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G.O.S.S Chapter 317: You don’t know anything about power!

The Atmosphere seemed to freeze.

Originally, the entire street was covered in Ice. The temperature was decreasing below zero.

Urouge looked at Roja sullenly. He was a supernova and had a bit of power too: “Whether we have hope or not, let me give it a try.”

Apoo’s eyes were filled with killing intent as he was preparing to fight: “Let me see the legendary power of the Ghost Sword. How strong can you be?!”

Hawkins stood there without a word while his eyes were flashing with a dangerous light. The three supernovas seemed to think about the same thing as they attacked together.

Some people looked at the commotion there and were shaking.

They couldn’t help whisper: “Urouge, Scratchmen Apoo, Hawkins the Magician… There is also one of the Shichibukai, Bartholomew Kuma! What will happen when they fight?”

“Captain Urouge…”


The pirates under Apoo and Uroyge came here. They felt the tension while looking at that scene.

Even if you act arrogant and confident there is a limit all of that.

After all, it’s the strongest Admiral we are talking about!

“Be careful then.”

Roja leisurely looked at Urouge, Apoo, and Hawkins in front of him and casually raised his Sen Maboroshi and said: “Although I don’t like to bully people, rest assured, I promise I won’t cut you in half.”

At the same time when his voice fell, Roja waved his sword toward them. A white light suddenly appeared with a chill that spread all over the place.

Urouge roared as he raised his weapon and slammed it down. But as it touched the white light, it suddenly froze and the effect spread toward his body.

Wouch! Wouch!

Urouge was stunned and in a flash, he was turned to an Ice sculpture!

On the other side, Apoo looked awkwardly as he pushed himself to the limit and made a sound wave which moved toward the white light.

The light was blocked for an instance but then it continued in its way as if nothing happened, Apoo was also turned into an Ice Sculpture.

Before he was frozen, Apoo’s eyes showed a stunned look, because… He saw the Pacifista that was chasing after Urouge also turned into an Ice Sculpture.


Only this thought appeared in Apoo’s mind before he was completely frozen.

Hawkins also froze again.

He didn’t want to be frozen so he used his ability but after the tenth replacement, he still froze.

“You don’t know anything about power.”

Roja casually took the Den Den Mushi and called the Marine on the island: “Roja’s talking, other than Hawkins the Magician and Mad Monk Urouge and Scratchman Apoo, tell me the location of the supernovas.”

Far away, all the people watched this scene with disappointment. They thought that these three along with the Shichibukai could play a few rounds with Roja, but it ended in the blink of an eye.

Many didn’t see Roja use his powers before, and now they were covered in cold sweat after witnessing it for the first time.

“Three supernovas and one Shichibukai, in an instant… The Strongest Admiral deserves his title.”

“That’s really… terrifying!”

On the other side, Luffy didn’t encounter only one Pacifista, but two.

Usopp looked at the identical Pacifista in front of him with horror as he said: “What the hell… How can there be two identical Shichibukai!”

“I’m afraid that it’s not that simple. The Shichibukai system was abolished. This isn’t probably the real Shichibukai.”

Robin looked at the Pacifista and said calmly.

Zoro took out a sword from his waist and said coldly: “Whether he is truly the real deal or not since he wants to catch us, we need to fight him.”

“Of course.”

Luffy nodded and opened the second gear.

Zoro bit on the sword and at the same time held the other two in his hands. He looked coldly at the pacifista in front of him.

“Santoryu… Tora Gari!”


An aura of a tiger suddenly appeared behind Zoro as he rushed toward the Pacifista. As his swords fell on the Pacifista and roared.

Zoro was currently much stronger than the original, even though he couldn’t defeat it with this attack, he could actually cut it which revealed that it was actually a robot.


Franky blinked as his hands were in front of him.

A burst of air suddenly shot out from his hands.


After he attacked, the Pacifista staggered before standing up and pointing his hand at them then released laser from it.

“It’s really dangerous.”

Zoro avoided the laser as he took a deep breath and once again changed his posture.

“Santoryu… Rengoku Oni Giri!”


Zoro’s figure flashed appeared behind the pacifista. A bursting sound was heard as three cuts appeared on the Pacifista’s body.

Franky and Usopp followed him and attack the Pacifista. Finally, the Pacifista broke down and slammed on the ground.

On the other side, because Zoro was stronger than the original, Luffy was much stronger than the original. Although he still didn’t learn how to use Haki, he could use a little bit of it.

Although it’s only a little bit and he couldn’t actually use Busoshoku, it wasn’t just a small step. Luffy and Brook joined forces and easily defeated the other Pacifista.