat powerful, but they were still smashed by ten pirates with a bounty of 100 million each. Luffy wasn’t the problem, but the others weren’t weak either.

Roja pulled the Den Den Mushi from his pocket and said: “You don’t have to worry, they can’ run away from me. Tell the nearest one’s location and the others later.”


The Rear admiral said with a respectful voice as he asked the Commodore besides him and immediately said to Roja: “The nearest one is a pirate by the name Urouge or the mad monk with a bounty of 108 million over his head, he is fighting just in front of us.”

Roja nodded and his figured disappeared and arrived in the street ahead.