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G.O.S.S Chapter 319: Let go!

“I can’t even damage it a little…”

Chopper kicked the Ice Wall and not even a foot imprint was shown on it, which made him shudder in fear.

All of them attacked together but nothing happened.

At this time,

“Treinta Fleur, Clutch!”

Robin said lightly from a distance and suddenly hands appeared on Roja behind the Ice Wall and tried to twist his head.

“Is this all you can do?”

Roja snorted as if these arms weren’t there and turned around toward Robin.


The Ice wall disappeared and in the next instant Roja’s figure flashed and appeared next to Robin.

“This is bad!”

“Robin, be careful!”

Luffy and the others panicked.

What made them sluggish was that Roja didn’t use his sword on Robin, but he slapped her a** directly.

Obviously, this was a little unexpected for Robin. She wanted to hide but she couldn’t help looking at Roja with a funny and good-hearted look as she said: “The Ghost sword is really unreasonable.”

“You were looking for it.”

Roja glanced at her and turned toward the group again.

There was a little to no contact between Roja and Luffy before. He wasn’t familiar with Roja’s character, he thought that Roja was a strong and dignified Marine, but that image was instantly broken.

“Ah! What have you done to Robin-chan!”

Sanji looked at Roja and gritted his teeth as he rushed toward Roja.

Zoro saw Sanji rush and couldn’t help but say.

“Hey! Are you an Idiot?”


Sure enough, in an instant, he was thrown back by Roja and ‘accidentally’ fell on Nami.

Nami’s mouth twitched as she looked at Roja.

“You did that deliberately!”

As she said this she looked at him and Robin again. She felt that there as something between these two.

The atmosphere of this battle was completely destroyed by Robin’s interaction.

Roja looked at the side and smiled at Robin. He couldn’t help sigh as Sen Maboroshi disappeared and looked at Luffy again.

“Forget it…”

“But Luffy, you stinking brat, If you can’t settle something on your own, don’t do it. Don’t cause so much trouble for Garp!”

Roja looked at Luffy and yelled at him. Luffy smiled embarrassingly but he didn’t admit his wrongs. He still thought that the Celestial Dragon deserved that punch.

At this time, Roja glanced at him and said another thing.

“Okay, you can leave now.”


Everyone was silent, Nami and Usopp and the others widened their eyes as they looked at Roja in shock.

Luffy also stared at Roja for a while, it seems like he didn’t expect Roja to say this.

“What are you doing, leave before I change my mind, hurry up!”

Roja looked at Luffy and said.

Luffy finally reacted, as he turned toward Zoro and ran away, but he suddenly turned around and said to Roja: “Thank you!”

Roja was lazy to respond as he looked at Luffy running away.

After they disappeared, Roja shook his and said to himself: “From now on, this era of pirates will…”

On an empty area on Shabondy Shoto.

“Trafalgar, Kid… You guys destroyed the Px4. Do you know how much it costs the Marine to make them?!”

When the Celestial Dragon was hit, the first one to appear here were the ones from the Marines science unit. They arrived even earlier than Roja.

Sentomaru was annoyed as he said: “This will be hard for me to explain to VegaPunk!”


Law and Kid were watching Sentomaru with a gloomy face.

Both of them were a little injured and many of their crew were also injured but the overall situation wasn’t that bad if they join hands they could deal with other Pacifistas.

“What are you guys?”

Kid coldly said.

Sentomaru said coldly: “It’s impossible for me to explain this, but you can say that we are the Scientific Unit under the Marine, and I am the team captain, Sentomaru.”

Law listen to him then said: “So you can command them, can you please let us leave… there is so much already and I don’t want to encounter an Admiral.”


When he heard this, Sentomaru frowned and said: “He should’ve already arrived, forget it, I will first take care of you both.”

After his voice fell, he took his axe and moved toward Kid.

Kid snorted and raised his hand.


A magnetic force suddenly fell on the axe on Sentomaru’s hand and instead of going toward Kid, it turned around toward his own head.


Sentomaru’s brows wrinkled as he threw away his axe.

“You have a magnetic Devil fruit?”

Sentomaru looked at Kid and frowned, but he wasn’t afraid as he rushed toward him.

Kid waved his hands and a large number of weapons flew over and formed a huge arm. That arm turned into a fist and rushed toward Sentomaru.

Facing this attack, Sentomaru used his palms to push toward the fist.

“Ashigara Dokkoi!”


A seemingly powerless push touched the huge arm composed of various swords and guns. After the contact, the arm suddenly burst.


Law’s eyes flashed. He had more knowledge compared to other peoples and he couldn’t help say: “Are you using Haki?”

“For a pirate in the First half of the Grandline, you know a lot.”

Sentomaru snorted and rushed toward Kid.

Sentomaru wasn’t strong, but using Haki he was much stronger than Kid who couldn’t use it.

Seeing this, Law stretched his hand and created a room.


Law suddenly joined the battle, his figure flashed and he changed positions with a pirate under Kid, then he drew his sword to fight against Sentomaru.

With Law’s intervention, the battle stabilized as Sentomaru wasn’t that Strong and Law’s fruit was special. Sentomaru was suppressed.

And when it seemed that Sentomaru was being defeated, a voice came from afar.

“Aren’t you the captain of the Scientific Unit, Sentomaru? Why are you being defeated by some pirates?”

The sound seemed to come from far away, but the next instant a figure appeared beside them and at the same time, he deflected Law’s sword that was going to fall on Sentomaru.


Law felt a sudden force hit his hand and the sword almost flew from his hands. He couldn’t help take a few steps back.

“Marine Admiral… Ghost Sword!”

“Damn, we are still meeting an Admiral?!”

Kid and his pirates, as well as some people from Law crew, had a sudden change in their expressions.

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