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G.O.S.S Chapter 316: Frozen!

Roja strolled across the street and suddenly everything quietened. When the pirates and the civilians saw Roja they all panicked.

“That’s… It’s… The Ghost Sword!”


Instantly all the people on the street began running. Roja couldn’t tell who was the pirate and who was the civilian in this mess, he could only shake his head.

Of course, some people aimed their guns at him while someone said.

“That guy is the famous Ghost Sword, if I kill him, I will become famous.”

“Are you crazy?!”

Someone couldn’t help yell: “That is the strongest Admiral in the History, he is the strongest Marine.”

He tried to stop him but was too late. His companion already fired a shot at Roja, the bullet went through the air and arrived next to Roja.


However, surprisingly, Roja didn’t evade the bullet or even move, a sudden cold air attacked the bullet and completely froze it in the air, then it fell to the ground.


The man who shot was in disbelief as he looked at the bullet on the ground.

His friend turned around and started running at the same time he shouted: “Idiot! Do you think you can kill someone like that with a bullet?”

They started to flee but Roja glanced at the two with Sen Maboroshi in his hand, then waved it at them.

Wouch! Wouch!

As soon as he waved, cold air suddenly swept toward them and turned them into ice.

Before they could even react they were frozen solid.

“The Ice and Snow ability is so easy to use.”

Roja said to himself, he glanced and one of the roofs but didn’t do anything as he continued to move forward leisurely.

On that roof, one of the supernovas, Scratchmen Apoo was observing Roja with his crew.

“Is that really the Ghost Sword? I heard he can use fire, how come he is using Ice right now? This is really weird.”

Roja’s ability wasn’t a secret, if you looked for some time you can get some information.

“That’s too strong! A street was frozen in mere seconds…” Apoo’s subordinate was full of cold sweat and couldn’t help saying: “Apoo-sama, this is too dangerous we need to escape.”

Apoo heard this and showed a sinister smile as he said: “Stupid, escaping is no fun at all.”

He is one of the few that passed the first half of the GrandLine. When he met Admirals, he would escape but not before doing something to them.

Apoo looked at Roja’s back with a sinister light in his eyes.

Roja was aware of Apoo of course, but he didn’t pay attention to him as he was thinking.

“These supernovas were arrogant, more than any other pirates, they’re even more arrogant than some pirates in the new world…”

Roja walked leisurely, after some time, a group of people appeared in front of him. They were the Hawkins Pirates. Their leader is Basil Hawkins, also known as the Magician with a bounty of 249 million berry on his head.

“Ghost Sword!!”

The pirates saw Roja who was wearing the Marines coat and their faces changed.

Someone turned around and said toward Basil Hawkins: “Captain, you leave first.”

“The Admiral Ghost Sword…”

Hawkins looked at Roja with a slight flash in his eyes and said: “No need to panic, we’re already doomed.”

“We’re doomed?”

Roja looked at him with interest as he said leisurely: “So you know that when this sword goes down, you would all be frozen to death?!”

Just when Roja’s voice fell, Hawkins face changed as he tried to dodge, but Roja’s sword already moved.


There were no big moves, just as the sword went down, cold air spread throughout the place and the whole Street turned into ice.

The Hawkins pirates were frozen into ice sculptures. Their faces still had the fear and horror they felt before getting frozen.


Apoo who was observing Roja said this and at the same time, a jealous expression appeared in his eyes as he looked at Roja with a dangerous expression.

The next moment, he snorted.

Because Hawkins sculpture suddenly cracked. Hawkins broke the ice and was intact.

“Oh? Such an interesting ability, you’re not injured at all?!”

When Apoo heard this his eyes lit up and said: “It’s getting more and more interesting… The Ghost Sword is really interesting, Hehe.”

Hawkins looked at Roja seriously and said: “Sure enough, just one attack is this powerful… It’s really a problem to deal with an Admiral.”

Almost at the moment, his voice felt, a figure smashed into a wall and the wall collapsed.

A figure with two little wings behind his back suddenly appeared, he was one of the supernovas, Roja’s goal.


Urouge discovered that the street was full of ice and was suddenly shocked, then he saw Roja’s figure and his eyes shrunk.

“Is it… The Ghost Sword?”

At this time, a pacifista arrived. This was one of the Shichibukai, Bartholomew Kuma, or maybe one of the Robots made after him. Urouge saw this, smiled and stood up.

“This is really bad luck. First I encounter an Admiral and then one of the Shichibukai… It’s strange that there is the Shichibukai system in the first place? Why is it still there and wasn’t abolished already?”

Not just Urouge, Hawkins as well as Apoo looked at the Pacifista at the same time who had the same shape as Bartholomew Kuma.

The Atmosphere in the field stagnated for a while.

At this time Roja finally said: “Mad monk Urouge, Magician Hawkins, and the one hiding there… Scratchmen Apoo, all of you come at me together.”

He wasn’t loud, his tone was dull, but all the people on the field were shaken, especially Apoo who was hiding. This was like a slap in his face.

Apoo’s face was ugly, as he showed half of his body from the roof and said to Roja: “How did you find me?”

Apoo jumped off the roof and stood beside Urouge and Hawkins. The three stood together and felt more confident in dealing with Roja.